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  1. Feb Order: Lace Phero Spray UN Cuddle Bunny Flowers in the Moat LP Red Desire Me Love Drawing Potion
  2. Wonderful!! I bet your doing the happy dance now
  3. I have LP Red boosted with sexpionage phero blend. In my opinion LP red is a man magnet all by itself, and I find myself just sniffing myself cause I love the smell.When I really want to yank hubby's tail I'll use LP Red w/sexpionage with extra EOW cops layered underneath but I like life on the wild side.,I like to pull out the big guns so to speak...the "shock and awe" strategy.
  4. I think we need to have the new releases earlier this month cause we all want to get them by Valentine's day. If they don't get here till the first then It'll be a mad scrable to get them by cupids day! What cha think ladies? Stalking with lots of wishfull thinking
  5. I found a good way of using up my old love scent EOW in alcohol. I bought a five ml bottle w/roller top. Filled it with 2ml fragrance (vanilla/toffee posset didn't want to risk any of my LP's lol)and then filled the rest of the bottle with EOW. Now it still stinks and all and I have to shake before using, but it helps me survive the dry down period so I can use a cover scent. I find that the EOW covers easier like that for some reason, having some tiny bit of light scent added to it and then letting it dry down before covering.
  6. its already the 25th...we really need some clues here so we don't all go crazy please!!!!!!!
  7. stalking XXX looking for news about the awesomness comming
  8. give us some clues I'm so excited about the new releases I think I'm gonna pass out.....and I haven't even seen them yet
  9. All my wonderful smellies arrived today and oh what heaven I am experiencing caramel sutra TMI Velvet Kisses Naked Twilight Passion and Desire] and more
  10. Can't wait to see what's on cupid's horizon. I'm hopping for a lot of not so innocently named phero enhanced scents
  11. Thank you Luna! You know so much about this subject I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. I totally agree with you that pheros/cops are more of a signal type thing not a pounce formula. I'm just kind of documenting were my personal effective dose is so I can have it for comparison. I also agree with you about the filters thing and I am looking at it from that perspective. I know that work is not the best place to try them out, but I live in a rural area and work is like the meeting place for everyone in the community as there are no fancy things like paved roads, stores, gas stations or anything else in town. I'm not expecting people at work to pounce lol, its just that we live so far out that I wouldn't necisarily see anyone other than hubby anywhere else unless neighbors came to visit or we drive into town to go to walmart or something.
  12. Sending blessings! I have faith that all will go well with the surgery.
  13. I have become a disgruntled house elf...how true. I'm so happy now.
  14. Already placed too many orders this month but this is what FEB order looks like UN Cuddle Bunny Blantant Invitation lightly scented w/LP red love drawing potion desire me Far Far Away
  15. I was stalking my email and yippie I got my shipping notice. I am doing my super happy dance. My husband has been being super heartless, cruel, and cold all week so I have been feeling very down. But, this changes it! In a couple of days I will be in my happy place sniffin all my new LP's. :funnyanimation17:
  16. Alright, today I applied bang w/LP Red. This time I put on double what I put on yesterday. I put a filled quarter sized very wet circle on each wrist, forearms crease, and in the cleavage 4 good swipes. I put an adequate amount of LP Red to cover. Today I noticed that my male co-worker was really chatty with me and receptive to my conversation. No sparks or flirting though. Got home and hubby didn't really seem to react, but I did not reapply and it had been 10 hours since I applied. I then reapplied and ate dinner. Hubby seemed to hover a bit more than usual but no real sparks. Tomorrow I am going to tripple my original dose and test at that level. I think I am starting to get close to minimum reaction level. The saga continues....
  17. Okay. I'm just kind of documenting here so bear with me. Today I paired UN Bang w/LP Red. I applied once in the morning. This time I applied one empty quarter size circle of bang to each wrist, a line on the forearm crease, and 3 quick swipes to the cleavage area. Covered with a low/moderate amount of Red. During the day I did not notice any reaction from any male coworkers (for the sake of scientific research lol).. Got home, showered and re-applied for hubby. Did not slather like the other day, but I'm starting small for experimentation sake. I want to increase in tiny increments so I can see exactly how much I need to use. No reaction from him at all, even though I showed plenty of interest. Tomorrow I am going to stick with the same fragrance, but increase the area of phero application. The saga continues tomorrow....
  18. I don't mind thread jacking at all. Low T is an interesting topic as well
  19. Thank you Beccah! With my next order I'm gonna try some of the OCCO's and see how they work. Perhaps diffusion is also a secondary problem as I tend to wear long sleeve high necked shirts and ankle length skirts most of the time. If you are familiar with OCCO red, how close is it to the LP Red?
  20. Wow, to me it seems you did get a reaction. I'd say to keep up the experimenting and see if you can find what gets you the best reaction. I really had to slather like you did to get any reaction from my hubby. 'm starting to keep a phero journal to remember what I tried and what reaction if any I get. Do you use the oils or the sprays?
  21. I found that I can wear lace w/o cover. Everything else needs something pretty strong, at least w/my chemistry.
  22. I want the following for my Feb Order Pashzade for the hubby Carmel sutra amped with cops UN Sexpionage UN Sexology Desire Me] Love Drawing Potion
  23. I wore rocket fuel amped with cops and added UN Super Sexy for Women to the mix. I noticed that I felt sexier and loved the way I smelled. I was pretty much alone at work today cause everyone's sick, so didn;t have a chance to monitor hits. But I loved the way this scent matured on me. When I first applied I got a sweet cream/eggnog type smell. After about an hour it became a creamy vanilla-y honey type smell that was absolutely amazing. I love the way this scent works with my personal chemistry. It just gets better as the day goes on. I never could smell the pheros or the cops through the perfume, just wonderful deliciousness. This one is definitely going to be a staple in my fragrance drawer. A decadent showcase of Mara's awesome powers.
  24. I think I'm gonna make it my mission to test out pheros in different situations and see how larger doses or ultra fem mixes do. Maybe overriding my natural phero signature is exactly what I need to do to the the best results.
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