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  1. Thank you rosebud for the links. I'm gonna study up on this.
  2. Hi Luna, thank you for chimming in. Do you think that with PCOS our natural phero signatures are skewed and thus some of the social mixes react differently?
  3. Kind of odd, like you and Rosebud, I have the same thing. I also tend to be treated as one of the boys and have always been a bit of a tomboy (and all 4 of my children are boys). Now I'm really thinking that there is something to this natural phero signature thing. I would recomend the cycle long testing. My testosterone levels are normal during the first two weeks of my cycle and then grow over the the next two weeks and peak right before period around day 36, to a very high level. This is why I had a hard time getting the PCOS diagnosis apart from the cysts is becuase during the first two weeks of my cycle my testosterone levels where normal and many of my initial tests (one day) were during that time.
  4. Awesome first order. I'm realitively new myself, and wow, it is an addiction. I really had a hard time choosing and ended up placing multiple orders. I've promised myself not to place another order until February and then make another large order, but its so hard not to cave! Right now I want to get bottles of UN Sexpioinage, UN TMI, and UN Sexology. I also want to get bottles of Carmel Sutra, LP black, and Loving Drawing potion. It's so hard to control myself when there are soooo many wonderful goodies.
  5. On that note...do any of the UN phero combos have any ultrafeminizing pheros w/o more male/unisex pheros?
  6. Stalking my email for my shipping notice even though its way to early.......LP's are my happy place
  7. Thank you AC for sharing your experience. I really had to slather cover scent to cover it enough..but It worked. I really had a hard time getting the PCOS diagnosis. TMI....I only got the diagnosis after I had been bleeding for months at a time and had mamoth painful cysts on my ovaries. My regular doctor and the ER just told me there was nothing they could do unless I needed a blood transfusion from blood loss. Finally I saw a Certified Nurse Midwife that worked in a reproductive endocrinology clinic and she was able to treat me with natural progesterone shots and metformin, which solved that problem. She even had me do a full cycle hormonal workup (blood drawn each day of cycle) and found that my testosterone levels are intermitantly abnormal. Anyway, really think PCOS changes my natural phero signature because my hormones are so out of wack. I've always wondered if my high testosterone levels make me put off some more man like natural pheros for lack of a better description. Or my natural phero signature might not include that fertile/youthful/feminine stuff because of my infertility and hormonal problems. For now, I'm experimenting with heavy application of pheros/cops with heavy scented covers and see how that works. Maybe latter when I get more experience and read more of the forum and the great advice you ladies give I will start a journal and see which phero combos work best with PCOS. I have a theory that the more girl feminizing pheros will work better.
  8. Thank you bluebear, My edocrinologist has me on metformin. It has really helped with weight loss (over 80lbs with no strict diet), and my liver enzymes have returned to normal. I have never had acne. My cycles have normalized, but still are anovulatory. Is Vitex an herbal formula? I think it is something I would like to try.
  9. TMI Warning ahead of my question..................Queasy stomachs stop here. Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone out there could guide me on how much phero/cops to apply. I am 30 years old, but I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Luckly I had my kids in my early 20's, but now due to the high testosterone levels from the PCOS I am now completely infertile and have nonovulatory cycles. I have never used birth control. I find that my hubby has no reaction to pheros/cops when I use them lightly (ie a couple of UN phero on swipes on the wrist and forearm, line in the cleevage and down torso, line of back and side of neck. Last night I got a little fusterated and propbably OD'd. I applied UN Bang and slathered (so that my skin was wet w/the oil)rather than made a line all over my forearms, slathered in between the cleevage, and upper chest and neck. Covered w/generous amount of phero girl. That did the trick...hubby never had a chance and TMI I can barely walk this morning. Do some of the ladies out there w/PCOS also find that they need to dose pheros and cops heavily for them to work? Any help/experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  10. This is one of the bottles I ordered in my first order. I love the spicy conundrum of resins and vanilla and spices. For me it doesn't really have a foody type smell, but more alluring and mysterious. I feel incredibly sexy when I wear this scent like I could seduce any man in the room with my charms even though I'm way overweight. I can tell by just how my male coworkers treat me that they love this scent, even more because I pair it w/sexpionage. Its like this perfume makes me seem 50lbs lighter to the guys. One drawback with LP Red is that once I put it on, I can't stop smelling myself. All day long.
  11. Definitely! I'm already addicted to LP Red, and don't want to have a panic episode if I run out.
  12. Okay. A few days ago, I thought I'd use Velvet Kisses as a cover for EOW. So after allowing about ten minutes for dry down I put on some velvet kisses. Out of the bottle all I could smell (I have a weak sense of smell and its untrained as well) was carmel expresso, kind of like coffee house smell. After it set on my skin I started to get this awesome vanilla-y/carmely, chocolately latte smell. Absolute heaven. I love coffee and carmel type scents and this one mixed with my body chemistry beautifully. Now, I know that its not quite ethical to wear a large copulin load to work, but I'm on a mission so. I think the cuddle bunny in velvet kisses really shined with the cops I was wearing cause target dude was really anxious to ask me questions and sit a my desk and just chat about "him" (my favorite subject by the way). He even leaned in closer than he ever has and was really hanging on everything I said. Now this is not the usual behavior I get from him so I am sure it was the perfume/phero combo. He really seems to respond to this one better than some of the more blatently sexual combos I've worn such as sexpionage and bang. Overall, I think velvet kisses is really going to be one of my fav mixes, excelent scent, excellent phero.
  13. Welcome to our group. I totally understand where your at. My favorite mix is LP Red w/the sexpionage blend does wonders for me!!
  14. I got my notice..........I'm so stoked. Another package of goodies. I can't wait. I might be extra evil and order some more stuff next week............. I really want to get my hands on a bottle of garland and lace
  15. As a newbie, I have also noticed that the fragrance changes over the hours that I'm wearing it as it melds with my body chemistry. I agree with you that the scent changes, and in some cases deepens. One scent in particular All Hallows Eve- in the bottle and when wet I though oh this is not a scent for me. But after about an hour, I was wondering what's that awesome smell? It was the AHE! I think its definely one of my favs after it has a while to dry down and meld with my chemistry a bit.
  16. Welcome! I find that I get the best throw and staying power with the 60/40 mix spray.
  17. Well, hurry up and test it all out and tell us about it. What did you get?
  18. Tried this one tonight. I got a wonderful vanilla cream, that faded to a slightly orangey vanilla. Very yummy. The best part of this scent is its soft vanilla and pheros. Like some of the other reviews...it went away after about 2 hours or so. But I don't mind re-applying. I decided to order a bottle of this amped with EOW.
  19. Sounds absolutely heavenly. I really want to get a full bottle of this one...but I'll have to wait. I've placed too many orders already this month.,
  20. Princess Fiona


    I got my sample of frosted yesterday. I absolutely love this scent. It was very vanillaey and I got a hint of spice on me but not a full out gingerbread. I really want to get a full bottle of this one.
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