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  1. What did you think of the treasure pearls? I was thinking about a sample of that one.
  2. Those are some tempting goodies! Let me know what you think of them once you get to try them out!
  3. Now I'm thinking I might add UNsexpionage, and a full bottle of rocket fuel
  4. I get that same pinky marshmellow smell. I like this one as well.
  5. Don't worry, your package will come soon. I'm sending you the "your gonna get your package today" vibes.
  6. Its Here. its Here Oh my..............I'm feeling orgasmic. The first thing I did was take my bottle of LP red with sexpionage and slather it on like candy. I don't think I have every smelled anything so heavenly. Also, thank you Mara for the free gifts!
  7. This one I've got to get for my hubby. Sounds awesome frm your description!
  8. I promised myself I'd wait until next month to place another order.............but I caved! Too many goodies. UN SS4W, UNLace w/EOW, Full Bottle of Naked twilight, samples of remind me again, eye of storm. Can't wait to try them out. I'll do my happy dance when I get my shipping notice!
  9. I know what you mean! My brother is getting married in cancun, and I am perfectly happy to stay home and spend on more important things like LP's.
  10. I just ordered a bottle of UN Bang, a full bottle of Phero girl, and samples of sugared honey, portmanteau, garland and lace, and TMI
  11. Princess Fiona


    I really want to try this one. Does it have a buttery note in it?
  12. Tracking still says electronic notification recieved. I have to learn patience..... But I've never really been a patient person lol
  13. Got my notice yesterday...doing the happy dance. Can't wait another minute the suspense is killing me.
  14. I love florals too. I especially like the ones that are mixed in with the foody scents though, to give them depth.
  15. Today I'm thinking about ordering Desire me w/bang phero add in. I read a post about adding pheros to theese being kind of like salting your food before you taste it, but I think I need to pull out the big guns first so to say. I have ordered a trial vial so I'll probably end up trying that plain first anyway.
  16. I'd been debating whether or not to try a sample of this one, from what you say, I think I'm going to like it. ONe more potion for my next order lol
  17. I'm thinking of getting a sampler, but I have to wait, I've already placed an order this week! I love florals w/depth to them. Oh the anticicpation....
  18. There is also the men's sampler, and that would be a good place to start. It always is a good idea to test out a new fragrance before you commit to a full size bottle.
  19. Welcome from a fellow newbie. I think you'll find this forum very useful in helping make orders. I really spent some time reading before I made my ordering choices. I think it really helped me choose which pheros and fregrances were right for me. Have fun!
  20. Thank you for this post. I didn't understand why my avatar had squib written above it. I thought I had done something wrong profile wise. Its clear now though...Can't wait to get to thirty...hopefully it will be something juicy.
  21. I was wondering if I could get an ETA on my order. I live in a rural area and don't always get the notices. Then my packages sit for a very long time until I eventually find out what happened to them. Especially important for the next couple weeks, our regular mail carrier is on vaccation. Thanks, Teri
  22. Can't wait to order...have to wait a bit though maybe mid january
  23. Hi, I'm new to LP and just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi to all those on the LP forum. I am an Arizona USA native and have lived there all my 30 years. I found LP through a website, but can't remember which one. I am very interested in pheremones in perfumes, but am a newbie to that as well. I love the website and all the great information on the forum, it really came in handy when I was placing my orders. I look forward to reading all your great posts!
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