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  1. so creative and totally awesome. I can't wait till I can order mine
  2. Princess Fiona


    I ordered a trial bottle. I can't wait to get it. I love cookie scents so I think this one will be a hit with me. I'll edit and let everyone know what I think of it.
  3. I'll try to remember to stretch.........I don't want to pull a love muscle lol
  4. I'm thinking of getting some pheremone enhanced wax melts w/sexpionage to ring in the new year with cheer!
  5. Hi from a fellow Newbie! I love reading everybody's posts, so much insite and information here. I'm addicted to LP aready and I haven't even got my order yet...so I know there is something definitely special about LP!
  6. I'm thinking about ordering an unscented phero mad scientist combination and am thinking about mixing woozy floozy blend w/sexpionage. Anyone out there tried it or anyone have any thoughts about that kind of combination? Thanks, Teri :Emoticons04235:
  7. Took the plunge...I ordered several samples for gifts and a couple of full size oils for me buns of cinn w/EoW add in Compromising Positions All Hollows Eve w/Lumina and EoW add in Can't wait to get my order! Has anyone tried any of these scents? What do you think Thanks, Teri
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