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  1. yelena

    heya, all!

    hi, raq on, thanks for the lovely compliment. unsure if it's middle eastern or not, but someone else once asked me the same thing...so maybe it is???
  2. yelena

    heya, all!

    thanks, everyone, for all the suggestions. compromising positions was actually another one i had been eyeing already. i will hafta check out the others mentioned, too. thanks, again!
  3. yelena

    heya, all!

    thanks for all the welcomes! i like that everyone's so friendly here! yep, i am looking forward to trying out the cops - got my eyes on the occos, in particular. and socio-sexual blends - what are the names of some of those??
  4. yelena

    heya, all!

    heya, all! just a quick note to say hi to everyone. i recently joined, but i've been visiting for a while, off & on. can easily spend hours reading the boards - TONZ of info here, which can be overwhelming! not a perfume wearer usually, but interested in pheros, so looking to try out some trials & samples, esp. the sexual blends. interested in the wax melts, spell oils, & simmer oils, also.
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