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  1. LadyVictoria and JOC, I think Jouir de just don't react well with my body. Even though my hubby said it smells like baby powder, I actually didn't like it at all and didn't find it smell like baby powder. I put it on my pulse points. No special reactions from my hubby. He just said it smells good. The other day I tried Love Blossom, which reacted much better with my body. The smell was better, but hubby didn't realize that I put perfume until I asked him, "Hey can you smell something?" Again no particular reaction from him. The next one I am going to try is Extracurricular and Lo
  2. Oh I forgot to say, my 8 month old male puppy smelled it, but no response. He just went back to sleep after he smelled it.
  3. I just received my samples today. Jouir de is one of the samples I picked. I put it on around 15 minutes ago. At first it smells like "WTH!" I was quite skeptical because it smelled like something not too good (not sure how to describe the scent), but it just smells not very decent on me. After 15 minutes, the unpleasant smell is still there. but becomes a bit weaker. My hubby just came over 2 minutes ago and said, "what did you put? you smell like baby powder?" I said, "Really? you think I smell like baby powder?" Hubby, "yes, did you put baby powder perfume?" So, I will wait anothe
  4. Haha Calii, I like that quote! And thanks! Now completely understand!
  5. Dolly, thanks for the info! I was just thinking... if it's lightly scented... is the smell of copulin obvious?
  6. Oh Mara, another question came across my mind about BAM and LAM. If they are light scented, does it mean a cover scent is needed? And if yes, how to determine what kind of cover scent to use?
  7. I wish I had waited .... I wanted to order it
  8. Good that I found this thread! I was looking on the website and I found there are two options for BAM. One is "lightly scented phero formula" in 1/3 oz. which is cheaper. The other one is "Scented phero spray in 1 oz.", which is more expensive. I was wondering what's the difference between them? Is it because of the phero level? or something else? And how strong is it with x3 phero strength compared to x1 ?
  9. I think Phero Girl is not available as a sample if I remember correctly. I tried to order it on Thursday, but it says "not available". Let me know if you can order it or not I just ordered Love Potion Pink, Extra-Curricular Proclivities, Love Blossoms and 1 more (I forget). Too many good stuff! But I am also saving money to study a master's degree.... Life is tough!
  10. tyvey, I haven't tried SoE, so I have no clue. You know, it seems there are soooooo many options in the market. As a newbie, I feel quite hesitated to invest a lot of money at the beginning. Good thing LP has trial sizes. I also want to try the trial size of LAM, BAM and OCCO, but because they come with different scents, so the price is still high for trial. I just picked a few individual ones (like love blossom, love potion pink...) to see how it goes.
  11. I have just ordered some samples! Can't wait to try them out!! And thanks for everyone's help! And Mara... understood! I really learnt a lot from you!
  12. Dolly that's good to know. I am planning to get several samples and see how things turn out.
  13. Mara, it makes sense to me. And thanks for the detail explanation! I really found it so confusing to understand the whole conversion and % stuff, but now I have a better idea. I am going to order some samples and see which one suits me most Calii, I have never tried SOE, but many people talk about that online. So I chose randomly and compared it to LP just to show the confusion I was having. And... a totally irrelevant question.... Mara, are you a Wiccan? Or do you practise witchcraft. The information from your website sounds similar to witchcraft (I might be wrong). I am just curiou
  14. Oh by the way, (please let me know if this is not the best place to ask) I have some problems comparing different phero products. So, LP website says, 1ml (1000mcg) of phero is added to 9ml of fragrance. This means for a 10ml bottle of fragrance, there is 10% of phero. Now let say, for example, Scent of Eros is also a 10ml product, with 5mg phero. Does it mean SOE has more phero? (I am not sure how to do this conversion... between mg and ml.) And if yes, does it mean LP products will have weaker effects compared to SOE?
  15. Thanks again for all! I actually made up a list of samples that I want to try: Girly Twirly Love Blossom Cops & Robbers Compromising Position Phero Girl Extracurricular Proclivities Jouir De Pink 2009 Hopefully I will find one that suits me most
  16. Oh does that mean there are still samples? I am actually looking for samples, not the whole bottle. That's good news!
  17. Thanks for everyone! A lot of useful info here! I saw from the website that Girly Twirly is available on Trial section, but it says "sold out" if I go to its intro page. I sent an email to ask, but no reply yet. Does anyone know if Girly Twirly is no longer available? Thanks again!
  18. Hi all. I was looking for pheromone perfumes and found Love Potion. There are so many choices and they all look so great. I am actually looking for something with fruity or floral scent, something that can spice up the relationship between me and my partner. What options will be ideal to me? I am in my late 20s. And also, I am not quite sure... how much pheromone will be included if I choose to add pheromone and copulin on top of an enhanced pheromone perfume? Thanks for help!
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