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  1. Almost out of my stock of this and I see it is no longer available. Will this be made again in Mara's Rocket fuel or, as suggested, LP Black?..or Ebilish.
  2. blupest


    Based on some of the positive reviews here, especially Mcreepers, I decided to sample this. This scent loves me. I have gotten so many compliments just wearing my sample that I now must go order a full bottle. And yes, it has amazing staying power too. I agree with those who posted about how well this would work with other scents. I'm already layering it. Goes well with LP Black, Mara's Rocket Fuel, so far. *runs off to the order pages*
  3. Wow..I feel so old to hear about all the folks who missed out on the original. To me it seems like yesterday when I received the original Spider Silk, wore it to a meeting with a normally combative person and was pleasantly surprised to be treated with patience and good humour. I have always worn this when I felt the need to engage someones protective energy and it always seems effective. Maybe it is the "baby powder" accord in there that triggers a persons subconscious protectiveness towards the wearer, I dunno. I think it works. Now to the new formulation: I was one of those people eagerly awaiting a rebrew of this. My supply of the original was running pretty low. I have both on now, the original on my left wrist, the new one on the right. Original is stronger. Wafts more. Perhaps that is a function of aging. New one is nice, but very subtle in comparison. New one, to my nose, has the white amber as the most prominent feature. I find this amber to be sharpish. I do not detect that same sharp quality in the original. Original has more of the baby powder soft gossamer thing going on. New one is subtler, less powdery and has a bit more bite to it. I know I am anosmic to some musks. I wonder if the musk in this has changed in some way from the original because the new scent seems less "deep" to me as if a dimension is missing. Again, maybe the dimension is aging, not musk molecules too big for my receptors or whatever. As for effectiveness I have not tested the new one around potentially contentious people. So, can't testify as to effectiveness yet and that is really what I wear it for. Powdery scents are not normally my thing. I'm a deep resins and incense kinda gal.
  4. I'm glad I took a chance on this. It is one of those rare perfumes that evokes the sea without smelling harshly,chemically "aquatic" (that smell that whacks you when you pass certain men's shops in the mall). First review really nails it so all I will add is that folks should try it. It IS a story in scent form.
  5. blupest

    Night of Delight

    I sure can't top the review above. This one is easily my favorite of this months selections. It doesn't SOUND like it should work as well as it does but it is really great. I was not expecting to like this because I have smelled many cloyingly fake not so great banana notes in scents over the years but to my nose, the banana isn't the most noticeable aspect of this fragrance. The sandalwood note used in this smells like the sandalwood oil I used in the 70's , the vanilla is rich without being bakery and the hay and bananas are used in a way that give familiar sandlalwood and vanilla a twist of strange. Very inspired creation. Full bottle worthy, probably two.
  6. Maybe this really compliments my chemistry or maybe its the pheros but people really like this on me. Referencing the above post, I was initially concerned about it being too "young girl" for me (I'm over 50) but perhaps the rose combined with pepper, which appears very noticeably on my skin, makes for a somewhat carnation-y vibe that offsets the sweetness and fruitiness enough so that it works for me. At any rate, I must have more of this..ordered another.
  7. I LOOOVE this but agree that it does not have quite the same staying power as some other blends here. I find myself just huffing the bottle on days when I'm wearing something else. Bought another bottle of this and more of the nommy body butter in this same scent.
  8. For me, this is a perfect balance of rose, yumminess,tang and heat. Very original,very wearable. It is interesting to note that on different days, different notes are more prominent. As for possible phero effect: This was a very social holiday weekend. There was a big party to attend,several guests to my own home and a holiday outing. I wore this most of the weekend. I was able to help some people who confided troubling matters to me during these past few days, a place was made for me at the "men's" drinking table and everyone took time to interpret for me what was being drunk and one shopkeeper in a fairly high end shop startled me (not in a bad way) by grasping my hand and holding it as I paid for my singular, inexpensive item, beaming at me as if I were the most treasured customer. (he didn't do that to others in line, oddly.) The last interaction was probably the most out-of-the-ordinary and I found myself wondering about that for a while. Its not like I'm amazing looking, famous or something more plausible that could explain it.
  9. Dropping in after a long absence from this board to say how AMAZING the Rocket Fuel version of this is. WOW.
  10. blupest

    Bayou Musk

    How does this compare to LP Green ? I'm looking for something that has the same perfect balance of green and vanilla with something a bit mysterious in the mix. My LP Green is almost gone (the horror!) and I'm looking for a relative of it to replace it. Most musks I either can't smell or they have that laundry-scent character I don't like. Its the musk in this that is making me hesitate even though everything else sounds fab. So,are these soapy musks or more natural skin-like ones?
  11. A friend gifted me with this for my birthday and I love it so much I've ordered another bottle. This is THE most incensy scent I have in my entire collection of scents. I am complimented on this everywhere I go. It goes on very sweet at first but the incensey quality soon dominates. Long lasting too. It is funny to see some of the reactions to this when I wear it: people moving closer and inhaling deeply,eyes closed,smiling ,then asking about the scent I am wearing. It induces mini-trances in some. Maybe it brings people back to some fondly remembered time in their past.
  12. I add to the chorus asking for reviews of this one please.
  13. Thanks to the ladies for including a sample of this in with my most recent order. It is wonderful..a gorgeous incensy,slightly smokey,herbal/floral scent that is unlike anything I have. It lasts a looong time too and has nice throw..detectable by others but not at all cloying or overpowering. The smoke aspect is not campfire but the smokiness one gets with buring incense. I hope I am not too late to grab a bottle of this.
  14. Replying to question under my last post here: Naa,no supplements or energy drinks..its been a life long plague,the nightmares. I have some achingly beautiful dreams too though; with odd creatures in colours I have not seen the exact likeness of in reality,amazing landscapes etc. Sometimes I am even afraid to GO to sleep when I am going through a period of recurrent nightmares. Which is why I am sometimes posting at odd hours,heh. At any rate, my sample is on the way and I am looking forward to it.
  15. I ordered a sample of this speifically for the morning glory property of nightmare banishment. I am plagued by nightmares..always have been. Anyone have feedback on that aspect of this scent?
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