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  1. Almost out of my stock of this and I see it is no longer available. Will this be made again in Mara's Rocket fuel or, as suggested, LP Black?..or Ebilish.
  2. I LOOOVE this but agree that it does not have quite the same staying power as some other blends here. I find myself just huffing the bottle on days when I'm wearing something else. Bought another bottle of this and more of the nommy body butter in this same scent.
  3. Dropping in after a long absence from this board to say how AMAZING the Rocket Fuel version of this is. WOW.
  4. blupest

    Bayou Musk

    How does this compare to LP Green ? I'm looking for something that has the same perfect balance of green and vanilla with something a bit mysterious in the mix. My LP Green is almost gone (the horror!) and I'm looking for a relative of it to replace it. Most musks I either can't smell or they have that laundry-scent character I don't like. Its the musk in this that is making me hesitate even though everything else sounds fab. So,are these soapy musks or more natural skin-like ones?
  5. A friend gifted me with this for my birthday and I love it so much I've ordered another bottle. This is THE most incensy scent I have in my entire collection of scents. I am complimented on this everywhere I go. It goes on very sweet at first but the incensey quality soon dominates. Long lasting too. It is funny to see some of the reactions to this when I wear it: people moving closer and inhaling deeply,eyes closed,smiling ,then asking about the scent I am wearing. It induces mini-trances in some. Maybe it brings people back to some fondly remembered time in their past.
  6. I add to the chorus asking for reviews of this one please.
  7. Thanks to the ladies for including a sample of this in with my most recent order. It is wonderful..a gorgeous incensy,slightly smokey,herbal/floral scent that is unlike anything I have. It lasts a looong time too and has nice throw..detectable by others but not at all cloying or overpowering. The smoke aspect is not campfire but the smokiness one gets with buring incense. I hope I am not too late to grab a bottle of this.
  8. Replying to question under my last post here: Naa,no supplements or energy drinks..its been a life long plague,the nightmares. I have some achingly beautiful dreams too though; with odd creatures in colours I have not seen the exact likeness of in reality,amazing landscapes etc. Sometimes I am even afraid to GO to sleep when I am going through a period of recurrent nightmares. Which is why I am sometimes posting at odd hours,heh. At any rate, my sample is on the way and I am looking forward to it.
  9. I ordered a sample of this speifically for the morning glory property of nightmare banishment. I am plagued by nightmares..always have been. Anyone have feedback on that aspect of this scent?
  10. I realize I never actually REVIEWED this scent,just raved. I get soft rose,a very buttercream icing and the nuttiness mentioned a few posts up. Staying power is pretty good. The rose lasts longest while the sweet and nutty aspect fade a bit sooner,but not too quickly. I compared this to my sample of Posset's Silver Roses and while both are nice scents, here is how they differ:The Posset's rose is definitely greener and a bit sharper and the rose is very dominant. In Fleur Cremeuse,the rose is more delicate,not a rose-plus-greenery and the icing/nuttiness is very prominent.
  11. Sigh.Got my sample and as I suspected, this is love for me. I am debating on a full bottle ,instead of announcing I have already done the deed ,ONLY because I have many rose and many gourmand scents and I have 30 plus full bottles of other LPMP scents. I am verging on running out of some of those thirty odd bottles so maybe that is how I will ultimately justify another addition to the scent-harem...Fleur Cremeuse replacing something I will soon use up.
  12. Thanks for the sample ladies! This was indeed a very nicely done scent but am I the only one who detects something aquatic/sharp in the drydown? Wonder what that is?
  13. VURREH tempting ladies. I've kind of gone off extreme bakery gourmands for a bit but I LOVE gourmand rose scents. Still making up a sampler list to try,based on reviews. This sounds like one to make it to the list.
  14. Looking forward to my samples,especially Moroccan Night. Is it my imagination or do scents seem to sell out faster now than they used to?
  15. Since this topic is up top again I will take the opportunity to ask if the ladies can please re-release this or do another (not too different) version of this. It is one of my all time favorites and I would wear it even more than I do if I were not concerned about running out of it. (I have two bottles and the first is REALLY getting low already.)
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