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  1. I can't believe we finally have sprays for the cold months!! I'm so excited to try these out.
  2. Just recieved my occo blue! I thought the gold would be my favorite, but after smelling blue the gold is gonna have to take second place. It's so fresh and floral, and I don't have to worry about an overpowering smell. To me it seems more 'innocent' compared to the other scents.
  3. Wow you ladies are absolutely amazing, now I can just spray on scents during the colder months instead of rolling it on and covering it up in a sweater, I'm so glad to have so many options! I won't know what to do with myself when these come out.
  4. Well I can tell by the description I'll be getting one (or two!) of each scent, the curiosity is killing me!
  5. Thank goodness I saw this!! Only two more left ladies, I was so tempted to get two bottles but didn't want to be too greedy, my orders have been absolutely out of control.
  6. Wow I actually put this on this evening after just getting my package, and the musk and florals in this one smell absolutely delicious on me, I hope they haven't sold out already!!
  7. Yep this blend is definately a wish come true for me, ever since trying est from the other site I always wanted a professional blend of est and alpha/betanol, and here it is! This is basically my everyday combo and works great for calming others down and really bringing people together, thank you a billion times over Ail!! ((((Ail))))
  8. Ha I'm already saving up, plan to get no less than THREE bottles!! So I hope they make a lot!
  9. Wow I really need to keep up with the threads!! I've been using Treasured Hearts off and on, mainly whenever I have to watch my nephew because he reacts so well to it, I love this blend. I can't wait to get my hands on Heart and Soul whenever it comes out.
  10. Actually I just ordered a full bottle!! I'm not sure how many are back in stock, but you might wanna nab a bottle just in case!
  11. I hope so too, I dunno if Mara can do like she did with Esmeralda's Pink Emerald, where I just asked for pink emerald in the notes when getting a custom sugared.
  12. I wanted to try this but it was out of stock when I went to order, I love vanilla based scents and I was wondering if anyone had a sample or something they'd be willing to part with?
  13. This has become my new favorite pink scent, not too sugary, but just sweet enough. I remember trying a sample of the old version, and didn't like it as much as this version, 2009 has more pink sugar and fairy floss, and I get a soft and creamy drydown, whereas the older version seemed to be more floral in my opinion.
  14. This batch seems more spicy to me as opposed to the batch I got a bottle from a while back. The cinnamon is very strong on my skin during the wet stage, and after dry down I still get the Big Red gum scent. I might have to let this one age a little before trying again.
  15. I haven't tried the original yet, but when I first put this on I thought was too green, then it dried down, and on my skin it turned to a nice powdery vanilla-floral, with musky undertones, I really like the way this one smells on me. I don't smell much fruitiness, just vanilla and flowers. Also, this one stays very close to my skin, I get wafts of it but you have to get close to really smell it.
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