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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything. But I’m on vacation, and stopped by the LPMP shop (on my sight seeing list), met the Potion Master herself, and picked up my trial vial heavy order. Sniffing a few here and there, love it! But THIS scent I had on for a bit. Stuck in the hotel for the night since my BF is attending his brothers bachelor party/get together. When he left, I started testing and sniffing my goodies, but I slathered on Lovers and Friends on my arms. I love the marshmallow, fresh, scent. It’s a relaxing scent. A few hours later, my BF came in from the bachelor get together in preparation for the next bachelor party event (the other guys were in their room changing), but he jumped in the bed, and was super sweet, kissy, and cuddly, which usually comes in spurts with him, so this seemed unusual. I’ve not kept track lately of the pheros I’ve used on him, but this reaction warrants more testing. I love this scent, and definitely need to test out my other blends with TH.
  2. Thats so funny!!! It's not like its not the holiday season and the counter girls should be working! lol. This is light, soft, and sweet. It does disappear on me fast though. I may try out my sample tomorrow since my BFF wants to do the absolute worst thing in life (IMO)...which is go Black Friday shopping! I hate crowds, so maybe I should wear this for myself! lol. I can see a ditsy girl doing that!! I think Candy Prada is going to be my next commercial 'fume purchase. I love it!
  3. I got this through the trading post and finally wore it to dinner last night. I like the smell, It reminds me of a tropical cake! At the restaraunt, the waiter said 'Is it just me or does it smell like Yankee Candle Company in here?' My friend looked at me and said 'I think its you.' I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not. Ack!! Later we went to the grocery store for some items, and as I was checking out, the cashier was sniffing an item I was purchasing and asked 'Did this come from the candle aisle?' Ummmm....I know candles smell good, but I would've expected 'Something smells sweet' or 'I smell tropical cookies' but no, I got the candle comparison! lol. Unfortunately this will be going on my trade thread!
  4. This has a vanilla, chocolate, musk vibe!! I had to get a bottle! Not my usual scent, but its tasty, and the BI was a plus!! I havent tested the BI phero, but the scent was yummy, I had to do it!
  5. This is nice, light, and beachy! Soft and coconutty! Makes me want to be on a warm island, sipping an cool umbrella drink!! One of my faves this month!
  6. I got this through a trade boosted with p-83...I'm not sure what it does, but in the grocery store, a few kids came near me asking their dad what smelled so good because it smelled like candy. The dad wasnt sure, so his kids opened all of the frozen food cases looking for where the smell was coming from. While on his phone, the dad started making convo about an item n my basket, which was awkward!! It reminds me of Adrienne's Tangy Ylang, but its not as tangy, and has a buttery/cakey scent at first. The scent is very sweet and pink!
  7. AWESOME!!!!!! I've been stalking for this thread all week! Can't wait to see descriptions and get my sampler I've got some GCs to use!!
  8. I got my October Package....I was so excited to play with all of the cute Halloween toys I ALMOST forgot about my LPs...ALMOST. lol The cute goodies made my day Mara! :cat690: :cat690:
  9. This is soft and powdery...It reminds me of another LP, but I can't recall which one!
  10. Yep, this is definitely grapey!! I love it!
  11. I'm excited for this one. I love the tangy, fruity, candy scents! And 'grape-y' sounds awesome!!
  12. I have a feeling I'm going to loooooove this one!!! I cant wait!!!!!
  13. :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: I've been wondering what all the fuss is about pumpkin!!! Now I get to see!!!
  14. oohhh la la!!! Is Midnight Masquerade perfumey? I'd be all over that!! The label reminds me of Far Far Away!
  15. I want to try an occo at work, but I'm sooooooo scared. I have 2 classes and don't want to deter my students with the copps.
  16. So, I tested this on the top of my hand again, and DD, I can see where the 'cat pee' comment came from. Maybe its the pheros and berry combo? The berry scent the 2nd time around is piercing. It was nice and soft the 1st time. I'll have to fully test again.
  17. I am just now getting in to purchasing cops solo rather than in a blend. And I'm still a little weary about wearing them! But, I wonder, do the cented cops have the same percentage of cops? I currently have a few blends from different manufacturers, but most of my solo cops are from LP and they ALL smell divine! No COPS scent at all. I currently own Cops&Robbers, Beths Blushing Milkmaid, Tail, Nakai Nectar, OCCO Green, OCCO Pink, and OCCO Purple from LP, Desire Me from massage XS (I definitely smell the cops, and the amber rose scent isn't my fave), and Alpha D's new cop spray. Can someone at least tell me which is/are the strongest LP cops? Also, I know everything is person specific, but how many of you ladies where cops to work and experience positive hits?
  18. I agree with BV, this smells just like OCCO pink!!
  19. At first I'm getting yummy rasberry donut...with a hint of sumething musky, I'm a bit scared its gonna morph to yucky...maybe the coffee or guava? I know guava has a hint of musky taste to me. Its drying down, and fading (the muskiness). I'm getting a amber/berry...very nice! NO cops smell either!!! This is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I got OCCO purple today, and dabbed some on...i got a florally grape. And I was expecting it to be more 'dark' for some reason, but I LOVE IT!! Ack! I feel like I need all the OCCOs in my life!! If OCCO Blue is like Cuddle Bunny, thats next on the list!!
  21. This reminds me of Candy Pop at first, but as it dries down, it turns to something refreshing! I cant fully describe it, but its yum!
  22. This dries to a yummy lime coconut? Thats what I'm getting, and it is delish!
  23. This smells SO AMAZING! My snout isnt good at detecting specific scents -__- but this is a fruity floral when wet...and it seems to be drying to a nice floral scent. Me likey!!!
  24. Waaahhh! I can't beleive I miised the 2nd batch too! That was definitely going to be in my next order. I concur Cheshire...I hope there is a re-rebrew...lol.
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