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  1. Sigh....every month I swear I'm going to buy a full sized of something I've liked and then I see the releases and there goes my budget....I think I'm going to have to get a second job to support my new, but oh so wonderful addiction.....
  2. I've only been here a short while and while my life hasn't been made different, it has been much more enhanced and interesting. It is like eating oatmeal w/o any flavor and then finding that adding a new flavor wakes it up and makes it so wonderful you want to try out more combinations to see what new tastes you can experience. The other analogy that comes to mind is that there have been situations that have been akin to a locked door and the right LPMP has been the key to help it click open. I want to keep trying the new flavors and to find out what doors I can unlock. Mara's work is incredible and I'm going to be here for a long time to come.
  3. This is fast becoming my favorite LPMP scent. I agree with Celrynnya it's a very grown up perfume. It's hard to describe but while initially I could smell the honey,followed a hint of the cocoa, but then, again agreeing with C, a spiciness not able to be placed. It seemed as if it "mind melded" with my skin to become and do everything I would love in a perfume. I've worn it at work and it has been having a positive effect on my patients/staff. With the males in my life...well oh mamma mia....I'm going after this in the large size.
  4. Great and funny review. I'm off in a few minutes to my gym, but don't think I'll have that experience as it includes all ages.
  5. I just learned why one should never read LPMP posts while drinking Coca Cola..... Mara thanks for the biggest laugh I've had in awhile.
  6. Picked up my order on my way in to work this am. Opened it in my office and was ooing and ahhing over the incredible collection when the office borrower wandered in. She reached out to touch my bottles asking what I had and I turned into Gollum from Lord of the Rings..."Don't Touch my Preciouses".....Not normally my style, but what can I say. Opening your bottles for that first smell is an incredible experience you aren't always ready to share. Or maybe I'm wrong...Any how, love, love, love. But I'm with Raq On, hard not to want to slather them at once .
  7. Solution to neighbors throwing a party and waking you up at 1:30 in the morning? Ordering 10 samples like JJL. They are: Enchanted Wonderland;Velvet & Steel;Heart's Ease;Kitten Heels;LP Red Lace;Tails of Mystery;Pouncing Potion;Darling Catalina;Goddess of the Blue Moon;The Sand Box. Plus a couple of more samples. Can hardly wait. Love the labels and descriptions! Thanks Mara as usual for all your hard work.
  8. LP Red should come with a warning label. It's warm sexy and even when you think it's gone several hours later...not so. I've gotten so many comments on this in 3 days it's almost unbelievable. It's as if it melds with your skin and becomes your own personal scent. One guy friend told me it doesn't smell like perfume, it smells like you. Best compliment I've had in a long time.
  9. I need advice. Got back from Arizona and found Love Potion Red waiting for me. So of course I had to try it. I had a massage in the evening and my massage therapist said, "What's different?" I thought he was referring to my hair as it was I pulled it up when it was still wet and I usually have it down. When I referred to it, he said impatiently, "No, I mean you smell wonderful". I just smiled into the massage table and said, "It's my perfume". He said in a strained tone..."Wow it's really (long pause) great"....Similar reaction from more males over the last couple of days. Mara did warn in her description on Magical Omaha. I should have listened.... So I need recommendations...I'm going to do an order towards the end of the week and wonder what you all think would be good along the lines of LP Red? Thanks much! You're all been so wonderful in making me part of this community.
  10. Thanks again for the suggestions everyone. I'll be trying them. Mara, I'm of Scotch/Irish descent so have a strong interest in Celtic history. Teallaid means "lusty woman". In anceint times, she was a concubine, the one who didn't have to be proper. When I found this out several years ago .....well I like men and certain activities. So I decided "adopt it"...
  11. teallaid


    I wanted this to work so badly. The first notes were warm and promising. But within 10 minutes my floral curse struck. The perfume went to an extremely soapy smell on me, the kind that makes people sneeze. I noted elsewhere that I had one of my friends try it. It smelled incredible. I was so jealous. I love this perfume. Just not on me.
  12. Thanks for the help missdarlynecherie and JOC. I have to share another story about Cougar. I was at the airport tonight waiting for my flight to Arizona. I was working on my netbook and got a feeling I was being watched. I glanced up and a younger guy was looking at me a couple of seats down. He caught my eye said hi and asked if I was going to Arizona. I told him yes and we chatted a bit more...then he blurted out, "Can I ask what you're wearing? It smells incredible." I'm not brave enough yet to admit what I was wearing, I told him it was a special blend that some incredible lady named Mara had created... All I can say is wow....I cannot wait till I get home and order a larger bottle, not mention more samples. And of course thanks Mara! This is so much fun.
  13. Thanks all for all the great advice and welcome. Thanks Molls and ElizabethOSP. My avi is from Aimee Stewart a wonderful artist who does digital work with photoshop. A lot of her photos are in my home. They're full of wonder and magic. I wore Cougar again today and love that it can be worn at work as I'm a counselor in a medical clinic. They really prefer we don't wear perfume (not an option) so it has been hard to find something that I can wear that I enjoy and others can too. Besides it took some of my clients from to today and I know it wasn't just my work with them .So if anyone has any suggestions for LPs that will continue to help make them mellow, share please and thank you in advance. And to think I had grabbed some of the LPs just to get feeling sexy and get back in the game again after a break up last year.
  14. I thought I should stop in and say hello after finding my way here from Magical Omaha.... Finding the wonderful perfumes created by Mara and company has been like finding an oasis in the desert. Guided by all of your incredible reviews. I ordered some samples last weekend, they were here Wednesday and I've been having fun with Cougar, Spontaneous Combustion, Extracurricular Proclivities and Carolyn's Man Nip.Love Potion Red is coming soon.... Some of the free samples included which were more floral, didn't work on me (my skin doesn't do florals well, it craves spice, food, resin or woody scents) so they were shared with a friend and smelled incredible on her. Ironically the scents which did well on me, didn't do well on her....she'll be purchasing some as she fell in love with them. So I'm compiling a list for March to try out...I can tell I'm going to be having a lot of fun here. Thanks for your help.
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