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  1. I stalk, you stalk, we all stalk, for stalk stalk
  2. What Mark said is absolutely right, these colognes are great! I also did enjoy the label and the scent that was made for our Fraternity was amazing. I will forever be part of this community, one thing did come to mind in the creation of the Wolf Pack scent, how can we make a Spartan scent!!! ooooooooooooooooooooooooh ideas! haha Also still wondering how to apply spray cologne? Suggestions anyone?
  3. Thank you so much! I was wonering where the heck I should be applying Thirll of the chase and have been doing it all wrong, inside of wrists & sides of neck! I am going to use this method now!. What to do with spray bottle applications, should it be similar as roller bottle or is it different application pattern?
  4. Not quite sure how the stalking works as I am a new member but I am ready for the stalk!!!!
  5. Wow such friendly forum members I am almost stunned by the sheer number of posts!!! Awesome! Thank you all for receiving me, a male, outnumbered but never outgunned =), & I will post reviews when schedule allows. I just got over a mean case of tonsillitis but no more, a spartan must continue the glorious fight in life. Thanks for all the love from my avatar, to my life's greatest childhood hobby....LEGOS!!!!!!....to awaiting my reviews. I must admit these pheros & scents are like nothing I have ever dealt with in the past. I'm no pheromone expert but this is beyond legit. The scents!!!!! Dont get me started....the north pole almost had me eating my wrist, It smelled so scrumptiously delicious, & lingers for a long time. This will be fun. Thanks again all. Much love from your fellow spartan AROOAROOAROOOOOOOO!
  6. Right as I was about to post a new review on this scent. I received this in a Free Gift baggy from my Top Dog+MVP Phero & Thrill of the Chase. I got curious, wanted to smell it, so upon opening the vial this wonderful smell of cookies in winter permeated my being and a smile came over me. I must say this scent is fascinating to the nose, lingers in the skin, and I cannot wait to test it out in the real world because its so yummy dammit! damadtech, I know this post was a couple years back but I must admit your review has got to be the best one I have read so far. I hope you make a comeback if not already on the forums. More to come on this scent, 'tis a shame only a sampler but I will definitely consider this for latter half of the year.
  7. Hello fellow LP forum members, I am a new member to your awesome forum and want to say thanks to those who already helped everyone else out in this new world of pheromones and scents. I have tried pheromones before & maybe it was because I was expecting too much too soon. Young & naive as I was I thought this was suppose to attract the opposite sex immediately but no its a thing of patience, confidence, & experimenting. Recently received Top Dog w/MVP & Thrill of the Chase. I cannot wait to try these out in a woman dominated workplace like mine (hospital) and post reviews of these phero enhanced fragrances.
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