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  1. I decided to wear this for the past couple of days (to work and at home). I have a sample vial and put it on the following areas: a swipe of the stick between cleavage, a swirl around the belly button, a swipe on the back of the neck and a swipe on the back of each of my wrists (far enough down that I would be waving my phero/scent cloud in my and others faces as I move my arms around, but just high enough that I wouldn't wash it off when washing my hands). I never seemed to get much in the way of self effects with open windows, but I can't believe how amazing I feel when I have this on. It'
  2. Synergist, I hope it means target guy because that's what I was using it as! It really is great stuff and hope it works for you.
  3. I wore this to go out with a bunch of people from school. I put a couple of dabs on the crooks of my arms and a dab in cleavage ( I was using a sample stick. It turns out that I need a lot more than 20 mins. for dry down of cops! Scented cops in particular. At the very least I need 40 mins for the scent to become pleasant. Is that normal? (I don't wear cops very often for this particular reason. Who has time to lie around with nothing on and no one near them so that you don't get the funk on your clothes (or hair)? I get a little time to myself every so often, so I put it to the test when I go
  4. lol Awww, c'mon. What man doesn't love such uplifting topics of discussion and such flattery? Thanks for the warning. I'm hoping that I don't do that to anybody and that no one does it to me! Positive intentions all the way... Calii, you're right. Experimenting is the way to go. Can women get sample sizes of men's fragrances and blends? I tried to search for it, but it only showed full bottles. That may be a little too much for me. (O.k., I just discovered that I have been overlooking them in the sample section in the gift shop, but I scrolled all the way down and didn't see Weapon X
  5. Does this ever happen to you in that you say way more than you ever wanted to while wearing this? I guess it's all about state of mind... and state of confidence.
  6. So, Im reading posts about what members hear from others when wearing this (and True Confessions), but not too much about what the wearer is giving out. Does that mean that most of you are just really good at "policing" what you say? Just curious because I haven't got any seriously heavy b-nol blends yet (closest I've come is PM and that's not as much I'm sure and it doesn't make me say too much, just a little bit chattier).
  7. Just a quick update... Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies, I have been entirely successful in making the break! YAY! I can honestly say that my focus has been changed dramatically in the last few days. I can be anywhere near him and I don't feel like I want to be with him because I can now see that his behaviour is not what I want for myself and that I am deserving of someone who is going to want to be with me (and my daughter). Beccah, the military man could be a good choice, but there aren't many of those where I'm at. I think I'll just let the right one appear whenever they're su
  8. LV, I don't know how recent this was, but I hope your son is doing alright now. I can't imagine what a mess I'd be if my daughter was bleeding all over the floor. This blend is subtle, but amazing. As with all of the scents and phero blends, I try them in the privacy of my apartment before lauching myself out into the wider world. All Hallow's Eve seems like one of the scents that I've been looking for. I love the Autumn and Hallowe'en and this scent brings that to mind, but not in such a way that would exclude me from wearing it at any other time, just that it makes me think that I can't
  9. I live in Canada and I think that mail should be delivered every day of the week, but heh! That's just because of my newfound LP addiction and it wouldn't help much with anything international! In fact, I would be perfectly content if we could all receive our orders in a beam me up "Star Trek" fashion. That's how much longing for my LP's I'm feeling. Now I'm really pining away for my order to arrive! Oh yeah! I almost forgot to add that I ordered a trial spray of Frosted as well. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? Not that I'll be eating them, but some of those scent descriptio
  10. I am waiting for my second order to arrive....quite anxiously, I must confess. It's Friday and it wasn't in the mail so, I must endure the weekend without my new potions! Wah! On the upside, I'm sure I'll get them next week. My order includes an unpheroed Darling Catalina spray (it just sounds too good to be true), a Darling Catalina in a beta spray boosted with open windows 1X strength (I can refresh the scent without ODing on the pheros if necessary or use the unpheroed to cover other UN pheros, WOOHOO!), Beth's Blushing Milkmaid in oil....sounds yummy, UN Perfect Match in oil, Cougar Poti
  11. Welcome Khandi! I'm sure you'll love it here! The LP's are amazing....I need more LP's....more... I can't wait to find out what kind of scents/pheros you're interested in from here.
  12. Welcome to the forum! I recently delurked too. You won't regret it. Everyone here is so awesome!
  13. Very cool phenomenon. I like it! It's nice to have other people see you with new eyes once in a while.
  14. QofS, I was trying to get to know more about him and using the PM phero blend (I guess the b-nol was really the thing that made him talk) was helping to a certain extent. I only wanted to be using it as a tool (as Luna pointed out) to talk with him more and get to know him a bit better and vice versa. I would never just go for a roll in the hay with someone. No one night stands for me...too many repercussions. As difficult as it is... I think I choose not to invest my focus and energies in something with such a risky rate of return! Thanks for the hugs Calii! Beccah, thanks for
  15. Thanks for the replies! In my estimation, you are all right. *sigh* I guess there is a possibility, but if he's that conflicted or inconsistant, I should just go about my life and not get too carried away. Tyvey, that's exactly what I meant when I wrote, "if he's interested in you, he'll let you know it". There won't be any mistaking. Great advice. Now if only I can get myself to heed it... or get up the nerve to ask him out, but I think that is far from my realm of doable. I am waaaay too shy! He may be interested, but... maybe not enough as he's not made any big moves (well not super hug
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