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  1. @tyvey This is my 1st time trying Super Sexy and I don't have this in UN (thank goodnes), I'd be too afraid to wear it. I wouldn't be surprised if I started humping some poor dude's leg if I did. I'm trying to find out what exactly in this mix is making me so horney. But ,I will say that I got some crazy hits from just a small swipe. I was shopping for an outfit for the weekend and as I was standing in line, a (married) guy who happen to be in a line next to me did a 180, dropped his jaw and proceeded to stare at me, caught himself after a min, then ran out the store. Then on my train ride hom
  2. This is a beautiful perfume and I really love it, but I can only wear a very tiny swipe-if that, otherwise I become a RAGING horndog. I mean I was glassy eyed, tense and panting. I could NOT get sex off my mind, O.M.G. Silly me made the mistake of wearing it to work and the entire day I was walking around with the female equivalent of blueballs. Was it the Super Sexy in this mix? and why does it take so little to get me ?
  3. First things first..I am NOT a floral kinda girl, but this is absolutely beautiful. Right out the bottle I smell the bird of paridise and it stays that way for an hour. Then after that, I can smell this sweet yummy powdery scent. I don't know what that is but I love it. Fleur de Vanille wears very close to the skin, so I don't feel like I'm overwhelming anyone with the smell, which always happen when I wear florals. I need a full bottle of this one for sure.
  4. Since I'm single (Le Sigh), I don't have an at-home-crash-test-dummy to spring this on. So I have no idea what this is supposed to do. But, going by the scent alone? I love the Brown Sugar the best. I think I'll order a bottle of the NOCO next month.
  5. @icing, I feel the same way. I just got a sample of the 10pk set and I wanted to try this since it got such great reviews. Alone LP-BLACK smells like really strong, rank/nasty honey and then it turns to pee once dried. But if I layer LP-ORIGINAL (which I LOVE)directly over it, then the honey is quite bareable and almost nice. I wish I could get the other scents everyone else seems to enjoy. Straight out the bottle I can smell all the delicious base notes, but once on my skin after 10min or so I smell nothing but funky honey. I've also tried layering it with LP-RED, since I hate the red o
  6. I ADORE this little treasure. I"ll put it on in the morning and can still smell it long after the day is through. Also, I really hate floral scents, so I'm forever greatful that they stay in the background. I got a FULL bottle and I think I need to get a few more. Mmm, mmm, mmm good!
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