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  1. I really like the scent of Jubilee and I also loved how fast I fell asleep after spraying this on. In the morning I woke up feeling well rested and chipper..very nice
  2. @tyvey This is my 1st time trying Super Sexy and I don't have this in UN (thank goodnes), I'd be too afraid to wear it. I wouldn't be surprised if I started humping some poor dude's leg if I did. I'm trying to find out what exactly in this mix is making me so horney. But ,I will say that I got some crazy hits from just a small swipe. I was shopping for an outfit for the weekend and as I was standing in line, a (married) guy who happen to be in a line next to me did a 180, dropped his jaw and proceeded to stare at me, caught himself after a min, then ran out the store. Then on my train ride home as I was playing a game on my ipod, I happened to look up and saw two 20-something-ish guys videotaping me with their phone. When they noticed that I noticed they started blushing/laughing, put down the phone and looked everywhere but at me for the rest of the ride. I'm in my 30's so I just shook my head at them and laughed..poor dears.
  3. This is a beautiful perfume and I really love it, but I can only wear a very tiny swipe-if that, otherwise I become a RAGING horndog. I mean I was glassy eyed, tense and panting. I could NOT get sex off my mind, O.M.G. Silly me made the mistake of wearing it to work and the entire day I was walking around with the female equivalent of blueballs. Was it the Super Sexy in this mix? and why does it take so little to get me ?
  4. First things first..I am NOT a floral kinda girl, but this is absolutely beautiful. Right out the bottle I smell the bird of paridise and it stays that way for an hour. Then after that, I can smell this sweet yummy powdery scent. I don't know what that is but I love it. Fleur de Vanille wears very close to the skin, so I don't feel like I'm overwhelming anyone with the smell, which always happen when I wear florals. I need a full bottle of this one for sure.
  5. @Synergist- In regards to PIP/H&S smelling like curry, I have to agree. I was wearing it for about a week and at some point I would get a whiff of curry and wonder where it was coming from until I realized it was Passion in Pink. I love curry, but I don't want to walk around smelling like lunch so I just mix it with Treasue of Pearl and the curry scent never blooms. So maybe if you mix it with something else, others won't comment on smelling curry.
  6. Thanks Luna, maybe that's what happened. Maybe I should boost LP Black with Lace too, since I can't wear that one alone either.
  7. Since I'm single (Le Sigh), I don't have an at-home-crash-test-dummy to spring this on. So I have no idea what this is supposed to do. But, going by the scent alone? I love the Brown Sugar the best. I think I'll order a bottle of the NOCO next month.
  8. I never thought I'd say this because I really, really H.A.T.E Red on it's own, but for some reason the Lace seems to have calmed down that horrid cinnamon that likes to amp on me. With the Lace included this almost smells like my beloved Original. I'm so happy that I can wear this now. Umm, does anyone know why adding a phero changed Red's scent?
  9. @icing, I feel the same way. I just got a sample of the 10pk set and I wanted to try this since it got such great reviews. Alone LP-BLACK smells like really strong, rank/nasty honey and then it turns to pee once dried. But if I layer LP-ORIGINAL (which I LOVE)directly over it, then the honey is quite bareable and almost nice. I wish I could get the other scents everyone else seems to enjoy. Straight out the bottle I can smell all the delicious base notes, but once on my skin after 10min or so I smell nothing but funky honey. I've also tried layering it with LP-RED, since I hate the red on it's own but that went south pretty quickly as well. I'll just put this away for a while and then revisit it some other time.
  10. Mara was nice enough to send me a sample along with my order last month. I think I finally understand what everyone means when they say that they want to taste a scent because it's so good. This was a yummy chocolate delight at first wiff, but unfortunately after an hour or so, my skin ate it.
  11. I ADORE this little treasure. I"ll put it on in the morning and can still smell it long after the day is through. Also, I really hate floral scents, so I'm forever greatful that they stay in the background. I got a FULL bottle and I think I need to get a few more. Mmm, mmm, mmm good!
  12. I have a sample of this and I have to tell you Mara...IT..IS..DEEEEEEEEVINE!! I'm so getting a full bottle next month.
  13. Thanks for the welcome SC. You're right, I am addicted. I bought so many things in the last month since joining, that my credit card and I are no longer on speaking terms.lol
  14. I wish I could say that I like this, being that I bought a big bottle of this in 60/40 alcohol/oil mix. I'm a newbie, so I didn't know at the time I bought it that I could have gotten it in a sample size. If it didn't smell like a cat scent marked me I'd love it. once it dries, all I get is pepper and something that smells like pee .
  15. Hello everyone, I'm new and this is my first post. I just wanted to thank Mara for dropping this little gem in my order as a sniffie. You have no idea how much I loooooove this scent. Over at the "other" site there's a wonderful mix called 397. I've been praying that they would make a large bottle of it because I just drool over the scent alone. I really don't get self-effects from alot of pheros, but I did with that one. but alas, I gave up hope owning a big bottle of that scent until I came here. I'm so happy because both, The Sinner and The Saint and Loving You Lavender remind me of it. Now I don't have to waste my money on their verrrrrrrrrry small, yet VERY expensive samples to get the fragrance that I love. Thank you all again for that happy surprise. Also, If anyone knows of any other scents that smell like the above, please let me know. I also love the neroli scent (please don't stone me)..lol. Do we have anything comparable to that here as well? So, back to the review. The Sinner and the Saint smells very soft yet completely alluring. Instead of pulling, it lulls you in ever so seductively for a deeper inspection.It almost reminds me of a naughty kitten who hasn't decided whether she should eat the little mouse in her paws or toss him around for a bit longer. This is a very coy fragrance. In my minds eye, I hear soft whisperes of yes and also maybe no..I love it!
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