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  1. I absolutely love La Femme, funny thing though- in addition to being a definitely beautifying phero, and a kick ass shopping phero, it also make me dress better and clean up more . Its almost like it convinces me to leave myself and my surroundings in the best possible state.
  2. This is one of my favorite scents so far . I'm not much of a foodie , so I am not crazy about all the sweet and sugary scents. This one , I love ! very sophisticated but still warm . This is something i could wear every day
  3. Trianon-esque is one of the most elegant scents i received ( sample ) from LPMP so far . i completely adore that one
  4. I actually wore it for a business lunch this week , and I got everything out of the meeting I requested. It made everyone feel very friendly and comfortable , turning this into an amicable win-win meeting. I have never had an issue with wearing anything containing cops in a work environment , and not a single negative , just positive experiences. Bang turns it up a notch into friendly sparkly territory.
  5. LFM Gotcha Bang Pop Potion Teddy Man
  6. I have been contemplating buying this one . Somehow I worry it might make me anxious instead of focused . Has anyone had a problem ? My whole life seems to be a big pile of unfinished everythings , so I don't even know where to start
  7. I still have a bottle I haven't used in at least 6 months. I'm wondering if that would be a great mix for the gym ? Will try this week and report back
  8. I have to start wearing more of this again - its my favorite , but I keep wearing it in combination with either LFM or BANG , both of which combine fantastically with this in about equal amounts. Every once in a while I wear Gotcha by itself and am surprised every time how well it works on its own.
  9. This sounds like a great FB on my wishlist. I surprisingly didn't get much from OW, I had expected a more noticeable mood lifting effect , but this one sounds like a better choice for me.Looks like my next paycheck is already spoken for
  10. I've been wearing this at work and i get great responses , everyone- women as well as men are very friendly and I get a bit of a confidence lift. Not as much as from LFM , but in a more happy perky kind of way. It also seems to have a bit of a beautifying effect
  11. I would suggest Un PP and a nice scent of your choice. PP gives you the popularity factor of someone others really want to be around - maybe they'll decide they enjoy your interview so much that they can't live without you Wishing you the best !!
  12. Geez I miss this one ! Especially the " I'm soo pretty " effect . this calls for a 2x once we can order again !
  13. I think FP should be my very next purchase , once LP is open for business again ! It sounds JUST like what i need , for various reasons . As for the delayed reaction , I have noticed exactly that with other phero blends, Rarely , but every now and then it happens that I oversleep and have to dash to work just taking a shower without having time to wash my hair ( after spraying it with pheros the day before ) , or i'll run out on a weekend to do errands before jumping in the shower. Every once in a while i get such a big giant hit , that I realize afterwards - whoa people are not this fr
  14. Love love love this one . A nice creamy vanilla .not as sweet as I was afraid of. I wish it would stay longer on me , but that's just my skin eating up the scent. I don't smell any cops
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