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  1. I'm with Halo. I also need more than seems to be the norm,At least 5 sprays or a 12 inch strip of roll-on divided ,or I notice neither selfies nor hits. And i am talking about Uns
  2. I absolutely love La Femme, funny thing though- in addition to being a definitely beautifying phero, and a kick ass shopping phero, it also make me dress better and clean up more . Its almost like it convinces me to leave myself and my surroundings in the best possible state.
  3. Vivid Violet and Gamboree - I can't wait to try those .
  4. I find myself inhaling more deeply if I notice a scent that I really like. I have always wondered if it simply means that more of the phero is inhaled, and combined with the mood elevating effect of scents one likes, it could explain the perceived greater effectiveness ?
  5. This is one of my favorite scents so far . I'm not much of a foodie , so I am not crazy about all the sweet and sugary scents. This one , I love ! very sophisticated but still warm . This is something i could wear every day
  6. I get a " hangover "effect if I OD on Anol and alcohol seems to make it worse exponentially
  7. I would think the ther further away, the sparser the diffusion, in the sense that people can "smell" the greatest amount of pheros coming off of you closely and diluted more by air, the further away they are. Just like when someone has bad BO, your nose pretty quickly figures out where it comes from by how concentrated the cloud around the person is.
  8. No , I just wore the phero today ,its more an affectionate respectful vibe , but not masculine. people at work seend to seek me out , were asking for all kinds of advice but it was still a sweet vibe, I does calm me as well. I did add a bit of Gotcha when I wore it , which is my ever day go-to and works with EVERYTHiNG . I agree with Nutrix , its a great social , I'll order a sample of Big Easy next
  9. I ordered a trial of this with Teddy BB and really really like it.. I love this scent for men ,and the phero calms me very nicely but to wear for myself I added in a bit of a feminine scent in alcohol.to use it as a spray to still get the phero effect., I then wore it in combination with Gotcha heading in to work for a few hours. Every one of my colleagues male or female was sweet and super nice and just wanted to stay close and talk. I found another GREAT combo
  10. I would either get an unscented roll on in silicone and spray your usual alcohol scent on top , or get the pheros in a 60/40 silicone spray , still unscented. This leaves all the options open to use it with any scent you like , or use it unscented. I often do that so that my BF doesn't notice I have applied anything . Even though Gotcha has a tiny bit of cops in it , it really doesn't need any dry down , you can spray directly over it . I haven't used TH , so i don't know just how UN scented it really is
  11. Gotcha is perfect for your situation. My BF has consistently talked about how much closer we've become ( translation : how much closer he's become since I started wearing Gotcha consistently ). I have to add that he doesn't know about my phero addiction , so his words are completely unbiased
  12. Trianon-esque is one of the most elegant scents i received ( sample ) from LPMP so far . i completely adore that one
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