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  1. You know it might not be bad with an apricot based scent like Honeyed or LP: Original-hmm, gives me another idea for the Your Potion Ideas section. Not a terribly imaginative one, but still a relatively good one.
  2. I'm not speaking for DD here, but my problem with Leather, as great as it was for me back then, if that after more serious experimentation it's flat in comparison to Dom and LFM/N and contains a bit too much Est to make me feel large and in charge. This isn't to say it can't be in your face, but I could use a bit more iron hand and try to layer it with other stuff without the exact same affects of Leather, I could use something that's sexier and-pardon the pun-harder. LFM/N are more like a mature woman, Dom is the ultimate Iron Hand, Leather-I don't know how to classify it anymore because it doesn't feel like the right in-between, more girlish than those blends, but I'm only speaking for my own biochemistry and experiences.
  3. There's also Cuddle Bunny and Sexology, but Sexology has too much of a MUST HAVE SEX NOW affect on me to want to try that again-outside the house at least. I'm tempted to experiment with BI tomorrow. ETA: Maybe experimenting with TMI, BAM! or TC wouldn't hurt either.
  4. I got my UN bottle of it, and while I soften it a little with a bit of SS4W or LFN. Unlike Leather it makes me feel 10 feet tall and own the place wherever I go. Because I'm more used to Leather I'm having to adjust to the A-Nol, but I'm working on adjusting amounts to avoid ODing. Some good news, I didn't get in to any conflicts with anyone at a club. I also think some men prefer it when I'm wearing the Dom combinations. I need to take care to make it so Dom dominates over the softer sexy blends and adjust amounts accordingly with more experimentation. I also might have to eventually make a separate thread about layering combinations, but all in good time. As for scent, it's stronger than other stuff out there, but easily covered by any fragrance in my collection. It feels like it demands darker and more direct fragrances, which is why I'm very tempted to buy a bottle of Blackstone eventually and continue to layer it with something spicy, like North Pole For Men.
  5. This is great with Dominance, even better when layered with a touch of ginger or other spicy scents.
  6. On the prowl, that's the right way to put it.
  7. Oddly I don't have problems with it during my menstrual cycle, I think the enone is just low enough for me for it to work, though like with most phero blends I wear it a bit less amounts just in case.
  8. Yeah, maybe. Personally I don't think sexiness and impersonal and/or detachment has to be contradictory, especially after Madonna's Sex Queen phase.
  9. It is for me, but we all have different reactions to this stuff. Only Teddy BB feels warm to me (at least I think it has enone in it). It helps me be more direct, and while there is a sexyness to it there's something about the command in it that aids in a certain amount of detachment.
  10. I may have worded it poorly, but I was thinking more about the root of it regarding some aspects, and sure, confidence helps a lot.
  11. I have a few too many hard aspects to Saturn, it'd be interesting to do a survey. I also think my having Mars in Taurus makes LFN and other phero blends useful to me, because it can be harder for Mars in Taurus to get off its ass and do its job.
  12. Additional thoughts about enone-I should probably put this in a separate thread, but currently my belief is that enone has more of a relationship with leadership, not necessarily sex or relationships. If I were to make comparisons astrologically I would say the coldness factor of enone is Saturnian, while the leadership is with Mars. This shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with what often is in the charts of military, law enforcement, and related personnel. That said, uniforms and authority can be very sexually attractive to some people, and its not uncommon for people to dress up in these things for fetish.
  13. I'm skeptical about much of the supposed differences. A fair amount of my friends, male AND female, are swingers/poly/etc, and I wouldn't call them cold at all regardless of gender. This isn't to say there aren't biological nuances in how pheros and phero like substances affect men and women, but it's not a Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus type of difference.
  14. IMHO La Femme Mystere is a bit more feminine and ethereal. La Femme Noir-a bit more iron hand velvet glove, where you are more likely to gently direct situations where you want to go that isn't in your face like Leather, and there's a bit less warmth with that blend, but I think you can add to it with a dab of something like H&S and/or TH if you'd like (maybe Perfect Match, B-nol heavy blend, or Gotcha! could be great with it too). I don't think they're remarkably different, since they both have a soft power, but LFM feels weirder on me in ways I can't describe with words, but would much rather use for Serious Business networking than LFN (whether LFM would ever be good for getting a loan, that's something else). I now prefer both blends to Leather, and might even sell my bottle of it once I get that bottle of Dominance, besides you can layer either with Dom anyway. I don't know why but I feel like at least with my biochemistry, LFM/N makes better use of the Est than Leather. Biology is weird.
  15. This has become my favorite blend. Perhaps not the best for networking-I have a feeling I'll be sticking with LFM w/TH for awhile for that-but this is a true work of art.
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