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  1. Years later, and I still always come back to this one. I have gone through a few bottles of it now. It might actually be my all time favourite scent. It smells pretty good when I put it on at first, but it is what it does with my skin that is something amazing. Soft, yet bright, musky, powdery, sweet, but not cloying sweet. I get complimented constantly on this. It is just so perfect. If I could, I would buy only this and wear it as my signature scent forever.

  2. I'm utterly amazed with this one. I tried it out, having seen the ingredients list and thinking this was one I could put straight into the trade list. But something amazing is going on. I normally don't like vanilla, but it is just soooo cool and sheer and lovely in this. Even though it's not foody, it is truly delicious. I don't get how there can be actual essential oils in this, normally they are really sharp but this just isn't.

  3. Somehow this was just not at all what I thought it would smell like. It has a watery "essence" to it, if that's the right word, but it doesn't smell like water to me in the way some of the other blends do. The spiciness is what really stands out to me. It smells at first rather like a men's cologne, that kind of chemical, fresh cleanness. As it dries on me it becomes lightly floral, not as sweet as most florals, and still rather chemical. There's some note in it that is very "in your face" - perhaps it is the ginger, or the bitter orange? All that said, I actually rather like it.

  4. I can appreciate the complexity of this - I get the honey, the patchouli, and the apricot, all in different stages and morphing amongst one another. But I don't think it's "me". I think possibly the patch overwhelms my skin and it becomes nasty after just a few minutes. I am intrigued by Gotcha!, but I think I will try it in a different blend.

  5. I don't know why but I find this such a comforting, soothing smell. The light touch of coconut is just sooo sexy, yet the whole thing is very demure and soft and sweet. I love the gentle, fresh skin musk and the slight hint of something citrusy (the pineapple?) that is just an accent amongst all the other notes, but not overwhelming.

  6. I'm just a little bit in love with this at the moment. It's so cool and sheer, yet deliciously sweet. The lemony note is not piercing or nasty like it sometimes goes on me, just sweet and candy like - it reminds me a little bit of a cross between Cupidity and Feelin' Groovy. I didn't think I'd enjoy the licorice note but I can't detect it at all. Drydown is also lovely, a very natural, sweet skin smell. Winner!

  7. This is the epitome of dark, smoky, spicy, and resinous. I'm not sure it is one I would wear on its own, but it could be nice to add an accent to some of the sweeter blends. Very complex and interesting.

  8. I have to admit I'm just not digging this one. It smells burnt and charcoal-y on me. The coffee and chocolate is ok, but they're not smells I like to have on my skin.

  9. I knew I was right to buy a full bottle of this unsniffed! It is such a lovely, sweet cherry, but without the sharp plastic-y thing that some cherry smells get on me. It's very syrupy and delicious and just citrusy and tart enough to be interesting, but not overwhelming. The roses are very "red", and complement the red of the cherry beautifully.

  10. This is like a more spicy type of Little Witches to me. It's much more mature and grown-up. It might be my imagination, but I think I get a hint of licorice from it? As it dries down it goes a bit resinous on me, and the sweetness takes on more of a sticky, sickly element, like tree sap.

  11. Awww, Syn! That is sad. I love this one and get much mileage from it, sometimes for nothing more than the lovely scent. F*cking skin chemistry. Have you tried BALLS? And just 'cause of the skin chemistry thing...did Jouir De work on you? Boy THAT's one that is either beautiful or *hazardous material* on people. I'm in the hazmat category there. Eeew. B)


    Balls didn't work for me either. Neither did Jouir De, though there was *something* about it that kept me coming back to try it again. In general heavy scents, even foody-heavy, go wonky on me. I have found it is best to stick to bright, fresh, "clean" smells.

  12. This is almost not there at all... it's very faint, no matter how much I slather on. It's a light floral musk, and yes I get the marshmallow now I am looking for it. I wish it was a bit stronger.

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