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  1. This is very powdery on me - I didn't know oil could manage to actually smell "dry", but this does! It is the epitome of sweet baby powder, very musky and gentle and nice, with a slight floral undertone. I find myself wishing it was a bit sweeter, but I am a sweet freak and that is what layering is for I guess, and it is still very beautiful even despite that. The way it melds and warms up on my skin is simply to die for.
  2. I did a lot of reading on this one and now I've finally smelled it I think I get it. It really is vanilla musk! The sweet tone of the musk comes from the vanilla, but it's not screaming "vanilla", it's just quietly there. I'm not a big fan of vanilla, but I think I could actually wear this, especially over winter. What a soothing, comforting scent this would be then.
  3. Oh, this is such a WOW for me! I am so excited to own a full bottle of this because it smells JUST like BodaciouS Musk!! Ok so it's not exactly the same, with a side by side comparison I can smell the difference - Musky White Orchid goes a little more talcum powder like Sneaky Clean, but damn they are close. The best kind of skin musk, with just a hint of sweet, complex floral, melding and warming with my skin and making me feel like this sweet, natural smell is coming out of my own pores. This is seriously beautiful and I could slather myself in it.
  4. I'm afraid none of the notes in this are just not "me". It's a heavy, sickly-sweet vanilla on my skin that goes a bit coffee like after a while (I've figured out that maple tends to do that on me, so don't worry, this probably won't happen to anyone else!).
  5. Hmmm, I'm not so keen on this one as a description of the ingredients alone would lead me to think. I certainly get the pineapple and coconut, and if it stayed fruity and clean at that level I think I would like it, but I'm not sure I go for the "fruit crossed with cake" thing going on. It's got a gorgeous colour to it though.
  6. Perhaps peppermint is the wrong word. I mean it more in the "cool" sense. Like the vibe I get from Agua Fresca...
  7. Oh dear, I'd just been spraying it all over myself and my desk and now you're starting to scare me! I'd better ease up!
  8. To me this is actually much more fruity than honey. It reminds me a little of Kimberly's Honey Berry. At first when I sprayed it on it was like "eww, honey!" - just strong and overpowering and not nice. But it settled into something beautiful, a really juicy, sweet take on fruit, with the honey just kind of blending in as another note. This smells really yummy!
  9. At first this is all cucumber, airy and ozone and lightly fruity in a watery way. As it dries down it sweetens considerably (a lot of perfumes seem to do that on me). It's an ok scent, but even in this hot weather it's a bit too cool and pepperminty for my taste.
  10. Is there really no other reviews for this yet?? Maybe there is another thread I couldn't find? I've already ordered a bottle of this, but am very excited to receive a sniffee even before the bottle has arrived, so I can look forward to what I have coming! At first this is a very watery, leafy, wet earth smell, not unpleasant but not really a normal "perfume" smell either. It does smell like rain, but more strong and concentrated - catching a whiff from a distance smells more accurately like the after-rain smell I was looking for (maybe I should try putting it into a spray?). As it dries down it becomes a bit sweeter and fruitier, like a watermelon maybe. I really like this, both for the feelings the scent evokes and the simple, pleasant sweetness of it. I've been searching for a long time to capture that "after rain" smell, and this is by far the closest I've come so far.
  11. When this first goes on it is quite lemony or citrusy, though I'm not sure from the ingredients list what that could be from? However it soon dries down to a comforting, warm musky smell on me. I don't really get the vanilla much, or if it comes through it is just a gentle sweetness, not foody. I think this would work well on males as well - the initial citrus burst reminded me of a nice men's cologne.
  12. I expected to love this one, and am surprised to find it is actually one of my least favourites - the sugar is too caramelised or "toasted" for my liking. I guess I prefer sugar to be powdery or crunchy, not cooked.
  13. I really dislike anise, but I'm not getting a licorice vibe from this at all. I just get the sweet marshmallow, a very vanilla, fluffy smell. It is not just that one dimensional though, it smells rounded and balanced and complex, and it is very surprising to read there are only three ingredients in this! There is something really warm and enveloping about this, I can see why some of you ladies like wearing it to bed!
  14. Boy, this sure does have some colour all right! I really love the colour, I feel like spraying it on myself I will look like I have gotten a bit of a tan hehe I'm not a big fan of coffee scents but this is pretty nice, a very creamy, smooth coffee, not bitter at all, just like a nice weak milk coffee. The vanilla and cream really temper it beautifully. If I were into coffee scents this would be an absolute winner!
  15. Offerings like this make me so glad I have the yearly subscription to the monthly sampler.
  16. I can't believe I haven't written a review on this yet, it is one of my favourites! It truly smells like a deep, red rose to me. A grown-up rose smell, without being old lady. It has a lovely, tangy, fruity quality to it, with a depth and warmth from some kind of spices. To me this is the epitome of a sexy red dress.
  17. I love that there is a fragrance with Eucalypt and Australian Tea Tree!! We in Australia know how beneficial these ingredients are for clearing blocked noses, soothing colds, and helping breathing problems like asthma. Snuffing this from the bottle actually makes my nose feel less blocked. The other ingredients - chamomile, lavender, etc - are also well known medicinally for being calming. I don't know about peppy or uplifting, but to me this is definitely a blend for soothing or helping illness. Sprayed on my face in this hot weather it is deliciously refreshing, cool and clear. It is certainly not "perfumey", much more of an essential oil smell, but not medicinal or nasty for that, just mildly herby. I agree that it is much more a masculine scent than a feminine one, but I think I will be using it for medicinal purposes more than for smell - not that the smell is abject, it is quite nice, I just normally like my perfumes to smell sweeter and more feminine. In love!!
  18. I am getting the lavender in the bottle of this, but on my skin it is going more sweet and syrupy. It starts off with an almost medicinal quality to me, but loses that with drydown thankfully. It almost becomes more like a vanilla, cakey smell, with barely a trace of floral. I think I like Purple Puff better, though this is still nice enough. It is much more on the foody side, whereas I found Purple Puff more fluffy and just different somehow.
  19. This is all vanilla on me. It's ok, though I'm not a big fan of vanilla. I wish I got the other notes out of it as well, such as the lavender or caramel, but they're just not coming through on me.
  20. Hmm... sweet, yummy tasting, and somewhere between foody and fruity on the spectrum. The spice gives it a surprisingly fresh, crisp edge for me. It smells like spiced pear, but a bit deeper and richer. As it drys down on me it starts to smell like warm, mulled cider. It's great to have another scent to wear Treasured Hearts in, and I figure this one can only get better over winter. This is a winner!
  21. This makes for such exciting GGG stalking...
  22. I can see how lovely this would be for those who like dark, incensey, resinous scents, but those notes just don't work well on me. It all goes a bit chemically and sharp. Drydown brings out some more florals, but still too much resin for my liking.
  23. What a lovely, fresh, bright scent this is! It reminds me of an air freshener I bought from Dusk, but more subtle. It's got a beautifully sweet edge to it that still manages to smell clean and not cloying. This is probably my favourite of the fragranced hydrating waters so far. ETA: This smells like sherbet on drydown. I don't know how that happened, looking at the ingredients, but I love it!
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