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  1. I'm getting quite a fruity vibe from this as well as a deep, rich sexiness. It starts off strong and warm and elegant, but as it dries it goes a bit too rank for my liking. It's not a favourite for me, but it's not bad. Civet can be temperamental on me.
  2. Oh no, that means you've gone past "B".... No BodaciouS Musk this time
  3. I was just moving my sniffee of this from the table and couldn't resist opening it to take a whiff. Wow, this really is beautiful! Florals at their absolute best. If I could be sure this wouldn't give me a headache I'm not sure I could resist a full bottle. As it is, I will have to make my sniffee and sample last.
  4. I'm the same!! I just can't wear anything chocolate, even cocoa butter. So strange... given I love eating it!!
  5. Synergist

    Pixie Dust

    This sounds beautiful! My biggest concern is the vanilla. That can go either way on me. But the label grabbed me the first time I saw it...
  6. Welcome! I also don't mind the smell of cops. It's an individual preference.
  7. Welcome! I think your best best is to find a fragrance you like, then pair it with some copulins. You really can't go wrong with that cops.
  8. This is quite a delicious smell. I don't quite know what I'm smelling, but it is sort of creamy and a little citrusy, or tart maybe? Another "foody" scent that I would probably enjoy more in colder weather. It's very "there", whole, sweet, rounded, yet also quite fresh. I don't know how else to describe it.
  9. Well this is very nice, even for a foody smell which I am normally not so fond of. It starts off in the vein of Darling Catalina for me, that creaminess with a touch of zest. It has a very "pudding" feel to it, that chewy stickiness in your mouth feeling. I suspect I will like this one in the colder months.
  10. I am so excited about Tease, Pixie Dust and Ruby Red, they all sound right up my alley!!
  11. I was just eyeing off The Promise on the Magical Omaha site since loving my sniffee of it... how exciting to know I will have a full sample soon!
  12. I got a sniffee sample of this and it is really lovely. A very strong floral, very "there", even from just a small swipe, and just lasts and lasts. A bit more of a traditional perfume, different to much of Mara's more unique creations but still very beautiful. My only concern is when I first put this on I got a headache, not sure if coincidence or not so need to test a bit more.
  13. Oooh how exciting! Baby chicks, hehe how cute!!
  14. Spicy, a little foody, and strangely floral. I like the pumpkin in it, it has a Sparkle Fuchsia feel but less sparkly and pink. It's a shame to learn it has chestnut in it.
  15. Synergist

    Banoffee Coffee

    This is very coffee in the vial (no surprises there I guess), but on the skin it loses that coffee-ness pretty quickly, and is replaced by something sweet - like maybe a milky banana? I'm not so into foody scents or coffee and the drydown becomes a bit nauseating to my taste.
  16. This is probably my least favourite of the Treasures. The amber, or maybe the honey, goes a bit rank on my skin, and I'm not getting the florals through nearly enough. Perhaps it is just a little too "dirty" for me...
  17. Synergist


    Alas, I broke my trial vial of this one last night, losing most of its contents onto my bed and carpet But they do smell yummy! It is a very cool and sweet smell, with a delicious nomminess to it. I've been waiting for winter to really try this out, as I think I would really appreciate the spices and gingerbread then, and they are well tempered out by the sweet frosting element. I didn't get a lot of vanilla from it, but perhaps that was because I wasn't smelling it on skin too much - whatever vanilla I did get didn't seem to be the sickening kind that usually puts me off, so that's a good thing!
  18. This is quite a spicy, amber-heavy blend, with a touch of "foodiness" thrown in. I like it enough as a smell, but not sure I would want my skin to smell like this. I think it is probably more of a winter smell, and maybe in this hot weather it just smells a little stifling.
  19. Synergist

    Sugar Plum Fae

    This is very beautiful, fruity and flowery but also very elegant. To me it's a very grown-up plum scent, but still sweet enough to be feminine and pretty. There's something very upper class about it. I'm surprised it's not more juicy and plum-y, instead on my skin it is much more about the rosewater and the musk.
  20. I'm getting excited to see what March has to offer...
  21. Ok! I'm getting a little bit excited and/or confused!! What is the GGG section on Artfire? I am seeing a few things that I *thought* were gone forever turning up on there and giving me the option to buy them. Could it really be?? Have they really come back?? It seems too good to be true! Ok.... calm down Syn... *takes deep breath*
  22. I think maybe we all got this in the last monthly sampler! I get the creamy, buttery-ness, but I am also getting a lot of spice and mint/menthol. It's kind of like a candy cane. It is a little on the masculine/unisex side.
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