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  1. I have to admit, I don't really like this. It is sharp and piercing and kind of urinous. It doesn't get much better on my skin, it's just like a kind of rank chemical. I'm left wondering what on earth is IN this?
  2. Wow, this sure smells like something I'd want to eat! I'm not usually much for foody scents, but I think the ginger in this does it for me. It's a lovely, soft ginger, which still retains the character of ginger without being too sharp or piercing. It reminds me a bit of Carolyn's Man Nip, but sweeter and less floral. More of a true gingerbread cookie. I could see this being so lovely over winter.
  3. Synergist


    I tried this on last night for bed. It gave me a scent memory of something, but I don't know what - maybe a soap I've used before, or a lotion? It is lovely and soft and powdery, with a hint of something fruity - just the right amount of hint to add an edge without being overwhelming. Looking at the ingredient list this looks like a really unique and interesting blend. Definitely a comfort scent!
  4. This is so beautiful and sweet and flowery, but genuine flowery, not like some fake stuff that gets up your nose and itches. This layers well with so many things, adding that pink sweetness. It really has throw and a "there"-ness. I just love this blend, so happy I got a full bottle
  5. lol I'm still trying to figure out what a cyclon is exactly...
  6. Well, I went with the "generic" repairman for my picture - tee hee hee
  7. This potion really has managed that "metallic" feel. It is at first green and sweet, but with a really dark, musky edge to it. I think this would work well on a man, yet it also smells delicious on me. I love how elegant this is.
  8. What an interesting question! I could only suggest stick to blends that are not particularly sexual, such as things with alpha and/or beta androstenol. Go light on the cops (although just a little cops shouldn't be too big an issue I would think - just make you appear young and sexy, not sexual as such).
  9. Huzzah! I upgraded! But err, I have no idea what a cyclon repairman is...?
  10. Looks like it has been a while since this one was reviewed! I find this to be like a heavier version of Sparkle Fuchsia - the base of SF, without the sparkle, as it were. It's floral with a touch of pumpkin underneath. Quite amber at first, although that settles on drydown. It's quite sophisticated, in the vein of Who's That Lady or Detective and the Dame, and at one point I /almost/ think I get a slight cocoa vibe from it(??). It's an ok scent for me, not one I will be hunting down to buy more, but I will enjoy the sample I've got.
  11. This is pink cherry at its best. On me the cherry comes out quite a lot, kind of a very sweet, glazed cherry, and personally I wish I amped the pink a bit more, but it is still very nice. Kind of a citrusy pink, somewhere between A Lick of Pink and Sparkle Fuchsia. Drydown is all sweet cherry, I can't pick any pumpkin and very little pink.
  12. I am quite enjoying the smell of this one - bright and fresh at first, and settling down to become a little bit juicy. The lavender is quite gentle in the background, not too cloying. Only problem is when I put it on I started sneezing. I don't know if it's just coincidence or not, I'll have to test it a few more times to be sure. I hope not because I find the scent quite calming and soothing.
  13. This is a lovely, fruity floral type smell. I love the smell of cactus in all the forms I've tried it in - cactus flowers, cactus fruits, cactus honey. This is a lovely and comforting smell, very safe and I would imagine hard for anyone to dislike.
  14. This is really not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be a bit like Lady V's Rose Cookies, but the rose isn't as rich and the sugar comes out a lot more for me. It's got that caramel/toffee feel to it. Smelling it makes me kind of hungry!!
  15. Oh no!! I dropped my trial vial and it broke Just as I was starting to really like this one too!!
  16. This is very sweet and rich, and I certainly get the creamy, buttery vibe from it. It's just a little chocolaty as well, perhaps from the cocoa butter. I'm not a fan of this kind of foody scent, but I can see how it would appeal to those of you that are!
  17. This was a bit sharp and piercing on me when I first put it on and I thought I wouldn't like it, but drydown surprised me. Very nice and fruity and juicy. I guess maybe it took the cops settling for the true character of this blend to come out. Nice one!
  18. I made a little spray out of this and gave it to my boyfriend. I think smells are pretty much all the same to him, but I absolutely love how this smells on him - citrusy and juicy and spicy and so manly, with just the right hint of sweetness. This is a great one for men.
  19. Ooh, so good to know Sneaky Clean is a permanent!! I can slather with abandon!
  20. I've just been reading back on my thoughts on this scent and realised how much my perception has changed over the last few months. This smell is DIVINE. At first I was very meh about it, probably because it smells just ok in the bottle, but boy has it grown on me. It is just beautiful after a few minutes on my skin. Almost every single time I wear this I get complimented on how good I smell. I've now used up my two samples and most of a spray bottle and just ordered another bottle, and it is one I consistently reach for when I want to know I'll get good results without having to try. This blend is win.
  21. It's ok, I've just realised looking at this more closely it has shea butter in it... I shouldn't take the chance... damn
  22. I know what you mean NuTrix. I think glitter in perfumes just makes them feel so... well... special. Even if I can't see it on my skin I just love taking out bottles or samples and shaking the glitter around in them. Snow Musk is my favourite for this, it just looks so swirly and pretty when I shake it. Is it maybe because this one has actual mica instead of just glitter? (Or are glitter and mica the same thing? )
  23. To me this is a little on the foody side of pink. The slight citrus in it stops it being too floral or sweet to my nose. Honestly it's one of my favourite pinky scents, and I've tried quite a few!
  24. This is very coconut and watery on me. Definitely that tropical feel, evoking some scent memories I can't quite place my finger on. I like it, though I think I might end up layering it with something else for extra depth. EDIT: Drydown is sweet and floral and quite pleasant.
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