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  1. Finally got around to getting to my post box and got the lovely Halloween goodies. Thank you Mara, they are so cute and made my day!
  2. OMG!! Gotcha! and La Femme Noir?? I must know what these are! And a parrot label!! It must have been made for me!
  3. I agree, WTF happened there QG? Trying to get caught up? Oh dear, my mind is... warped.
  4. Trip to my post office scheduled for next Wednesday!! Hooray!
  5. Synergist

    Grow A Pear

    Yep - I get what you mean! I tried to explain the same thing when I smelled my first fruity LP. It actually smells like what it's supposed to smell like! Sounds daft and obvious, but it is so true!
  6. Cuddle Bunny! I agree with Chrissy, you will manage the bedroom stuff just fine, but you want to be able to bond and reconnect on a deeper level as well.
  7. To me the difference is that Perfect Match seems to remind people of all the things they like about me, while H&S seems to make people think I'm nice and feel open with me. Subtle, but after using both extensively I think that is the difference I notice.
  8. Hooray, I ranked up! And managed to find a suitable picture... except now looking at my avatar disturbs me...
  9. Oooh Chrissy I have been waiting for your review on this! I have been getting more and more excited!!
  10. No, don't listen to her! We needs them naaooooo!!
  11. I think you're right LV - release them on Halloween!!
  12. You could also try A Touch of Cerise or Mamelons de Cerise if you have either of those? Yes, the post office wait is driving me crazy. But there is no point getting my mail redirected, I move around so much a redirection would soon be redundant, and at least this way I know that no matter where I'm living, I will return to that area every so often so it will get checked eventually... just takes a while sometimes!
  13. Yes, making a smiley face is a good way to force yourself not to do too much, unless you start adding on ears or hair or something... lol... but if you just stick to one stripe for the mouth and two eyes you should be ok! Oooh, you are wearing Sparkle Fuchsia?? I am dying to know what you think of it!
  14. Great to see you're experimenting and finding out what you like! It is indeed a journey of discovery.
  15. I would say go very minimal on the OCCOs. I just draw a smiley face in my cleavage
  16. Exactly! I was just trying to do them a service, that's all
  17. It was more of a swearing and tears moment than a silent one At least it was mostly empty already...
  18. Me three! Bunch of newbies this year I want to see a rebrew of Who's That Lady! I just discovered I loved it, then accidentally dropped my bottle in the carpark and it broke
  19. Oh my... I'm so excited to try this one! I just checked the cart as well and it is still coming up as essentially unlimited. I too really hope that's not just a mistake and suddenly there are 0 and I miss out on a full bottle. I need to try my sample first, which I should be able to do when I get to my post office next week.
  20. I concur with this... and want to add even the OCCOs are not that bad to wear out, as long as you go easy on the dose. Just a little OCCO just makes you seem youthful and sparkly, it doesn't "have" to be an aggressive or sexual thing.
  21. I concur with Chrissy, they sound like hits to me! It will take a while before you figure out when something is a "hit" though.
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