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  1. All. I want it all. But I can't afford any of it right now. Really interested in trying anything with Gotcha! I'd like to see how this one plays out in a work environment... hrrrmmm....
  2. I've kinda totally been saving up for this month. So, c'mmooooooooon pheros!
  3. Andsoitgoes


    Lace is good stuff
  4. SO. The Detective and the Dame, Cuddle Bunny, Perfect Match, and Blatant Invitation are coming my way. And then I'll not be allowed to buy anymore until a month from now. Because I have an addiction.
  5. Sooo, I didn't wait the two weeks before placing another order. Seemed like too long. Have some Bang! and Spark in the Dark headed my way... ooohhh yeah:)
  6. I got this in oil and my skin messed this one up something awful. On me, it smelled like a stack of wet newspapers and/or wet dead leaves. LOVE amber, and thought I might really adore the honey so I don't know why it turned sour. Is there civet in this? Could that be it?
  7. Wearing Cougar Potion today and feel like a million bucks. The day is bright and beautiful, and I feel amazing. I went shopping and didn't notice if I got "hits" but also didn't care. I feel like I radiate happiness and other warm sunshiney feelings. And of course it smells delicious. Yuuummmmm.... yaaaaay Happy sauce.
  8. Ok, that's it. Tomorrow is BI day. Whew, glad that's all settled.
  9. ^ LOL, that's hilarious. Yes, by all means. Can't beat a day like that. Sounds like fun
  10. Package on it's waaaay In just two short weeks, I'll be able to order Spark in the Dark.
  11. Yaaaaay, new stuff! Trial vials of Poetry and Grace, Velvet and Steel, Pouncing Potion, Darling Catalina, and T.M.I. Everything smells friggin' amazing. :)
  12. I have the roll on brown sugar LAM, and I like it but probably gone with something lighter. The pink amber sounds lovely!
  13. I have no idea. We do get crazies from time to time. It was such a shame, he was really cute and well read... then came the smelly money and conspiracy theories.
  14. Whoever said I'd be placing an order before the last one arrived was right. Now I finally understand what addiction is. I still want to try sooo muuuch. Halp
  15. LOL Calii, I put on my LP Red Lace and went out last night and when I turned around, there was a man sniffing my hair. Like IN my hair. As for EoW, the smell has grown on me. Where initially it smelled like the inside of a belly button, now it's more like a vinegar. If there's a "gross" smell to it, I don't notice it out of the bottle anymore. Although... if I apply it to my wrists and later in the day, wash my hands and get it wet again, it does sort of remind me of a wet dog.
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