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  1. All. I want it all. But I can't afford any of it right now. Really interested in trying anything with Gotcha! I'd like to see how this one plays out in a work environment... hrrrmmm....
  2. I've kinda totally been saving up for this month. So, c'mmooooooooon pheros!
  3. I'm enjoying it very much! It's such a beautiful fragrance and everyone has been so warm. It's lovely.
  4. Okay, can we make more of this? Because it's amazing. I had the best day wearing this and there has to be a way that we can keep a steady supply of this coming into my home because I'm going to run through it. Everyone was soooo nice to me. Everyone. I had a customer tip me and I don't work at a job where we can receive tips. A woman stopped shopping to come over and tell me I was lovely. A cute guy at a concert stopped me to try on my glasses. Also like, all children love me in this. I was like the pied freakin' piper all day today... minus the kids disappearing, etc etc. They followed me around a lot is my point. Now look. I feel like this place is magical. And everyday can be like today. Let's make it happen, because I'm in love and I know I'm not the only one.
  5. You're going to absolutely love it here! Welcome
  6. I love this stuff so much I almost don't want to use it because it'll mean I'll run out quicker. Less is definitely more, but still can't help hoarding. So wonderful. Every time.
  7. Wonderful, can't wait to read the descriptions. Be-you-teeful labels, too.
  8. Welcome, welcome!! Positive you'll love it here. It's truly a magical place
  9. Hey, Jesse, and welcome!!! Looking forward to reading more reviews
  10. Andsoitgoes


    The vanilla/clove combo sounds delicious. I may have to wait, but am definitely getting a full bottle. Very excited about this one.
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