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  1. All. I want it all. But I can't afford any of it right now. Really interested in trying anything with Gotcha! I'd like to see how this one plays out in a work environment... hrrrmmm....
  2. I've kinda totally been saving up for this month. So, c'mmooooooooon pheros!
  3. I'm enjoying it very much! It's such a beautiful fragrance and everyone has been so warm. It's lovely.
  4. Okay, can we make more of this? Because it's amazing. I had the best day wearing this and there has to be a way that we can keep a steady supply of this coming into my home because I'm going to run through it. Everyone was soooo nice to me. Everyone. I had a customer tip me and I don't work at a job where we can receive tips. A woman stopped shopping to come over and tell me I was lovely. A cute guy at a concert stopped me to try on my glasses. Also like, all children love me in this. I was like the pied freakin' piper all day today... minus the kids disappearing, etc etc. They fo
  5. I've been wearing this to work just to see what it'd do. I smooshed a few drops on my wrists, which I think rubbed across my chest. Which is a strange way to apply, I'll give you that. Then I put a couple of drops on my fingertips and pulled them through my hair. Went to the gas station before going into work and one of my regulars was there. He was like "HEY, what are you doing here? Since I can't do this while you're at work.." and he hugged me and pulled my body close to his. And this is the weird part. He put his hands in my hair.. like ran his fingers through my hair, then pulle
  6. Andsoitgoes


    Lace is good stuff
  7. SO. The Detective and the Dame, Cuddle Bunny, Perfect Match, and Blatant Invitation are coming my way. And then I'll not be allowed to buy anymore until a month from now. Because I have an addiction.
  8. I'm not great at describing scents, so hopefully over time that's a skill I'll be able to acquire. I just wanted to pop over and say how much I adore this. This will sound strange, but something about this combination of scents reminds me of my grandfather. It, to me (but again - so, so new to fragrances and identification/associations) smells at first earthy and deep, then sweet just around the edges. Reminds me of some of the tobacco he used to get, I think, plus the sweetness that came with either his shaving cream or aftershave. So the smokey plus the sweet. After awhile, light an
  9. Sooo, I didn't wait the two weeks before placing another order. Seemed like too long. Have some Bang! and Spark in the Dark headed my way... ooohhh yeah:)
  10. I got this in oil and my skin messed this one up something awful. On me, it smelled like a stack of wet newspapers and/or wet dead leaves. LOVE amber, and thought I might really adore the honey so I don't know why it turned sour. Is there civet in this? Could that be it?
  11. Wearing Cougar Potion today and feel like a million bucks. The day is bright and beautiful, and I feel amazing. I went shopping and didn't notice if I got "hits" but also didn't care. I feel like I radiate happiness and other warm sunshiney feelings. And of course it smells delicious. Yuuummmmm.... yaaaaay Happy sauce.
  12. Ok, that's it. Tomorrow is BI day. Whew, glad that's all settled.
  13. ^ LOL, that's hilarious. Yes, by all means. Can't beat a day like that. Sounds like fun
  14. Package on it's waaaay In just two short weeks, I'll be able to order Spark in the Dark.
  15. Yaaaaay, new stuff! Trial vials of Poetry and Grace, Velvet and Steel, Pouncing Potion, Darling Catalina, and T.M.I. Everything smells friggin' amazing. :)
  16. I have the roll on brown sugar LAM, and I like it but probably gone with something lighter. The pink amber sounds lovely!
  17. I have no idea. We do get crazies from time to time. It was such a shame, he was really cute and well read... then came the smelly money and conspiracy theories.
  18. Whoever said I'd be placing an order before the last one arrived was right. Now I finally understand what addiction is. I still want to try sooo muuuch. Halp
  19. LOL Calii, I put on my LP Red Lace and went out last night and when I turned around, there was a man sniffing my hair. Like IN my hair. As for EoW, the smell has grown on me. Where initially it smelled like the inside of a belly button, now it's more like a vinegar. If there's a "gross" smell to it, I don't notice it out of the bottle anymore. Although... if I apply it to my wrists and later in the day, wash my hands and get it wet again, it does sort of remind me of a wet dog.
  20. More fun with popularity potion. Maybe I need a journal? Maybe in 63 posts.
  21. Took PP out for a spin today and one of my co-workers (who is generally kind of obnoxious) was actually pleasant today. Thankfully. Another male co-worker who mostly keeps to himself initiated conversation with me a couple of times throughout the day. This is big for him because he usually only speaks when spoken to, then puts on headphones and tunes everyone out. People were also more touchy today. I helped two customers locate the items they were looking for and both of them put their hands on my shoulder and thanked me. And my last customer of the day literally talked to me for hal
  22. I have the same concentration and used four sprays and got nothing. :/
  23. Just ordered: La Femme Mystere Popularity Potion Want: BI Lumina Velvet Kisses Heart & Soul Perfect Match
  24. Like a magnet. An undiscerning magnet drawing cads and gents alike. Wow, indeed.
  25. I got a shipping notice for my first order this afternoon and I am SO excited!! I seriously can't wait. Thank you so much
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