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  1. Most of the scents that I like are floral. But I also like scents that have a hint of man added to them so they are not soooooo girly. Am I making sense? Like my Armani Code. If I had to describe it, I would say that its female and sexy with an authoritive side to it. I feel like Angelina in a leather corset and spiked stilettos when I wear it.
  2. As you all know, Im a newb. I have spend an entire day reading and re-reading and I just cant figure out what to get. With that being said, Im coming to the experts! Im going to tell you ladies and gents what I like and what I hope to accomplish and then you can recommend away. Im looking for 2 outcomes here and I guess that would mean 2 new purchases... #1 - I would like something that makes my man want to contort me into all manner of kama sutra-esque positions. Something that makes him bond with me, and want to eat me at the same time. #2 - Something that would make me the off
  3. I have a dizzing list of stuff here that I want to try!!! So far I really like SpellboundRX's Sensuality scent because it smells like a very popular Victoria's Secret scent. I have that with the Nasty phero blend and I added Eow to it. I call it my Caveman Juice. I wore it to a house party over at my FWB's house this past weekend and had almost every man in the room salivating...lol. Last night I said to my FWB, "You didnt even notice that I got a new perfume?" (insert female whine in voice here.) He says, "Your still walkin funny aint you? Yeah, I sure did notice." Not going to get in
  4. I just wanted to stop by and say and hearty "Hello"! Some of you may know my from my posts on PheroTruth.com. It was the posting of a few very educated ladies that that led me here. I am new to the pheromone life and am really looking forward to playing with a few of the items I see here. I wish you all a merry meet and merry part, until we meet again. Khandice
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