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  1. I'm wishing I could delete this thread and start over by asking what successes have been experienced with children & Popularity Potion. That's really what I'm curious about & what I give today's success to.
  2. I honestly don't know the answer to these questions because there seem to be 2 camps on this issue. One is saying it is dangerous to pregnant women. The other says that oxytocin in this form is so unstable that if it has any effect at all it would be of very short duration. Honestly, I have big doubts that a pregnant woman would be in danger when situations like being dehydrated set up an oxytocinesque situation in the body as well. There seem to be more folks saying it works, but is just short -lived. I would certainly never ever want to put anyone or myself in danger that's for sure.... It being short-lived is a blessing! For one, I don't want everyone I encounter to want to bond with me. And certainly to nip any potential risks for any expecting ladies I see..... certainly not a product I will buy again unless there is better research.
  3. I hope everyone who reads this will understand where my intentions lie..... so anyway, I am a pediatric nurse & I work with the same 3 kids (siblings) all the time. I adore them but they can be beyond a handful & they fight constantly. Violently at times. I've been testing out different scents & pheros lately with some successes. Today has been a REAL success I believe & I wanted to hear everyone 's feedback & stories along this vein. I tend to be rather intuitive with my pheromone choices & try to go with my gut even if it doesn't make sense at the time. Today I chosen to wear Darling Catalina, 2 sprays EST in hair, & 2 sprays oxytocin on shirt. Now I know the oxytocin is controversial, but I have found it to be EXTREMELY helpful when I have to perform an invasive procedure on one of my patients. I've never used it in any other circumstance so I can't vouch for it otherwise. I've noticed a slight difference in the kids since I started using EST but today was like a dream. My temperament was even and smooth, which isn't out of the ordinary, but it just felt... better today. They didn't fight. Not at all. This has never happened in the year I've been with them. They hugged all over me, told me they loved me, picked every flower in the yard for me & put some in my hair. Did I say they didn't fight? Wow. What a wonderful day with my patients, my 'other' babies ...
  4. I've been known to take a mango into the bath with me....it just seems like the thing to do with a perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy mango. But now I want a BATHTUB FULL of this amazing nectar of the goddess so I can just languish and wallow in it til my heart and my cops addictions are satisfied. It.is.perfect.
  5. Pele

    De Luscious

    This smells SO pretty but makes me sneeze..... WTH??!!
  6. Yes, EOs means 'essential oils'. I used 1 spray of a phero blend and 3 drops of another. This was a mix I had experimented with once before and had great results, so I decided to try it again in this manner. Now, as far as the percentage of pheros in each blend.... I can't even begin to figure that out. I just knew it was a good ratio for me. The refresh mid-evening was 1 spray of that phero blend only. Now, I'll admit right here that I can, at times, be extremely ....um.... 'free' with how I mix things up. I'm totally interested in how many mcg of whatever phero illicits whatever response, but when it comes down to it, I enjoy trying new things with my pheros. I can be totally haphazard about it, just tossing things in my vial, shaking it up and slatherin' that good stuff on! I have never had a bad experience using pheros (other than the dreaded anol headache. I was still in a fab mood though. LOL) and my man can barely smell at all (hence the lavish amount of cops I sometimes use). I'm totally rambling here. Sorry!!! Ahahahaha!!! I just worked for 16 hours and came home to my package and am all giddy and high from sniffing my goodies!!! wheeeeeee
  7. I have had very VERY good results mixing my pheros with lotion + EOs. This was way before I found LP so I was using another supplier's pheros and an EO blend I whipped up for the occasion. I did refresh my pheros several hours into the evening (on wrists) and covered with the EO blend again. I could go on and on about this evening..... was good. Goooooooooood!!! I mixed my pheros and EO blend in a cup and just added it to my (unscented) lotion as I applied it.
  8. I should have specified and said that it is with Mara's gorgeous creations that I hadn't experienced the skin-eating-scent phenomenon. With plant-derived EOs, in my experience it has much more to do with the EOs used rather than the base. I haven't found any magical base that will make a citrus oil last. While I am NOT a perfumer, I work much more on the clinical side (I'm a nurse, massage therapist, etc.) I have certainly brewed some magical perfumes for myself that have been drool worthy. When making a small batch of perfume oil, I usually just use jojoba oil. And I make my personal stuff STRONG because I know what my skin can handle..... I often will add the EO/perfume oil directly to each dollop of lotion I'm applying...... I always use something exquisite on my breasts and neck.....rose, neroli, champaka, tuberose, etc..... it makes me feel like a queen. Just 1 drop in my hand with my lotion does it. Now, how long the scent lasts is questionable. One day I was in on my way to nursing school and I got the phone call that my dad was actively dying. That morning I had used rose EO. I was late to class, of course and thoguht the scent of the rose would be long gone by then. I sat in my seat and my instructor who was about 15 feet away started making gagging sounds and complaining about the smell of roses. I admitted to everyone that it was me (as if they didn't know) and my teacher said "Well at least it isn't vanilla...YUCK!" LOL I instantly felt so bad for her! Who could hate rose AND vanilla!!!! Anyway, my point is 1) that the scent clearly lasted much longer that I would've thought and 2) What better EO to wear on that day.....rose... oh I love!!!
  9. There seems to be a lot of that going on! Hehe!!
  10. I know, right?! I've been working with EoW straight for so long now that to have all these OCCOs is really really exciting. I like to stock up..... then it's so much fun to decide what to try and when! Teehee!!!
  11. The skin chemistry thing is really interesting. I've been a clinical aromatherapist for years and have never encountered it to this degree..... I had a similar experience with A Touch of Cerise which was just gorgeous for the 10 minutes it lasted. LOL
  12. Yup. I'm waiting for my 2 gigantic orders to arrive...... it's been nearly 2 weeks already since I ordered the first of the two.... AHHHHH the waiting!!!! I ordered the sampler pack of all the new ones OCCO SLF (full bottle) PheroGirl (full bottle) Trial collection of all the OCCOs LP Origional (full bottle) OCCO White (full bottle) Kitten Heels (full bottle) Aphrodisia Erotica (full bottle) Adrienne's Tangy Ylang (full bottle) PLUS about 30 samplers...... Now. Tell me I'm crazy. I know I know. I haven't even tested most of the ones I ordered full bottles of. I haven't received my shipping notice and I STILL check my mailbox with delicious anticipation every day! LOLOLOL!!!!
  13. I haven't tried any of the other Sexologies, perhaps I should???
  14. I know this is an older thread, I'm just so glad to see that I'm not the only one to have this experience with Sexology III. My skin completely gobbled it up, it was the weirdest thing!
  15. So a little update..... SO and I went on a road trip and I thought "AHA! perfect opportunity to test some things out since we'll be stuck in a car for hours on end." So I tested EST alone and with a tinch of Beta-nol. Nada. He has a rather diminished sense of smell though... this would explain why the 2 times I've had really really good results with him, I was wearing heavy doses that I reapplied at least once. With this in mind, I tried something last night. I slathered on SexologyIII.... he didn't really like the scent and neither did I. I'm starting to wonder if I can do ANYTHING with honey.... I'm stubbornly hoping for the best on this since I have full bottles of PG, OCCO SLF and many others that have honey in them. *crossing fingers & toes* anyway, I digress... I then sprayed 3 short sprays of EST in hair. THEN..... 8 drops EOW. Yep. 4 drops on each inner thigh. Tried to cover with SexologyIII but ended up having to cover with LP Pink which worked beautifully (and he likes the scent of). So we're going about our business for the evening. I didn't think much of it until bedtime. And all I'll say is......HOLY CRAP!!!! Yeah.... Whew... I won't get all XXX rated on you all, but I will say that he was much much more verbally expressive in a sweet, sexy way. This is rather unusual for him and is just lovely for both of us. RIGHT ON!!! Me likey!
  16. Pele

    Hi all

    Welcome Meng! I'm new too and have really been enjoying myself here.....and spending a fortune as well!!! LOL!!! As far as the samples go, I'm finding that it depends on the scent and if you're just wanting to see how it smells on you or if you're going for a full on dose. Last night I put on a full dose of SexologyIII which, on me, is a rather light scent..... so I ended up using 1/4-1/3 of the sample vial. Some of the others that are stronger on me - I can get 5-7 applications. Have fun!
  17. Pele

    Spring Fever

    This is a beautiful floral. I don't get the grassiness, just light, fresh flowers and sunshine. It's raining today so it's the perfect day to wear this gorgous bouquet. It's also quite tenacious on me which is lovely as well.
  18. Pele


    Welcome! I'm new as well and am already fully addicted..... I placed my last order before the previous one even arrived!!! LOLOL!! Hope you're ready! The folks here are amazingly wonderful and are always quick to offer opinions and advice. You are going to have a fantastic time!
  19. Pele

    Kitten Heels

    I absolutely love this. It is playful, feminine, & sexy. On me, the scent is so well balanced that no individual notes stand out, but after an hour or so there is a powdery finish. Feels like a daytime scent and I have a full bottle on its way. Gooooood stuff!
  20. This explains why my cat wants to sleep on my head and touch noses all night...... I am SO *his*! LOL
  21. Pele

    The Sand Box

    When I first took a sniff of this on my wrist, I closed my eyes and said, "YES." It is resinous and sweet and I love it. I don't get the earth scent and really wish I did, but I'm seeing a full bottle in my future anyway.... After about an hour the sweetness has died down and the musk it peeking through with the resins (I smell frankincense) and ambers. Lalalove it!
  22. I wasn't sure about this at first. I've never tried a Pink before. From the bottle I smelled vanilla and bubble gum (my 6 year old daughter went crazy for it!). It was fascinating as it dried down..... it smelled creamy, like cocoa butter and caramel. A very warm scent that reminds me of perfect, moisturized, flawless skin (I know that's odd, but it is what kept coming to mind). Suntan lotion & candy. I will have to try this one again as, even though I like it, it doesn't feel like "me".
  23. I am really loving Dreams of Avalon. So fresh and complex.... it reminds me open fields, grassy with yellow flowers....and I'm laying back in the greenery cloud gazing. It has an herbal backdrop that is just wonderful. not overly floral, which I like....and utterly mysterious indeed.
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