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  1. Yeahh, I've seen it at Petco too. Never tried it tho. I thought about getting one back when I lived with a roommate cause she brought this outdoor cat from her home and tried to make him and indoor cat. I don't know why she decided to do that but he was scared of everything. I almost picked one up, but didn't. He got sick soon after tho and didn't make it, poor guy.
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    Hi! I just found this site a couple weeks ago while looking up pheros. Been lurking while waiting for some samples to come in. Just got them today and I'm psyched! I got samples of Pouncing Potion, Rocket Fuel III, Sexology, and Velvet kisses. They all smell so wonderful! Immediatly after opening them I had to get back on and order some more samples of some of the new May scents lol... Anyway, nice to meet you all
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