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  1. Cannot wait to receive my sample! I am finding my body chemistry really likes the sweet stuff which is ironic because its the last scent I lean towards. I truly hope some of the darker earthy notes come out. Keep you posted! Lynette
  2. I just ordered this sample and I cannot wait to try it. Reviews make it sound like just what I was looking for. Now I just have to hope it works with my chemistry. Hmm~~~ Will return after I receive and give my review. : ) Lynette
  3. Hi Blue Bear, Thanks for the post. I thought I was posting to the right place. Upon looking I can see that I wasn't. Learn as you go is my motto. LOL! I will definitely keep that in mind for future reviews. Thanks again Lynette
  4. This is a review for a sample I received called Special Delivery. This one receives two thumbs up! I have recently become addicted to fragrances with chocolate. I have never been one for anything too sweet or cloying but my hubby really loves the combination of chocolate and cherry so I ordered it. Boy, I am sure glad I did. Once I put it on I was blown away by how realistic this fragrance is. It is spot a spot on chocolate/cherry concoction. After 30 minutes on my skin I could really smell the amber coming through. I cannot quit sniffing it. LOL! LP fragrances are amazing! Lynette
  5. This is the first time I have ever tried LP Fragrances. My first sample is Blushing Embers. All I can say is WOW! It smells absolutely devine. After first applying you can really smell the "pink" this fragrance has to offer. The Mulberry, maple, marshmallow and pinky sugar accords are sweet but not so much that it overwhelms you. Trust me, I am not a huge sweet person unless it is tamed with smokey or wood accord. After sitting on my skin for about 30 minutes the wood smoke finally comes through. My hubby loves it. This one is definitely a keeper!! Thanks LP for the wonderful treat. : ) L
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