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  1. Haha,im stalking the september scents as well.Particularly the replacement for dad for men
  2. Yay,got my shipping notice the day after ordering Looking forward to when it arrives
  3. Haha,no harm hoarding because of both the awesome smell and the awesome label. Everything Mara makes is awesome smelling anyway so the label is a perfectly viable selection option
  4. Haha,i didnt upload the avatar so im pretty sure i have Mara to thank for the awesome picture It would make a great label,will definitely hoard it if it becomes one
  5. Lol,the ranks are all pretty interesting.Mara must have taken a lot of time coming up with all of them one by one
  6. Thats a great story.Definitely see LP Homme as a great scent for collecting compliments with()
  7. Pashazade is an interesting mysterious scent with a fair amount of middle eastern influence i think.It starts of pretty strong when its first put on,my skin seems to amp the cloves in it a lot(>_<)After dry down,it became a spicy powdery scent.It smelt a bit like incense to me but in a good way.Its actually not too bad as a scent but dont think ill be wearing it that often since it doesnt quite fit my tastes.Its a very unique scent though and would be good for catching attention.
  8. This scent is amazing.Dont let what you smell out of the bottle fool you.The coffee scent you smell is well balanced on the skin.This is an extremely complex and unique scent with a very addicitve quality on it.Think once a person has smelt it,they will want to smell it again and again and again,lol (>_<) I was suprised that the coffee scent isnt actually that strong on the skin like how it is in the bottle.Shows you should never judge a scent by its bottle(:-p)It is mildly sweet but it merges well and fits well with the scent.You wont really notice it even if you dont really like sweet
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