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  1. When I first read the name, I was surprised -- tea? Really? But when I took it out, I. Loved. It. Just amazing! I looked up the ingredients and couldn't believe it -- to me, it seems so much more complex, and the interplay of tea, lemon, some kind of floral hints, it was just delightful. I've been struggling with trying to preserve my little sniffee sample while getting as much use out of it as possible.... when I get paid, I am definitely definitely ordering a bottle of this. It just makes my day so much better.
  2. I really enjoy this scent! I love the hints of mint that come through and luckily for me, it seems to stay on my skin along with the floral notes. I also really like the cucumber, but it seems to get "heavier" on my skin over time, which is interesting although unexpected. This is definitely a scent that I would add to my collection, since my nose seems to favour these kinds of light, airy scents over the more grounded, earthy, resin and amber type scents.
  3. I have a question! I've read about the negative effects of mixing different scents and pheros that shouldn't go together -- I do notice that my jackets/cardigans often have some residual scent of whatever I applied that day, but as I've been wearing something different every day, am I making a cocktail of pheros around the sleeves/collar as the days go on? Would it be enough to mix with my skin and mess up what I'm wearing? Should I wash my jackets/cardigans/coats more often? the I just want to preserve the unique effects of each scent and not overload or pherobomb people!
  4. I'm glad I came across this thread! Since I got my samples I've been trying one scent a day, reapplying many times a day (because I get paranoid when I can't smell it anymore and/or I'm too excited to stop myself) and I've noticed that I've been slightly more cranky and somewhat more tired at my job (restaurant stuff, so fast paced, physical and demanding) than usual. I've been thinking of taking a break but I just can't help myself! I want to give each sample I've bought its own full day of wear to see how it fits with me and my everyday life.... but maybe I should consider the saying, "less
  5. Okay, thanks for the tips! I work in a restaurant and I realized that there is quite a lot of airflow which, funny enough, seems to dilute my scent instead of spreading it! I got a couple reactions last night from Cuddle Bunny since I have to lean in quite close to people to put food on their plates. It's a fine line to walk from wanting to be smellable without being unpleasantly overpowering in my workplace. One of my coworkers said, "you smell like ginseng!" with a bit of a weird look on his face (for LP Red!) but it seemed to not be a bad thing... I guess? My work uniform is a long sleeved
  6. Really?! Okay, then I will definitely keep giving it a try. It's hard enough to stick with one scent a day when I want to try all the samples I have!
  7. I'm having trouble with projecting the scents from the sample vials I've bought! I usually apply the oil in all the places mentioned, but they all seem to fade rather quickly on me, or else someone has to get veeeeerry close (close hug) to notice it. I admit that I'm trying to make the samples last -- should I just lather it on? I've used up to 1/4 of my sample vial of Red Lace (in the same work shift, but not all at one application) and lost the scent by the end of the day. Or would something like a spray work better for someone like me?
  8. I was somewhat disappointed with this one... after reading all the reviews, I REALLY wanted to love it. Upon first sniff from a trial version I got, I almost gagged! It was too sugary and the vanilla was like an assault. I was actually pretty overwhelmed with all the scents I was sniffing so I decided to give it another try later. I also am committing to trying every scent on my body regardless of whether I like it or not. Much to my surprise, I didn't hate it and kept sniffing at my wrists -- it smelled so different! But I seem to have trouble projecting the scent around me, as no one really
  9. I recently ordered a ton of samples and out of all of them, this is one of my favorites. I realized, sadly, that the sugary, honey, amber and vanilla mixes don't seem to suit me as well as the lighter, crisp, floral, aquatic scents. I wore this first and LOVED how it transformed with time after mixing with the heat from my skin -- funny enough, I was "saving" The Detective and the Dame for the next day (a similarly floral scent) but was disappointed at how harsh and headache-inducing it was for others around me! I still love both, especially as Dame makes me feel more feminine (instead of clea
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