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  1. I get the flowery thing too, I almost smell a hint of rose.. To my nose this is less buttermilk than Angelique and more cakey.
  2. Lexy

    Spider Silk 2012

    This is one of the very few LP scents that smells the same on my skin as it does in the vial. My skin really loves it's sweet sugary muskiness, and warms it up beautifully!
  3. Lexy

    Spider Silk 2012

    mmmmm oh yes baby! ...this is my type of scent! ...No flowers..no fruit... just soft..sweet..sensual...warm...love it!!
  4. Mara will there be another rebrew of Orchid Musk? I only have one bottle left now and I think that one will last me 2-3 weeks at the most. I use it almost everyday and quite a bit of it. Everyone knows me by that scent now, at my sons school they say I'm the best smelling mom lol!!! ...Yesterday I was at the Dr's office and the receptionist would not stop telling me how good I smelled and even gave me her card to email her when I "remembered" what I was wearing. I had on Orchid Musk and scented Cougar. I haven't had a perfume make this much on an impression on people since Pink Sugar.
  5. I REALLY hope there is a rebrew, Im already half way thru my stash and it's only been like 2 weeks!
  6. They are different Beccah, Bodacious if more floral, like a much better smelling version than that Caress pink body soap, it's very nice, think of a more floral Sneaky Clean. And Vintage is more musky, that warm close to the skin musk. If he likes more sultry scents he might like Exotic Musk more, imho. ....Get both, I have them all and don't regret buying any of them, they are all very nice.
  7. lol Orchid Musk does it again!! ...I was at the grocery store earlier and this guy, maybe 27-37, keeps on staring at me. I finally turn around and smile then he says "sorry to bother you, but you smell really nice, may I ask what it is? I'd like to get it for my girlfriend" ....sorry Mara, I could not bring myself to share my secret, but I did give him the name of the website. I told him it was called French Love!!! hahaha first thing that popped in my head! ...Then he said, "wow it's the best perfume I've ever smelled." ..For some reason men really seem to dig Orchid Musk! ...I should say I have no pheromones on today but I am wearing a bit of Halo's Angelique as well.
  8. Yummy, smells like powdered chocolate with the Caramel (TMI) Musk base underneath. Nice.
  9. It's almost floral on me as well, maybe even leafy? I definitely smell Autumn in it. I do wish it was more cake-y, more pumpkin pie smelling, for my personal taste.
  10. Syn, this reminded me of Sneaky Clean as well!!
  11. Yes Orchid lasts a long time on me too and it smells like heaven the next day on my skin, it's amazing!!!...I get so many complements with this, it's ridiculous....The last batch was a bit more Orchid heavy than the first one, and I think that helps with the throw of it (sillage). Although I prefer the first batch, was more French musk heavy, a bit less flowery. But I have French Musk so I added a bit of that to the Orchid Musk and now it's perfect! I was only able to get 3 bottles of it, and I didn't want to get the last one this time around bc I figured Joc would get it and I was right haha. ....but I really, REALLY hope Mara will make more of this beauty! ....no worries about it not selling, I'll buy what's left after the girls get theirs.
  12. Really love Halo's Angelique!...at first I thought it was going to go sour on me, but once it dried it turned into a nice sweet close to the skin scent. Beautiful.
  13. Thank you LadyV....I think Im gonna go for it!
  14. For me I think it was that "cool" ingredient or effect that didn't agree with me. I can smell the nice sandalwood musk underneath it, but something goes a bit perfume-y on me, wonder if it has a flower note? For me what makes a perfume smell old ladyish is when they are heavy on the florals, especially rose, it reminds me of those old school perfumed talcs that my grandma used to wear, or those heavy perfumed creams. But different stokes for different folks, there's beauty in having different tastes. I LOVE the idea of a sweet musk, sandalwood, vanilla and sugar though, That's probably going to be my first PE. Maybe add a bit of Tonka bean and/or sweet pipe tobacco.
  15. LadyV, Is it more Musky like the dry down of the musks or more floral?
  16. Lexy


    Dios mio!! mmmm this sounds heavenly!!
  17. Gaaaaa ...don't say that LadyV!!! ....I just placed my order and now I feel like I should have gotten this one! ....maybe a tiny little sample will magically appear in my order
  18. To me this smells like the most ripe, fresh, ready to eat Guava! Yum!.. I can't believe how real it smells, very nice, I will enjoy this one.
  19. Lexy


    This does not play nice with my skin chemistry, mainly the ginger.
  20. They have a pretty decent throw on me and last until the next day on my skin. Wait until you smell Orchid Musk Joc, I think we might have the same taste in fragrances, so I believe you will love it. You can get a good idea of what French smells like with the dry down (base) of Pink and Orchid. French is beautiful, truly; a soft, warm, sweet vanilla musk. Not at all soapy or "old" stuffy smelling, not that strong musk either, just warm and gorgeous! ...Imho French is also one to own.
  21. Like Purple Puff but without the lavender? I think that would be gorgeous too! For some reason TMI reminds me a bit of Purple Puff................
  22. Coconut Musk??? French Coconut Musk??? ....Am I hot or cold? hehe
  23. Yay!!!! U just made me smile from ear to ear Mara! ...your Musk's are becoming my signature scent, which is perfect because they have the same base!
  24. How I regret not getting a FB of this. Yesterday I was sniffing thru my LP's trying to find something to wear, I took a sniff of Orchid Musk and decided to give it another try. I'm usually not into florals but this is just so beautiful, not really overly floral, and it gets even more beautiful with time!! This morning I kept on smelling the most gorgeous sweet musky scent and I realized it was the Orchid Musk from yesterday! This is not that strong soapy musk, this is sweet, soft, skin like musk. If there is a rebrew of this I'm definitely hoarding it.
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