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  1. I wish Dominance smelled as good on me as it seems to on everyone else. On me, I get a weird chocolate smell for a while, and then the super fruity EoW smell. Then for a while it's really nice, chocolatey and rosey and gorgeous. Then...it goes bad. I get this weird rotten fruit smell, combined with a plastic-y smell, and something else that is just bad. It makes me very sad.
  2. thatonegirl

    Raqs Sharqi

    I'm excited to hear that this will be less diluted. That probably means I'll need a full bottle!
  3. thatonegirl

    Raqs Sharqi

    Dolly- It's like Racks Shark-ee. I'm glad to hear it's mellow on other peoples skin as well. I know that my skin is super acidic and can sometimes eat through fragrances. I can definitely smell the common elements with Raven's Secret Weapon.
  4. A sweetly fresh, bunny-soft and cottony floral scent, with the addition of Pheromones, for inspiring cuddling – and what that inevitably leads to… Bunnies! We love bunnies! And you know that saying about rabbits… Fresh light florals gathered around a base of Waterlilies, bunny soft Cotton, and our cuddly pheromone recipe! Includes Waterlily, Oakmoss, Jasmine, Cotton Blossom, Tobacco and Sugar. __________________________________________________________ In the Vial I sniffed this and thought " Hm...It sort of smells like clean sheets." My mom put it on before I did and on her skin it blossomed into a really pretty sweet clean scent. When I put it on, wet it smelled a touch like laundry soap, and then the EoW came out and I had about 10 minutes of serious overripe fruit smell. It then dried back down to the sweet clean smell, though it was more clean and powdery on me than it was on my mom. I've yet to wear it in public, so I'll have to report back on effects.
  5. Not to detract from the bun talk, lol. I sniffed LP Green in the vial and thought " Wow..that smells nice, it's like wearing the original LP and sort of rolling around on wet muddy grass in the best way possible" On my skin it's a little different, I don't really get any of the " wet spring scent" but I get an odd little spice. It's like...its really difficult to describe. It feels like Mara and Danna added air to the original LP. It's lighter and just a tiny bit spicier, but without really smelling that "different" I really like it.
  6. I had the same weird thing happen on my skin with the Cuddle Bunny. It was nice and sweet and then BAM SUPER FRUITY and then dried down to being sweet and just slightly fruity. I guess I'm just lucky that EoW doesn't smell like dog on me! On my moms skin it just stayed the same through the entire drydown, nice and sweet. Another phero-question, is there something in the Cougar Potion that would make it smell like the original Pherogirl? My mom tried it, liked it for the first couple of minutes and then went " blegh, this smells like the first one" (she didn't like it- she checks at the grocery store and had lots of women asking her what smelled "floraly but weird") She liked the cuddle bunny better because it didn't remind her of the first Pherogirl.
  7. When my mom and I opened the vial to give this one a sniff, we both instantly said " It smells like Bay Rum!" I'm not really sure why, but thats what it reminds me of in the vial. On my skin it softens out a lot. It smells almost light, slightly ambery and a little peachy. Definitely not the hot n' heavy sex potion I was expecting. I have the strangest skin chemistry known to man kind.
  8. thatonegirl

    Raqs Sharqi

    Well after a review like that.... there isn't much I can say to add. It's a very nice incensy scent, though oddly mild on my skin. I have to really slather it on to smell it. I like it and think it would definitely be a good performance scent. I might get a big bottle.
  9. I was born and raised in New Mexico, and moved to Seattle a couple of years ago. I actually like the rain, but after about four years I'm getting a teeny bit melancholy about the lack of sun.
  10. I wear Pherogirl which has EoW in it, and I'm only a couple of years older than you. I've not had any adverse effects.
  11. I'm so excited about the bellydancing one! ( My mom will be thrilled to know she can order some cougar potion!)
  12. My mom is almost as excited for the new releases as I am. I told her the Cougar Potion wouldn't be out for a little while and she's like " Whaaaaaat? You mean I can't order it now?" " Well tell me as soon as it comes out."
  13. I've been wearing this more, and while I still like Black a little bit more, I LOVE how much throw this has. I do get compliments on it, and it just sort of wafts beautifully over everything.
  14. The very first time I tried it I got maple syrup. On subsequent trials I can smell everything else, and it's very nice. I'm not sure why it smells so different, but perhaps I've gotten used to the way Mara and Danna blend, or it's just that it settled and aged nicely. I would try it!
  15. I'm not really sure about this one. It's not an instant " OMG I love this!" but it's nice. It's a little too girly for me I think. I'll probably try it again later and update.
  16. I have to come back and revise my original review. I've become more used to smelling the LP scents, and now not everything smells like syrup. I can make out the individual notes. Now that I can do that I certainly appreciate this one more, it's still not my favorite, but it smells nice. Other people love it ( I get a surprising amount of comments from female friends when I wear it, more than my male friends) and I wear it on days where I feel like I need extra attention
  17. I have to say how much I adore this one. I bought a full bottle and it is delicious. I'm looking forward to trying the Winter solstice edition as well. On me this smells like regular LP, but with an added pumpkin pie sort of smell. It's very rich and creamy to my nose, sort of buttery, but mostly pie-y. This is one I get regular compliments on, including a very memorable one when I brought brownies in to a group of friends. One of them proceeded to give me a gigantic bear hug ( picked me up off the ground and spun me around) and then said " But you even smell like pie!" and informed me that all women should smell of pie and/or other baked goods all the time.
  18. Hm...I dunno if I quite have five. 1. Autumnal Equinox 2. LP Black 3. Pherogirl 4. Sugared French Vanilla 5. Raven's Secret Weapon ( This is my " I'm dancing" scent...I'm not sure why, but something about it just says " Hey...wear this to preform in!") Runners up would probably be- LP Red ( My first review of it was really negative, but it grew on me) Spider Silk and Sugared Honeycomb and Cardamom
  19. This smells exactly like the popcorn balls my great grandmother makes for christmas. The buttery note gets sort of overwhelming on my skin, so I probably wouldn't wear it that much, but the scent is dead on for chocolate popcorn balls! I'm really amazed by the accuracy of foody scents.
  20. Unfortunately, my finicky skin chemistry didn't really like this one. ( Which is such a pity, because I loved the description) I get a weird smoky, burnt sugar sort of scent on my skin, the leather doesn't come through really clearly and I think I'm getting mostly clove tobacco and cotton candy.
  21. Cookies! I'm amazed that y'all can get it to smell exactly like cookies. You can almost taste the butter... I like this one a lot, though I don't really wear super foody scents a lot. I get lots of compliments on it. I don't get too much clove from it, but just enough that it's nicely spicy.
  22. Oh my skin too. It really doesn't like a lot of things, so something that smells absolutely gorgeous in the vial will smell....hideous on my skin to say the least. I'm pretty limited in the notes that work on my skin. ( No dragons blood for me...*sigh*)
  23. This one doesn't work for me, the same thing happened with another brand of Kyphi oil. It just smells bad on me so I'll be swapping.
  24. thatonegirl


    In the sample vial I get a strong hit of berry smell. It has a touch of cough syrup to it ( this happens to me with most berry and fruit notes) as it dries it seems slightly less alcoholic. I get only a touch of resins on the dry down, and it's still mostly berries. I don't really love fruity smells so I'll probably swap this one.
  25. Well...the contest for the January labels ends on the 15th...so I would think it would have to be after that.
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