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    I'm a TAROT READER,I love Tarot and Esoterism's books.I also know and like to read and study about Astrology Numerology and Runes. I love collecting tarot decks like Marselles Divine, Deviant, Rider, Crowley, but the ones I like the most are the decks craft created by artists.
    My favorite tarot author is Hajo Banzhaf.
    I also practice ZEN and I love Osho's Zen Tarot.

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  1. This is like a basic to me PM works so well, and if you add a tiny bit of H2H it seems to enhace it's effectsand also a tiny bit of LAM.
  2. Hi Beccah! K is me? If it is me Ive tried everething and my kid has improve a lot since this nightmare began he is in the DAN protocole and also have a team of 6 therapist and 2 doctors a Neurologist and a psychiatrist a special teacher and we are wating for the AT, but from being a completly autistic child now you almos t don't notce that he is special he hsn't reach normality yet but he plays and laugh and talk he goes to school just like every other kid he has some social issues and also his motor skills aren't so good and coordinate as in normal kids but I compare him only with himself and
  3. You know I ve got an autistic kid and I ve to stay 4 hours in school with him cause he needs a special teacher for social integration and also an AT that is a therapist that go with him to school every day and watch him closely 8 hours a day, the school alredy provide me the special teacher but the medical insurance hasn't approve me the AT yet so I ve got to go myself whwith him every day, so as funny as it might sounds I sat in that little chair next to him and help him with his assignments so sometimes I'm in the mood of dealing with kids and sometimes I don't but kids don't know that and y
  4. Ah! Merienda Time >Empathy I ve got it UN and is the only one that doesn't stink on me, but most of the girls don't have stinky issues with Perfect Match and others I think my body chemistry must be broken or something (LOL) EOW cops are awfull how much they stink on me, even if I wear them in my legs i can smell them! Zion
  5. Thank You Calil mine is oil base cause USPS dond't let to send alcohol by plane but it works perfectly well you have to aliplied it 30 in before you go aut and I ve seen that with some A-ol works better there aren't lowsis more like people reacts in a good mood and also trust you way, and guys react more as in a happy mood adore you way that's that I ve seen in my case and I didn't add any cops, for example Occo is different guys react more in I want you so bad way (LOL) and Godess of the Blue Moon in my case guys react as if you were some kind of celebrity.... that admire you/ want you thing.
  6. Than You Godessline!!! You know I forgot to say something the last 3 days I wore it with some A-nol and ( I got the tip from Lady Cassanova thank you Lady C) it works even better like always in the good mood happy way. I love this one I'm getting adicted to it LOL The effects I get omothers is wonderful. Oh! ok wait me a little bit and I answer yours, here now we are almost having lunch! Zion
  7. Thank You Merienda Time!!! Have you try this one? Im eager to compare effects cause pheros seem to work stronger with my body chemistry they stink more that's for sure and this kind of despairs me Zion
  8. This is a very inetresting potion which has a very rich potencial, cause it use is not restricted into social or sexual but you can see different reactions in different people and also the amount you use change the way it affect you or others. The first time I wore it the reactions were too strong all around me seemed very much to a psychiatric facility! LOL But I must say that every amount is too much in myself ( everything stinks on me even Perfect Match so I have to wear pheros very carefully , I couldn't use EOW already cause it's smell so much in me that I couldn't found a cover scent t
  9. Thank you Girls I feel much more relief now. It's that I hate waiting and is not just waiting for the package to arrive here but also it must go trough customs inspection and if they are in a good mood they would release the package in a week or two but if they aren't that could take even a month. I want them to arrive nowwwwww!!! I need patience do you know where I can get some???? Gracias Gaby espero tu mail tesoro!!! Thank You very much girls for your support!!! Zion
  10. Thank you girls, I'm so worried I've seen other packages have already entered the country, but what can I do? Just wait and be patiente.I mean even using Global expresss service you only had just a few updates? Thank you girls you are really nice!
  11. My package has acceptance on June 23 and the last update is of june 24yh hasn't been any updates since then in USPS Track and Confirm site is this normal? I aske Argentina Postal Srvuce and told me the packae hasn't arrived yet. .Maybe I have to ask USPS but I don't know how,so I want to know is this is normal or if I must ask USPS about my package. YOUR LABEL NUMBER SERVICE STATUS OF YOUR ITEM DATE & TIME LOCATION EI623861248US Express Mail International® Processed Through Sort Facility June 24, 2012, 11:28 am ISC LO
  12. My rank have changed I'm Sorcerer Aprentice now YEAYYYY
  13. Hi I'm new here Do you know which are the components of this phero blend? Thank's
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