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  1. This is like a basic to me PM works so well, and if you add a tiny bit of H2H it seems to enhace it's effectsand also a tiny bit of LAM.
  2. Hi Beccah! K is me? If it is me Ive tried everething and my kid has improve a lot since this nightmare began he is in the DAN protocole and also have a team of 6 therapist and 2 doctors a Neurologist and a psychiatrist a special teacher and we are wating for the AT, but from being a completly autistic child now you almos t don't notce that he is special he hsn't reach normality yet but he plays and laugh and talk he goes to school just like every other kid he has some social issues and also his motor skills aren't so good and coordinate as in normal kids but I compare him only with himself and he had made hugh improvemnts also as here in my country doctor told me that he was incurable I travel to the US and trat him in the MIND Institute also I learned the Son Rise program .TThis two Institutes helped me so much and now they come here twicwe a year sto explain this method they are so generous and I'm so grateful they were th firs people who gave me some hope, you know Ive spent a lot of money and took a morgage over my house but It so worth it my baby is so well now I'm a very very proud mummy!!
  3. You know I ve got an autistic kid and I ve to stay 4 hours in school with him cause he needs a special teacher for social integration and also an AT that is a therapist that go with him to school every day and watch him closely 8 hours a day, the school alredy provide me the special teacher but the medical insurance hasn't approve me the AT yet so I ve got to go myself whwith him every day, so as funny as it might sounds I sat in that little chair next to him and help him with his assignments so sometimes I'm in the mood of dealing with kids and sometimes I don't but kids don't know that and you know as they know me since my kid was im kindergarden they talk to me they tell me stuff they ask me to tie their laces and help them with all kind of stuff...They are just 6 year old's so for the last 3 days I ve wore Kitten Nip for school and things were more easy going I kept calm and kids were more obedient, I didn't have to tell them to do stuff 4 times before I get them to do it they seem more helpful and also my kid and the other autistic kid that is in his classroom didn't gave so much trouble as usual.; mine is like a huracane he's always running arround and doesn't listen to you, you have to chase him all arround the school yard, he has tantrums and he hit, kick and punch everybody when they get close to him also he break stuff, pull the drawings that are hanging on the walls and tear them into peaces....Ok you get the idea...but those days I ve wore KN he was so calm so easy to deal with and also so connected, even the other one that is more selfabsorbed look me in the eyes twice and smiled at me also I only have to tell them things once for them to obay. I think this stuff increase your patiente and make kids more relax around you even resistant ones and also give you some mummy alpha authority but in the good trust I'm on your side way! LOL Zion What do ya think about being be the mummy of these two little angels????
  4. With this one I ve added Mithyka from L' Bel Paris, the scents are very similar and work like magic together and also Shelly Bs Bodacius Bomb give it that extra magnetic but chic effect I so love this! LOL Zion Makes me feel just like this!!!! She 's very chic don't she?
  5. Ah! Merienda Time >Empathy I ve got it UN and is the only one that doesn't stink on me, but most of the girls don't have stinky issues with Perfect Match and others I think my body chemistry must be broken or something (LOL) EOW cops are awfull how much they stink on me, even if I wear them in my legs i can smell them! Zion
  6. Thank You Calil mine is oil base cause USPS dond't let to send alcohol by plane but it works perfectly well you have to aliplied it 30 in before you go aut and I ve seen that with some A-ol works better there aren't lowsis more like people reacts in a good mood and also trust you way, and guys react more as in a happy mood adore you way that's that I ve seen in my case and I didn't add any cops, for example Occo is different guys react more in I want you so bad way (LOL) and Godess of the Blue Moon in my case guys react as if you were some kind of celebrity.... that admire you/ want you thing... ZIon
  7. Than You Godessline!!! You know I forgot to say something the last 3 days I wore it with some A-nol and ( I got the tip from Lady Cassanova thank you Lady C) it works even better like always in the good mood happy way. I love this one I'm getting adicted to it LOL The effects I get omothers is wonderful. Oh! ok wait me a little bit and I answer yours, here now we are almost having lunch! Zion
  8. Have you notice that the better self effects you get it work's sooner and better in others I don't get much self effects from Perfect Match or Cougar but after half an hour I can see how they impact on others, I'm not a very smiley person and Ive beeen working on my body language and my attitude in general towards other people but I ve seen that the potions that make me feel beautiful or powerful affect my attitude and this has a bigger impact in other people. Godess of the Blue Moon I love this one it's one of my fovorites, blue lotus smell is very similar to Tiaré the national flower of Tahití and the Cook islands it's such an exquisite smell and the potion makes me feel wonderful, like a mistycal godess or something also I saw people respond very well to it and I think is not just to the fragance or the pheros but the attitude I have when I wear it I think that it's important too. WIth the perfect phero potion for you and the right attitude you become almost irresistible. Don't you think? Zion
  9. Thank You Merienda Time!!! Have you try this one? Im eager to compare effects cause pheros seem to work stronger with my body chemistry they stink more that's for sure and this kind of despairs me Zion
  10. I think you might get some cover scent just in case cause there are some skins like mine in wich everething stinks...even Perfect match stinks on me and I couldn't try UN EOW cause anything seems to cover the smell, just Shelly Bs Bodacious Bomb covers it for me but it doesn't last long and the smell come's back also i have just a very little sample o Shelly B's B. I think poeple's body chemistry is very different from one to another Zion
  11. This is a very inetresting potion which has a very rich potencial, cause it use is not restricted into social or sexual but you can see different reactions in different people and also the amount you use change the way it affect you or others. The first time I wore it the reactions were too strong all around me seemed very much to a psychiatric facility! LOL But I must say that every amount is too much in myself ( everything stinks on me even Perfect Match so I have to wear pheros very carefully , I couldn't use EOW already cause it's smell so much in me that I couldn't found a cover scent the only one that covers it is Shelly B's Bodacious Bomb but i ve got just a little sample) The secand dayI was wiser and use a less amount of it and it worked wonderfully Self effects: Kind of a mind reader but in the emotional aspect is like if you could be inside the person and feel the way she is feeling and even see the perspective this person is using to analize her actual situation even if she is seeing reality in a disrtortionated way you can see how this strange and irracional perspective works for her and discover the ulterior intention of this way of thinking. For example a woman obsessed with a man for several years she is convinced that it's true love but this time I could see perfeclty clear that she is in this unipersonal relationship for several reasons 1) Avoidance.When she is fantasizing about this man she isn't feeling pain, So as ilogical it might seem she uses pain to avoid pain, but the pain she is using is one that she knew very well and feel comfortable with it. Sometimes even hapiness could be scaery if you haven't experience it 2) Reinforce her own beliefs about herself loving someone who rejects her because she feels she should be rejected because she isn't worthy of love 3) Projection. She projects in this man the feelings she has as a child when she felt rejection from her parents this is the way she learned to be loved the only way she knows so she becomes obsessed with guys that will always reject her; even she make the most obvious mistakes when this relationships are going into the way of acceptance. It's amazing how this potion increases your emotional IQ Effects on others: It's a very powerful tool for a therapist cause it accelerates some parts of the process, people tend to lie in sesion cause i'ts a natural reaction seek for the acceptance of others so shame gets in our way very often, other thing is trust normallly will take some sessions for the patient to fully trust you. and the last thing is they normally don't know where this pain comes from, usually is something profund that comes from their childhood and they are so use to it that they don`t realize that it's affecting them and even many times ruin their lives. This potion seems to get people more in touch with their true feelings and emotions so this make easier showing them the cause of their problem, it breaks the avoidance barrier and they can see more clearly into their past and themselves and start solving the issues that are affecting them. Also as the person is wide open your words cause a bigger effect on them as if they just heard what you are saying for the first time (and believe me I've been saying almost the same things in different ways expecting that she finally gets the idea for the last 5 sesions) You must be careful thought cause when someone is under H2H effects,because when someone is under the effects of this potion is much more receptive than usual like 10 times more and all that you say or do will resonate much more in them. Chances are, your words gestures or actions generate an unforgettable impact on the other person. In cases of people with obsessive tendencies that obsession will be projected towards you, which is only healthy in a therapeutic environment that is a controlled environment but people you don't know what their reactions will be it's better if you get to know them before you use this potion on them. For example, I used this potion for a week and could not remove it from myself when left the consultation and during that week I received several comment in the same way like, "I was thinking about you all day" or "I can't get you out of my head" Even one person kept calling me several times a day all week! ( I didn't solve that yet) I think this potion strengthens people's disrupted tendencies who are obsessive become more obsessive who are paranoid become more paranoid or at least these personality traits become more evident. In normal neurotic common people (as we all are, LOL) this potion tends to strengthen bonds and enhance their feelings towards us. I want to share and compare experiences if you want to... Zion
  12. Hi Mcreepers jut pass to say hello and you MUST try empathy potion H2H it serius stuff like a truth serum I get such intense and emotional responses I tell you later cause Im in a rush right now but I like this one very much!!!
  13. Welcome gorgeussss!!!! So did you test them already? I ask you cause my first package just ve arrive today which are your favorites???I think mine must be one of the first Love Potions here in Argentina im so excited!!!!! I used Perfect Match this evening cause my ex husband was coming to dinner and saw good results he was more chatty he always use to say about 6 or 7 words like YES NO and You have too many shoes!!! But this evening we have an actual conversation and he also look me in the eyes it was awsomeeee!!!! Lately he didn't look at me ever, he just tell me a few things about our kid and that was it, but today he was very different!!!! So welcome and I wish you enjoy this site as much as I do. XOXOXO! Zion
  14. Thank you Girls I feel much more relief now. It's that I hate waiting and is not just waiting for the package to arrive here but also it must go trough customs inspection and if they are in a good mood they would release the package in a week or two but if they aren't that could take even a month. I want them to arrive nowwwwww!!! I need patience do you know where I can get some???? Gracias Gaby espero tu mail tesoro!!! Thank You very much girls for your support!!! Zion
  15. Thank you girls, I'm so worried I've seen other packages have already entered the country, but what can I do? Just wait and be patiente.I mean even using Global expresss service you only had just a few updates? Thank you girls you are really nice!
  16. My package has acceptance on June 23 and the last update is of june 24yh hasn't been any updates since then in USPS Track and Confirm site is this normal? I aske Argentina Postal Srvuce and told me the packae hasn't arrived yet. .Maybe I have to ask USPS but I don't know how,so I want to know is this is normal or if I must ask USPS about my package. YOUR LABEL NUMBER SERVICE STATUS OF YOUR ITEM DATE & TIME LOCATION EI623861248US Express Mail International® Processed Through Sort Facility June 24, 2012, 11:28 am ISC LOS ANGELES CA USPS Proof of delivery Depart USPS Sort Facility June 24, 2012 SANTA CLARITA, CA 91383 Processed through USPS Sort June 23, 2012, 5:33 pm SANTA CLARITA, CA 91383 Facility Dispatched to Sort Facility June 23, 2012, 4:23 pm NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91602 AcceptanceJune 23, 2012, 1:00 pmNORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91602 Zion
  17. Thank you all Guys you are so nice!!! I feel so lucky I found this site! Ya're so generous about info, is tougher for me U know cuase it's my first time using pheros and here there's a totally diferent concept about them it's like a tabu and there aren't any good products Ive seen importation of pheros has began but It's not the good stuff, is a product so call Atracttant 1000+ it's a phero blend that doesn't say which pheros it contain, so what finally happens is that people buy them and as they alredy have doubts about if they work or not they try them and become disappointed cause they won't and then another myth has been created that this phero thing it's all a scam cause they didn't have the chance to try the good stuff is so unfair. That's the reason why I've done so much research and asked so many questions until I get here, but previously I asked in some other places and wasn't very conviced about the products they offered me, when I coincidently reached this site everything made so much sense to me... but when people aren't well informed about something they are more vulnerable to get ripped off! I'm so ANXIOUSSSS I WISH THEY VE ALREADY ARRIVED!! I NEAD PATIENCE AND I NEED IT...NOWWWWWW Zion
  18. Tanks Beccah and Calil I'll read those links! Any of U ve used some blend for recovering an ex and succeed?
  19. If you have used anyone of them tell me the best result you remember you've obtained from this one- Which is your kick ass blend? Which is your favorite scent? Zion Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?
  20. Hi all from Argentina finally this is the list of items Ive purchased,I really want your opinions about the effects you have found out in any of this phero blens, also if yo've seen some out of the ordinary I'll be really interested to know about them. I want some advice about application too, cause I think application is the key here, 4 example: if you want to use 2 products at the same time how do you applied them? Both together? One over the other, orr in diferent spots? If you want to add cops you add them on your skin or in the bottle? Over the other blend or in diferent spots? Which are the best spots to applied them? Best Moment: after the shower or just wait for a while after showering and then applied them UNSCENTED Perfect Match UNSCENTED Heart 2 Heart Empathy Potion UNSCENTED Stone Cougar UNSCENTED EOW 1) Lusty Licious (F) - 1.75 ml – 2) Betrothal Potion 2009 (F) - 1.75 ml – 3) Aether - Pheromone Enhanced with Focus Potion ( - 1.5 ml 4) Extracurricular Proclivities - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women - 1.5 ml – 5) Compromising Positions - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women - 1.5 ml (BrewEdition II) 6) Shangri-La (F) - 1.75 ml-- Sexology - Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women 1.5 ml 7) Irresistible Forces - Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women & Men - 1.5 ml 8) Spontaneous Combustion (F) - 1.75 ml – 9) Phero Girl - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women - 1.5 ml 10) Cuddle Bunny - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women - 1.5 – 11) Passion in Pink - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women - 1.5 ml 12) Rocket Fuel III - Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women - 1.5 ml – 13) OCCO: SLF ~ Copulin Enhanced Fragrance for Women - 1.5ml – 14) Kitten Nip ~ Pheromone Enhanced w/ Mother's Little Helper (F) - 1.5 ml – 15) Goddess of the Blue Moon ~ Pheromone Enhanced with La Femme Mystere (F) 1.5ml 16) Love Potion®: Red Lace ~ Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women - 1.5 ml 17) Pouncing Potion - A Limited Edition *Phero Girl* Variant (F) - 1.5 ml – 18) De Luscious (F) - 1.5 ml 19) Darling Catalina - Pheromone Enhanced w/ Popularity Potion for Women - 1.5 ml 20) Elixir of Silver - Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women 1.5 ml 21) Melted Dream (F) - 1.5 ml 22) Hoyden (F) - 1.75 ml 23) Far, Far Away - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women - 1.5 ml 24) Like a Magnet Original scent 25) Ruisseau - Pheromone Enhanced Scent for Men - 1.5 ml Thank you very much for your answers!!! Zion We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
  21. Just a question girls Don't we produce oxytocin during labor? Cause their are products oxi pheromone based ( is call the trust phero) but I keep thinking this can be dangerous for pregnant women to scent it don't you think? I remeber that my obstetrician told me that oxytocin also functions as amnesiac for women to forget childbirth pain and is the hormone that causes labor contractions. So I wonder if it isnt kind of dangerous to use it near pregnant women or kids.
  22. My rank have changed I'm Sorcerer Aprentice now YEAYYYY
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