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  1. Ahh, Mara hooked my dingus boyfriend up! (and I don't think she knew he knew me)... I adore my man and have gotten him hooked on SWS, so naturally I would have thought he would enlist my help with any orders... but no, he thought he had it. Fast forward to him finally looking at his email confirmation and getting disappointed that he had missed the sale that the email informed him of (I told him, but he's not used to the personal touch of Indies and just assumed it was a generic order/shipping confirmation) But this isn't a sad story! An extra bottle was included AND sniffies of pheros he hadn't tried (including Super For Men...mmmm, maybe Mara did know who he is wooing, haha) So thank you, thank you, thank you from both of us
  2. This was my first phero bottle purchase (I think) and will always remain the first scent and phero I felt at home in. I don't use it nearly as much anymore because I tend to use Open Windows for lighthearted conversation and rarely need anything too serious, but several years ago when I discovered LP this was irreplaceable. I've worn it around friends, family, and to therapy; the hits are remarkable, both to myself and others. The scent is so silky, sheer, and elegant...It really smells expensive. I have received many compliments.
  3. Ahh, I always found this pleasant enough but so gentle and sheer that it wasn't really my thing; my boyfriend on the other hand used to adore it on me. He always claimed it smelled like his favorite incense (Satya... I believe Naturals or Superhit, maybe both together). He thinks there may be similar lotus blossom and pink hibiscus notes. Regardless, skin chemistry has let me off the hook on wearing this anytime soon; it goes totally flat on me nowadays and neither of us particularly enjoy it on me anymore.
  4. Probably will never need more than a sample or two but honestly I've never smelled a perfume even comparable to this scent. I get brownie batter and green herbal notes with spot-on but fleeting whiffs of beautiful crystallized unsmoked bud (not a trace of lowbrow shake here). Very unique and comforting if not a tiny bit naughty.
  5. This is sexy, sexy, sexy; probably my favorite honey-centric LP. On me it's actually a bit more smutty than I am usually comfortable with but the ylang and fig round it out to make it just ladylike enough. It has a silky molten gold type feel to it, if that makes any sense. I don't wear it a lot but I love it.
  6. This one is so strange to me. I sort of get a vague watery blueberry, something clean and linen-ish, and something brown sugar-like? Maybe it's the amber. I love the idea and I get what this is going for but it's just so warm on me, and I was hoping more for a cool mineral type scent. Wherever the warm notes are coming from they don't seem to mesh well with the aquatic notes, so I think something about my chemistry is breaking down an essential element of the blend or amping something it shouldn't.
  7. Ooh, this was just straight bad on me. Even my cats looked over and were like, "What kind of crazy trick you pulling? Choose a species!" It's pretty bad when your cats make a face and run away. I smelled like a back alley frequented by tom cats. Bad bad bad. I am assuming the civet hates me because it often does.
  8. Every once in a blue moon I pull out my little sniffle of this and retest it. It's very lovely and has always reminded me a bit of With Every Breath which was a long standing favorite that my chemistry no longer accepts. Currently this perfume fairs better on me than WEB, but is lacking the certain something that made it so special on me.
  9. Everyone knows that I love me some lavender so it should be no surprise that this was one of the first potions I ever bought. Unfortunately something just always seemed off when combined with my chemistry, like it amped the butter, honey, and pastry notes to an obnoxious level and totally obscured the delicious lavender and fruit jam blend. I am curious to try the newest version to see if I get the same drydown.
  10. mcreepers

    Pillow Stuffing

    This scent smells expensive and spa-like; crisp yet cozy, leaning more towards the masculine side. My best guy friend told me I smelled like his Uncle Yunk getting ready for a night out on the town. Uncle Yunk used to wear suits that resemble 70's couch upholstery. Not my favorite connotation. I still kept a sample of the original and wouldn't hate smelling the latest version though, Yunk be damned.
  11. I'm so sad because this was a staple for me; it took about a half hour for the jasmine to settle down a bit and meld with the other notes, but the end result was always a beautiful, clean, and comforting drydown that garnered compliments. I stalked the online trades and snagged all I could, no matter the price. And now... it just smells empty. A change in medications and birth control has destroyed the beauty it once became on me. I've kept about a half bottle for myself to retest periodically in the future but as more time passes I know I may eventually have to admit that our love affair is over.
  12. This is a fun one that nobody seems to like on me but I don't care because I like it. Zesty tart lime sweetened with pink sugar... this is my kind of candy store. It's unusual which is why I think people double take, but it's so youthful and energetic, like if it were a color it would be neon.
  13. Mmm, this smells like the rosewater and rice pudding from the Indian restaurant that always gives me a little dessert cup! The cardamom is so warm and mutes the coconut to the point where it reads more like vanilla on me. So smooth and unique. My best friend's little sister said I smelled like the best vanilla ever when I got in her car. I was just trying to see if the scent triggered any kind of recognition from my friend who married an Indian man in a beautiful Hindu ceremony. This scent really reminds me of her
  14. I have no idea how this dries down because my sniffle punched my nose out and sent a nail through my skull. The bad thing is that it keeps showing up in my home. I need a restraining order.
  15. mcreepers


    I normally hate violet (not sure why; I like eating the candy but not smelling like it, and I ALWAYS end up smelling like it). This is by far the most wearable and prettiest violet I have ever tried. I don't get a lick of almond which is great for me, the violet doesn't even hint at dusty treats, the chocolate is dense and realistic , and the berries brighten everything up. Very yummy.
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