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  1. I'm surprised I hadn't tried this scent sooner considering it is right up my alley. It reminds me so much of my beloved and hoarded Holle: sweet, dense, figgy, and smooth. The only difference on my skin is that Holle sort of blends right in as a sort of skin scent while Enchanted Wonderland stays a bit fruitier and brighter, perhaps slightly more "perfumey". Holle is like an autumn sweater, clinging close and keeping you warm; EW is a long springtime dress, gauzy over bare and freshly shaved skin.

  2. This is very pretty and delicate on me. I was shocked to learn there aren't any oats in this because I definitely get a sense of oatmeal, lightly sugared, sunwarmed hay, and bright but soft strawberry with maybe a touch of rhubarb to keep it from going too sweet. No coffee whatsoever; this is light, cheerful, and almost airy on me. It reminds me of a summer morning.

  3. Hmm, I'd love to see Mara's takes/retakes on Sugared Darkness, Holle, With Every Breathe, Sparkle Fuschia, La fleur Cremese...erm, something resinony and fruity and every other category I don't particulary stalk...:P

  4. Ack, I shouldn't like this but I do a lot, at least today. Violet, patchouli, and leather are sometimes surprisingly good but mostly evil with my chemistry. It must be the mostly harmonious ginger, vetiver, and oakmoss in combination with the other elements I am not particularly well versed in that is making this so appealing. Of course, today is almost ridiculously humid in comparison to the miserable winter we've just had, so maybe that is swaying my decision. Seriously, this is not usually my type of scent at all but I've recently discovered a crazy need for Open Windows and this was easily found on the trading boards, but the crispness and bracing notes are rocking on me today. Guess my boyfriend who I planned on sharing this with is SOL, because if this continues to rock my world with it's non headache inducing freshness he isn't even going to have a chance to try it :P


    ETA- I forgot to mention I do sometimes enjoy unisex blends, and this is definitely unisex if not more masculine leaning. If you are familiar with Darling Clandestine's Vadogr or BPAL's Kumari Kandam this is along the same lines, at least to me.

  5. This is by far my favorite phero when used around the people who know me best (boyfriend, family and close friends). It's just warm and friendly interactions every time I wear this, soothing any hesitation and opening the heart unabashedly of anyone who already cares for me.


    My boyfriend's behavior when I wear this is the most impressive to me. He's not a really openly demonstrative guy when it comes to affection; while it's obvious he cares for me he always seems somewhat reserved about falling too fully so to speak and PDA's have never been his thing, especially around his closer (and mostly single) friends. This little magic in a bottle amplifies everything with him; secret little hand grazes, sneaking away for a moment to kiss me passionately, and the normal subtle twinkle in his eye towards me is so much more obvious I swear I could suffer minor burns if he looks long enough. I myself get a bit mushy and more intense with my affection but he never seems to mind while I am wearing this because he seems just as enamoured, just naturally more reserved. Honestly, I always think of matching puzzle pieces cemented with glue when we are together and I am wearing this; our bodies fit perfectly, our souls fit perfectly. It's so beautiful and comfortable, like it was always meant to be.


    EDIT-I guess this should lead into a question, now that I'm thinking about it. How often is too often when it comes to Perfect Match? I love the effects and think I've found my sweet spot but I don't want to ruin anything. I see him approx. 4 times a week and have been wearing this consecutively around him for about two weeks; how much is too much when it comes to something like this?

    Note- I have been using this both in Portmanteau and Crayon: Blush, not straight.

  6. Trying this out again and it's a totally different experience. This time I was slapped in the face with a sugary marshmallow, then it dried down to pure smoked bacon. After about a half hour I am left with a delicious candied bacon smell, smoky, savory but not meaty and slightly sweet. Very different but wearable in a sneakily sexy way, like the scent of outdoor cooking clinging to me rather than the fragrance of an applied perfume.


    *and thank you everyone for the compliments on the label! I still feel so honored to have been a part of this with all of my LPMP friends :)

  7. Bleh. Stupid skin chemistry.

    This has always been one of my secret unpheroed comfort scents. I'd silently stalk the trade forum and nab samples, waiting for a potential bottle purchase. Though I didn't use it super often there were just some times I needed to smell like milk and lemony cereal and nothing else would do. It almost had a mealy quality to it, reminiscent of the cereals I had grown up with.

    Finally, years later I find the bottle of my dream at a steal and now my skin hates it. It starts out just as bright and sugary as I had remembered but within minutes dries down on me sale and flat. (Sob) Medications, hormones, and diet have all changed since my last testing and now I just can't swing it. It seems my tiny sniffie of Caught In the Act behaves more similarly to what I remember so apparently after some more testing I may have a different potion to stalk.

  8. Lavender ho, here I go! (Swipe, swipe...ahhhh)

    Now take my initial impression with a grain of salt because I am also slathered in some Wink at the Moon from a couple hours ago but I am getting a scent resembling With Every Breath mixed w/Lush's Silky Underwear powder; creamy, lightly powdery and floral. It's gentle, comforting and wears so close to the skin, just like New. Pretty sure I love it since everything I've mentioned in this review are tried and true favorites.

    Raving aside, I am really hoping Balm Bomb throws me for a loop this time. I've tried it in Heart's Ease with little luck, but I've always found that scent to be a bit sharp and intruding for my taste.

    Point blank, I've felt like a massive bitch all day and that is generally unlike me. It may be hormonal; I had a Nexplanon birth control implant inserted approx. 3 or so weeks ago and am still adjusting and possibly about to start my monthly joy. I've also had a half week of non restful sleep with incredibly vivid and somewhat disturbing dreams; nothing too unusual content wise for me but they rarely feel so realistic; I've been waking up gasping with a racing heart and feeling so invested in whatever I had dreamed of and remain drained of energy and out of sorts for hours after. So long story short, I need this potion to help (I am exhausted), and so far scent wise I think it is. I'll be sure to update once I have formed a more solid opinion.

  9. Love, love, love this and am going through my sample alarmingly quickly. Tart berries and cool spring water; not too sweet or aquatic, which are things I tend to avoid. And Open Windows is amazing! Conversation just flows naturally with this phero for me, and yesterday after applying a bit more to perk myself up my coworkers seemed to all gather around with me where we proceeded to laugh and joke around even more than normal :) I love this and also hope to someday snag a full bottle on the trade pages.

  10. Hmm, my arch nemesis almond, we meet again.


    I'm going to be blunt; almonds usually smell like plastic and cherries to me and when it does I associate the scent with hospitals because every hospital I've ever been in pushes the almond body lotion like it's going out of style. Blech. Sometimes I can handle a creamy foody style almond but even then it's just not something I usually reach for.


    But Mother's Little Helper? I ADORE this phero. It's the most calming and soothing phero that doesn't make me sleepy and I really notice the effects on others around me as well. The fragrance reviews could all state it smells like dog poopy but if it contains MLH I'm sure as heck going to give it a shot.


    Luckily Kangaroo smells nothing like dog poopy (of course :P), and although it does have a HINT of the plastic scent I associate with almond it seems the raspberry is a working overtime to bring it all into some sort of pleasant balance. It's a little strange when I first apply but once it has time to dry down a little the result is a soft and nonoffensive scent that resembles light creamy fruit.

    While it's not exactly my favorite scent I definitely feel it is congruent to MLH and will happily wear my sample and perhaps buy more in the future if no other MLH enhanced blend pops up soon that is more "me".

  11. Haha, thank you :)

    Trust me, it was an amazingly fun experience that I plan to repeat often. Maybe because it's such a "me" fragrance and my personality is so naturally congruent with Gotcha.. Or maybe it truely is magic...regardless, it's RAWWWRRR (bow-chicka-chicka-wow)

  12. This one is dangerous and I absolutely love it!

    Just looking at the notes I am not sure Tickle Tickle would have even registered on my radar had I not received a sniffie. I have always been a freak for lavender but have always associated it with calm and sleep, and a good portion of my perfume collection already contains just about every variation of lavender that I could possibly ever want. Gotcha ranks decently high on my favorite list of pheros but I already have trials of unscented and LP: Exotica, and since it definitely amps up my own natural ditziness I do have to use caution, hence the fact I wasn't planning on hoarding. But Tickle Tickle is the exception to everything; it's a totally different breed on me!

    I started my evening with my boyfriend with Incandescence w/Bang, certain that I would quickly release his primal urges and woo him upstairs post haste; unfortunately this was just after he had finished work and the phero seemed to set him more on edge and as he vented about his day he became unusually irritated. Hmm...cue me reaching into my bag of newly acquired samples and swiping on some Tickle Tickle, hoping the Gotcha would instill a bit more giddiness and lighten his mood. Well, damn...this smells better than I thought this would...I huff some more, repeat, repeat...

    I'm going to keep this as PG as possible; picture a 5'1" 95lb women trying to physically drag a man 3 times her size up a flight of stairs and She-Hulk him into bed. Seriously, I looked like a cat in heat; dominant and voracious, possibly embarrassingly so if I wasn't such a goofball to begin with. I don't think the Gotcha or the scent even registered with him, but when your girlfriend is actively rubbing every inch of her body against you and attempting to fireman carry you, your mood suddenly gets a bit less cranky. The result was a night of the hottest and my most hungriest sex ever, and discovering the next day that I had bed burn on my bum. I secured myself a bottle promptly after begging on the trades and we all lived happily ever after. :P

    Seriously though, I love everything about this; the scent is perfectly balanced on me, sweet and herbal with no hint of medicine. I have no clue why the Gotcha in this seemed amped by 100 but I am certainly not complaining. While I haven't repeated the desperation I exhibited the first night (and I'm sure the additional Bang had something to do with that rather curious display), this still reigns as my #1 "I have something to show you upstairs and you'd better bring your tools" blend.

  13. OK, this should come as no surprise to anyone; I smell ridiculously good, and the perfume bearing my face as well as my "baby brother" Tucker does as well! :P

    I'm getting a sort of sugary maple marshmallow sweetness that slowly morphs into something more smokey, rounded and complex. Maybe I naturally exude a meatiness about me and have pork Anosmia because I actually sense none in this perfume; just thick, sweet maple sugary yumminess with a decent wallop of smoke, reminiscent of how campfire smoke will cling to you after sitting near one for a while. Many hours later I am left with a sugary skin scent. On it's own it is absolutely perfect for autumn and I could see it easily adding either a little sweetness or depth when layering with other perfumes, depending on what it is paired with.

    I'm either a genius or in my haste to WEAR ALL THE PERFUMES that came in my order, I layered this with ...and I Feel Fine and I am totally digging it. The dense chocolate of the latter seems to tone down the maple sweetness just slightly, allowing the greener notes of ...and I Feel Fine to emerge a bit more, tangled with a bit of smoke. I smell like the kind of girl who crashed in the host's bed after a party and woke him up with breakfast, a wake and bake and a wink; confident, sweet, a bit naughty, and always with a sense of adventure.

  14. I have received so many compliments lately wearing Jo Anna's Gilded Gardenia. I'm not sure if it was always so beautiful as I traded for this a couple of years ago and was not around for the original release or if aging/my chemistry has added a new spin on it, but this fragrance has been making burly Michael Chiklis type men go misty eyed around me all of a sudden. It's sugary, fresh, slightly creamy, and youthful yet elegant and I easily consider it one of my top 3 favorites.

  15. Anyone who may have checked out my trade page lately may have noticed I had 12th Night listed to sell for a very brief period. Luckily no one snatched it up (I subconsciously had my fingers crossed) because I can't get rid of this. I don't really consider it a "me" scent since I tend to love creamy florals; and yes, 12th Night is creamy, but more in a light whipped butter sense than in a dense heavy cream way. Green notes tend to be too sharp or herbal to me but this evokes a color analogy closer to pistachio than kelly, pine, or grass green. I wears close to the skin, soft and comfortable, and blended so expertly that no particular note stands out to my nose. It's more like an aura than a fragrance, and even though it is not something I could wear everyday it does span the seasons as a cozy and soothing non-obtrusive scent. I have never smelled anything quite like it.

  16. Thank you for the kind compliments NuTrix, BlueBear and Cinnamonmel! The handsome smooshy face is my littlest brother, Tucker. I love the kinds of dogs that you can't help but giggle when you look at them :D

    I adore the coloring in your pic NuTrix; your eyes are haunting and so piercing against that vivid violet.Just gorgeous.. And Cinnamonmel, jeez oh man, are you and your entire family professional models?! Your labels are stunning.

    BlueBear, did you not make/admit to a label or did I miss it? I enjoy seeing everyone's so much and can't wait to read some reviews once people start sniffing these. I'll have to either narrow the list or learn how to construct a home Lincoln Logs style out of LP bottles...hmmm...


    ETA- BlueBear is Berries! Of course! I love it :) Beautiful and glamorous!

  17. Thank you Rose! :) I adore your label as well as your ability to hold a cat with one hand. ;) My boys weigh approximately a ton and my face would be shredded if I tried.


    Hmm... I thought the emojis issue was mine alone since I have never been able to access them,though I've never been the sharpest crayon in the knife drawer.

  18. I'm hammy, I'm sappy...I'm Maple Sugared Bacon!!! :o

    Honestly the idea and execution of these labels is brilliant. It is wonderful to see the beautiful faces of so many of my old forum friends and the many more I hope to soon make. I haven't been as active here as of late and had totally missed this thread, though I managed to spy a few of the gorgeous labels posted by several of my Facebook friends I met through here. I am touched and over the moon that Mara messaged me asking if I'd like to be featured as well; she really is the sweetest for remembering me and I am honored to be immortalized among the friendliest group of people I have ever had the pleasure of communicating with.

    This is truly special, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. :D

    -I want to pepper this post with a ton of flashy emoticons but I have no idea how to find them on my Speak and Spell tablet. Use your imagination folks ;)

  19. I don't know what it is about this blend...sometimes I hate it. The tea and the cookies confuse me. It goes straight over my head....

    But when I need it, I NEED IT. It's like this rollerball actually senses when I'm feeling vulnerable or need a boost. I can't wear this scent for the olfactory satisfaction; this blooms with intent.

    It's probably the strangest perfume I own, and definitely the most comforting, but only when I truly need the comforting. The bottle will probably last forever and be my most cherished underdog scent.

  20. Just trying this out now so my review may change, but right now I am totally digging this for spring. The clean and softly floral scent is just begging for me to don a gauzy skirt and let my hair blow wild in the breeze. As long as this doesn't turn evil on me, I have a feeling I will be using this a lot in the warmer weather.

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