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  1. I can't really describe the scent of this one, and while it wouldn't normally fall under the category of scents I typically reach for, I do enjoy this as something sultry and different. Violets often turn unbearably dusty and candy like on me, but this is just such a smooth and sexy floral fragrance. The man I am currently seeing kept sniffing around my neck and looking confused, and not wanting to let on that I was wearing pheromones I encouraged him to sniff the scent a little harder. He still looked confused but didn't seem to dislike it so I said, "you know, you should like it. It's called Neanderlicious." He asked what I meant and I told him he was supposed to go, "Me man. Woman, mine," and do what he pleased, to which I was promptly thrown over his shoulder and carried upstairs. Still not sure whether he likes Neanderlicious, but I sure do ;)

  2. I had been curious about this scent for a long time so I was thrilled that Mara included this as a sniffie in my last order. For about 30 minutes this is an absolutely gorgeous creamy spiced scent on me, so much so that I almost immediately ordered it. Unfortunately, this dries down oddly waxy, kind of like a lip balm scent, and while it is not entirely unpleasant I can not picture myself happily wearing this throughout the day. I have never tried Lost Highway (another one I have been curious about) so maybe I am just envisioning what I would expect it to smell like, but something about Alien Cake begs for a strong carnation note to me. I am going to try layering it with Evil in Carnation to see if this prevents the funky dry down, and will report back.

  3. I thought Fabio was creepy looking, but I was obsessed with Tony Little infomercials. Not sure what this says about my choice in men, but I think it means I like being screamed at with the potential for getting decked. :/

    Regardless, this month's model is sufficiently gorgeous, even if he does seem like a nice guy ;)

  4. This phero is pure gold in my household, and the one I most often carry around in my purse when I am out and about. I affectionately refer to it as my bottled confidence. A couple of spritzes of LFM underneath my fragrance of the day makes me feel more grounded, receptive of other's opinions while fearlessly expressing my own. It delivers a sharpening of my social senses and aids in clearer and more effective communication, and nearly erases any twinges of unnecessary self doubt in even the most unfamiliar situations. Not to say I become brash; just more comfortable in my own skin.

  5. While I can't claim this as my signature scent (I am way too fickle for such things!), I can say this is the fragrance I most often reach for when I am craving something unusual and uncharacteristic of my typical scent choices. As this scent develops on my skin it becomes so creamy, warm, and inviting. I am often wary of perfumes containing patchouli, but there is nothing to fear here. Even the notes I would normally consider loud are so well blended that none particularly shout out; instead, they subtly complement each aspect of the fragrances chosen, resulting in a unique and harmonious perfume that will most definitely set your apart in a crowd, in the most positive way possible :)

  6. You know, when I first tried this I kind of thought it smelled like cheesy socks :/ The odd thing is, this is the perfect fragrance for when my body is "celebrating" its "glorious" womanhood. There is one short time of the month where this smells odd, but for the time of the month when everything else turns rank, this is the ultimate comfort.

  7. My God, now I feel COMPELLED to make a PE dedicated to my pretty miss. Thanks, QG :P


    holidays=money. MUST KEEP BUYING!


    ETA- Haha, Taco Bell scented perfume. That would probably get me more hits than cops!

  8. ...the guy was one of my most fun friends in high school, so I sincerely doubt he found my personality years later that much of a surprise. He refuses to talk to me now though. Still haven't quite figured out why :/

    I think I will just have to wait for one of those special men comfortable enough with their masculinity to be comfortable enough with mine. :P


    Eta-my vagina does have teeth ;)



    OMGsogh - with great taste like that you cannot be single. Surely some really astute guy has swept you off your feet ... :Emoticons04235:



    Real Text Conversation With the Last Guy I Was Seeing:

    Me: Want to come over and play with Legos?

    Him: Is that a euphemism for sex?

    Me: No, but we can totally do that too.

    Him: I've figured it out. You're single because you're terrifying.




  10. Haha, I am getting a kick out of the wide variety of guesses and the flow of this conversation. Childhood toys, nude models, and zombies. Sounds like it was taken straight from my browser history ;)


    (I was always partial to the scent of the My Little Ponies with the ice cream treats on their hindquarters)

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