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  1. I want all those toys you mentioned, new releases, and a Pound Puppy
  2. Late to the party as usual, but if by some miracle any more Black Panther happens to be left I would like one.
  3. I am horrible at guessing, so I'm just going to keep jumping up and down and stalk your stalking. ETA-...though unlikely and outrageous to me would be some sort of dupe month... ETA again I never had the peaches and cream Barbie but I would stare at her picture for hours in The Sears catalog. I remember really wanting to put her dress in my mouth :/
  4. Oh my...this sounds delicious! I hope it becomes available for purchase.
  5. I keep checking back...and checking back. Every update I wake up several times during the night to check some more. New releases make my heart all skippy
  6. Ooh, Ghost Myst! I used to wear that in my earlier years, then finished out high school living in a cloud of Sun, Moon, Stars. I don't remember anyone wearing VS Pear Glace, but discovered (and shamefully loved) it during my early 20s. Well, thankfully for my brother Unisexy 2012 smells much more masculine with his chemistry. No SCREAMING vanilla! All I could sense on him was a softly clean musky scent, with maybe a slight edge of sandalwood. He liked it, and was shocked how differently we wore it. I think he will be a fan of the Perfect Match phero; I know I am, but currently much prefer my ever dwindling sample of Portmanteau.
  7. I have heard that said, and experienced it somewhat from With Every Breath (though vaguely and more positively), but I never thought it could ever be so realistic. Jeepers, I can almost feel the butt cramp I used to get from those unyielding desk chairs! ETA- Dear Auto-correct, if you don't have anything constructive to add, don't say anything at all. Button cramp makes no sense.
  8. Ok, I'm home now. I think I should refrain from making any purchasing decisions regarding full bottles until I can test this at a *better* time of month, but as of right now I can say I like Fuzzy Wuzzy, but don't love it. I had a couple of hours of delicious scent, but the aftermath seemed kind of dusty and vague to me. I don't know; a few weeks from now I may be chasing a bottle wherever I can catch it, but as of right now I prefer the drydowns of Purple Puff and Angela's Purple Pastry. I am fairly certain I love the Gotcha! Phero though. I was more outgoing, talkative, and upbeat at work than I typically am, and even though I wasn't very busy it was kind of like the confidence high you feel when you've truly hit your stride. I think I need more of that feeling in my life, because no matter how well I am doing I often feel an undercurrent of self doubt, kind of like an itch. I will definitely be purchasing a trial size vial of the phero so I can test the effects further. ETA- because the Kindle Fire keeps cutting me off and auto correcting with make believe words. :/
  9. *Disclaimer-my skin chemistry is crazy, and it always has been. Take my review with a grain of salt. I put this on and was immediately SMACKED with nostalgia, hard. This is like pulling a vial of high school atmosphere out of a time capsule; my teenage years, the 90's, concentrated in sample size. I am going insane trying to place what it reminds me of. The Vanilla Fields everyone and their sister wore? The Alberto Vo5 conditioner (Vanilla Meadows, or Blossom, or something) I used to slather on my unruly locks? I think both of those, and more, finished with a very slight tone of aerosol hairspray. (In essence, this is awkward pre-teen me peeking through the wild mass of hair hanging over my face at the popular girls) Wow. I don't think I have ever had such a strong reaction to a scent before. It's not entirely unpleasant, just strange and somewhat unsettling. I bought a sample of this for my brother as well and am very eager to smell it on him, because on me it is undeniably feminine and cloyingly sweet. I'll post a review once he tests it out.
  10. (Succumbing to the inevitable) Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy-was he? Now that I've gotten that stuck in your heads, hopefully it will get out of mine. I tested this out yesterday and it started off sweaty smelling; however, everything I tested yesterday smelled a bit odd at first, then hours later settled into huffable fragrances. I am going to grab a shower and, inspired by Mara's fabulous review, test this out at work today. I'll update when I return home.
  11. Love the most requested return and Playboy/calendar ideas. I could also picture holiday scents from around the world or a zodiac theme for the upcoming months, or possibly a new sugared line. I'm sure whatever it ends up being will deplete my Christmas cash. On a side note, was there an Autumn LP variant released this year? Is there usually, or does it normally end up being a rotation of different seasons each year? Not complaining; I want everything but need nothing.
  12. I wish I would have tried this before it become GGG because the tiny little sample I have is not nearly enough. This is such a soft, close to the skin scent that comes off as almost sheer clean foody, as opposed to the dense tooth aching sweetness I often prefer. I mainly smell the cocoa butter, but with enough subtle variations to keep it from verging into Palmer's lotion territory. This is a quiet and cozy scent that I wear just for myself.
  13. I would love to see something like Dolce far Niente or La vie de Bohemme Femme (scentwise, different phero) come back. I love phero enhanced fragrances that lend well to pairing. Glistening Buttons also sounds like something i would have liked. ETA-Oh, and Super for Women sounds like it was great too. I missed out on too many fabulous things!
  14. Ordered a bottle of Ebil-ish and a sample of Midnight Masquerade
  15. mcreepers


    I absolutely love this. Ebil-ish is so exotic, soft and warm on me, like my skin has soaked up the scent of spices and incense of a place rather than a scent I have purposely applied. I could see this being a great all-over fragrance that would pair well with dabs of other heavier spiced scents. ETA-Just ordered a full bottle. I could not resist.
  16. mcreepers

    Sveet Tooth

    I like this much better than v4, which is the only version I have tried too. It's so creamy and dense, and the spice isn't overwhelming but still very present in drydown.
  17. mcreepers

    Sveet Tooth

    Mmm...I love this. It seems to have every note I love in G&Lv4, but magnified. It's delicious pumpkin spiced eggnog, very creamy and rich. It has decent throw and (cross fingers) my skin hasn't eaten it yet.
  18. Yay! My order arrived and I am so excited to try everything. Thank you so much for the free extra; I need all of the renewal and hex breaking that I can bring to myself right now.
  19. mcreepers

    The Empress

    This is such a cozy comfort scent for me, perfect for chilly days and bedtime. It takes about a half an hour for the ingredients to properly meld on my skin but once they do it is perfect. I can smell the oats, sweet bordering on sultry honey, and clean skin, all softened and blended with a touch of rich milk.
  20. I will definitely want a trial size of LFM, and am very interested in Topper and Treasured Hearts. I think a bit of research is in order before November actually arrives...
  21. I showed restraint and only ordered a small bottle of Choco Musk and a bottle of Purple Pastry, with freebie samples of Sveet Tooth and Spiced Cider Pudding.
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