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  1. I got a Purple Puff sample with LAM in it in my order. First off I was a bit surprised when I remembered what this scent was supposed to contain. To me it smelled nice, almost like a laundry fresh type scent. I love lavender but I couldn't detect that nor the mashmallow, even though my friend could tell about the marshmallow. I guess given the ingredients I was expecting something more "sugary" but it was more floral/laundry fresh, which isn't a bad thing, just what I noticed. I didn't notice the cops although smelling it straight out of the bottle had a bit of an odd undertone which may have
  2. Hi, this is my Luv Truffle review I'm writing because I got free samples, thanks!! This smell is very yummy and choclatey out of the bottle, super relaxing. I have yet to try it as a scent on myself too much yet, but the times I have, some odd scent notes came out that I didn't smell in the bottle, almost harsh, I'll have to do some more tests to see, or perhaps it would be better with a bit of the oil in an unscented lotion. I don't know if putting a bit on my skin was right. Also even if those odd scents didn't come out, I may prefer this in a bath product, it may be a bit too sugary
  3. Hi, I wanted to post a review because I opted for the free samples, I hope it has not been more than 2 weeks, I really wanted to give it a fair review. Unfortunatley even after posting for help in other forums, I've tried a bunch of different things and haven't noticed *anything* with this blend, which was pretty disappointing I know that some just don't work for people and perhaps I should have tried something like Open Windows for my first blend, but I just really liked the sound of this. I made sure I shook it well after each application, and went out many different times in different
  4. Maybe I was either out of it, overly confident, or forgot, but is there a way or option on the page to order a trial pack of some unscented pheros? I saw some stuff like that but it was mostly for scents, or scent phero blends, or it'd be the same phero with a lot of scents...unscented is importantt o me because as I said I have a crazy sense of smell and while I may even love a scent it can be too much for me to wear for extended periods. I have no problem experimenting but I can't justify buying a few more big roll ons that don't work for me
  5. Thank you all so much for the suggestions, don't worry, I haven't given up. I'm just going to have to tweak things to see if I can get them to work better for me. Today I tried again, I was paying attention more to what I was wearing and had less of a cutsey/funky look than usual. I may have messed up again but I was running short on time but, I put some scented massage oil that I like on a lotion application pad along with a few rolls of LFM. I distributed it evenly all over my shoulders, décolletage area, arms, neck and back of neck. Things that may have been wrong with this were the fac
  6. That's what I've heard, I did hear that about LFM as well though, but Open Windows seems to be a big hit across the board. It's just that I was drawn to the other blends featuring the Beta-Androstenol more prominently...I don't really want to be the life of the party, I just want people I do connect with to feel safe and at ease to stay and open up. That's a good point Xev...oil is also nice as it blends with oil scents I have. Would any blend containing silicone have this problem, even the spray?
  7. Thanks so much for the tips, I will update, and I also posted in the LFM reviews thread for help, it seems like a few others had to tweak things to get it to work for them correctly...I certainly have enough to keep trying Is there anything in this blend that could be negative for the vibe I want to get? My second choice would be Perfect Match and I have heard great things about Open Windows, but there was just something too irresistable about the blend and reviews for LFM...
  8. Hi, I just did a post in the newbies board panicking that this blend didn't seem to have any effect and in fact perhaps a negative one the first time I used it! Maybe this wasn't a good choice for my first phero blend but I couldn't resist it, it sounded really perfect for what I was looking for... I'm looking to use this socially to help people feel like they can open up to me more and bond. I have a really hard time getting people to do that with me. I'm not so concerned about any sexual stuff right now, just kind of a deeper social connection type thing. I also noted that I'm often seen
  9. Oh wow, that is good to know - maybe that's what was going on with me today! However how much does it disappate throughout the day? I never reapplied and was out for about 5 hours in moderate heat, without noticing any change in the way people were reacting to me.
  10. Thanks everyone, ack, I am sorry I did not post a welcome, I was at the other phero message board and got mixed up between them. Anyway after reading the reviews, information about the specific pheros involved, etc this seemed like a really good and intriguing start for me unless things got overly sexual. I'm often seen as too cute or silly and liked sort of the "sophistication" spin on this blend, as well as the fact that it seemed to emphasise pheros that focused on deeper connections and bonding. That's basically what I'm looking for, more of a social vibe than a sexual one. I have
  11. The real question is, can you beat the Seattle Freeze?? Let me know if you do :/
  12. Hi everyone, after a lot of thinking about what phero blend would be best for me I decided on "La Femme Mystère" - I also saw great reviews and that didn't hurt I am totally new to pheros so I hope I'm not doing something wrong. I ordered the silicone base type with no copulins because I didn't quite want to go into that territory yet. I decided on the silicone base because I dislike the smell of alcohol and the fact that the weather here usually is not very warm. I wanted to go for the CPS because it sounded like it was longer lasting. Today was warmer than usual, I dressed cute but norm
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