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  1. Hello and welcome! Your research has served you well! I just love Purple Puff! I'm thinking of getting SS4W in a 60/40% spray myself...let us know how it goes. You sound like me in terms of music and scents! I listen to as much variety as possible, except for country/bluegrass. I make an exception for Johnny Cash And my favorite scents are usually "guy" scents. I loooooove Old Spice and my boy toy has a cologne that I die for every time To wear on myself, I like more feminine scents, just nothing too flowery or foody. Something with some light musk is usually my choice. I tend to stick to a signature scent though. When I deviated from my usual perfume it made my boy sad, haha! This place is so much fun, see you around!
  2. Popping in with a warm welcome! Someone more knowledgeable than I will be along shortly to answer your question, but off the top of my head you might like Gitana or Demimondaine. Gitana has Indian attars, benzoin, vanilla, a drop of black coffee, sandalwood and clove. Demimondaine has violet, cocoa, sandalwood, musk, amber and spice. Those two are on my next order list for sure This forum is awesome and you'll have a lot of fun
  3. I didn't care about that guy anyway, so it didn't matter, haha. I figured it would be okay since I knew almost everyone in that situation, and I was just dying to test it but my man was out of town! I've worn it out a few times since (but ONLY when I'm with several other friends! I'm trying to be pretty careful) and I have to say it seems fairly social on me, with two incidents of awkward guys approaching me. They were harmless, although others may not be. My boy toy just got back from out of town the other day and I wore it to see him....this stuff is AWESOME! Exactly what I was hoping for! I covered it with my old perfume oil that he loves and a dab of NoCo original, which worked really well. He said I smelled "intoxicating" and that I was "amazing" and was very affectionate all evening. Let us say that I definitely tired him out...mwahahaha! In the future I'll wear it out in public, but probably only when I'm with him I haven't noticed that my family or close friends react in any way, and I haven't noticed that women react negatively. I hope that this holds true in the future, in case I wear it with the man and end up having to be with family/other women.
  4. OMG THIS REEKS OF ASS. That's what I thought when I smelled it out of the bottle. When I put it on my skin it turned into a mixture of ass and stinky cheese. But, the Sugared Vanilla and Honey covers it beautifully! My friend (a girl) told me I smelled nice I was worried other people would smell the ass/cheese combo underneath the cover. I won't have a chance to test it out in private for another week, so I wore this combo to a karaoke bar with my friend. I used about a 2-inch stripe on my torso and a 2-inch stripe on the back of my neck, applied around 4 hours prior. I refreshed with literally one dot from the roller about an hour beforehand. I didn't notice anything particularly out of the ordinary. Maybe a few guys I talk to regularly were more talkative than usual but nothing big. Notably, a guy who's asked me out and has come to this bar just to talk to me before barely said anything to me at all! In fact, he disappeared into the smoking area with some friends (he doesn't smoke and knows I don't go there) and didn't come out, ever. It was weird, but I actually forgot he existed and only just remembered*, lol. I wonder if it was enough, too much, or this blend doesn't work for me/in that environment/etc. etc. So many factors! Le sigh. I'll keep trying it out, of course, and the most important reaction will be from the boy toy anyway. *On further consideration, it could be because I went to lunch with him, since I thought he was friend material, and we had a lot in common...but he actually asked straight up if I wanted to sleep with him and I said no. Lol! I just thought it was funny, but he called the next day to apologize and say it wasn't like him to be that forward and if I still would hang out with him sometime. I said sure because he wasn't creepy about it, but he may have just felt awkward....omg men, they are too funny!
  5. Thanks for the replies! The perfectionist in me freaks out sometimes when the answers aren't clear-cut. My instinct is to douse myself in pheros every few hours because it's so hard to believe that just a little bit can affect anybody besides me, or last for that long....of course, that would be overkill and totally counterproductive. I guess finding what works is a journey, with pheromones and pretty much everything else
  6. I've looked for the answer everywhere and haven't been able to find it, although I'm sure it must have been asked and answered already. I know that sprays diffuse farther and faster than oils, but can anyone tell me the approximate diffusion radius of an oil vs. a spray? How close would I need to get to someone for them to be affected by pheros in oil? Sometimes I can't judge whether a reaction is due to the phero blend I'm wearing or just me.
  7. That's a really good idea, Calii, I didn't think of that. It seems like I'll reach a good decision and a few days after I place my order I think "oh crap I should've done that instead!" Nice, Beccah, I'll bet you look great anyway! You're right about the vitamins, and you just reminded me that I used to take sublingual B12. Part of the ups and downs are due to a mood disorder. I take meds to smooth everything out, so to speak, but sleep deprivation and poor nutrition worsen my mood swings regardless of how diligent I am with the meds. And I have not been taking proper care of myself lately. Thanks both of you
  8. Haha, cinnamonmel that's kind of cute...I have a younger friend who's crushing on me and in my opinion his face looks to be in the 12-14 range. Doesn't help that he's really, really innocent compared to me. If he weren't tall with a deep voice he'd have a real problem! He's not that much younger but I just happen to look about ten years older, lol. So just....no. Absolutely not. So I just tried my sample, purely for the smell because I'm definitely not leaving the house today. I've had a sample around since my first order but I've been hesitant because of the patchouli - I just HATE patchouli and my skin amps it like crazy most of the time I'm happy to say that so far the patchouli is staying in the background where it belongs! I only get a hint of it when I put my nose really close to the application spot. Freshly applied, I get mostly raspberry with light florals that I can't pick out. The raspberry is really juicy, which is great! It's very pretty and girly but kind of...generic? Not super-generic, definitely waaaaaay better than the crappy fake raspberry smells you'll find in drugstore and department store lotions. I guess I just mean it doesn't stand out as unique to me and I probably wouldn't want to smell like this every day. After about an hour of wearing it I get all juicy raspberry with just a touch of soft floral. Nice! If the phero works for me it's not an everyday scent but definitely a win!
  9. Eh, jealous it works so well for you. I didn't get any kind of weird smell from it though, I liked the Aether scent! I'm far from an expert, but I'd postulate that anything that covers cops or cops-heavy blends would work
  10. Ick, Pele, that sucks, but I'm so glad Topper works for you! Your description is very apt...I've known a few "martyrs" who do nothing but complain, myself. There was a girl I was pretty good friends with for my first three years of college and she was a crazy bitch martyr-type. She had deeper mental problems though, she was a pathological liar so it turned out she had made up almost everything she'd ever told me. Last year, she deteriorated mentally and would come to my room and complained for HOURS EVERY DAY about how horrible her life was and how horrible people treated her and how she was dying (she also invented physical afflictions - cancer, spine surgery, and conveniently-timed seizures, to name a few) and if I offered advice or opinions she would tell me to shut up and stay the fuck out >_< She was manipulative, paranoid and starved for attention. She ruined my semester and destroyed several of my friendships before I was able to get rid of her. She wasn't what my roommate and I thought she was and I learned a HUGE lesson. *Ahem* anyway.... So, I've been debating between getting Topper and just straight up DHEAS spray. I want the sparkly, "she's so pretty!" DHEAS vibe. Also, I read that it creates attraction that lasts for hours and that infatuated, butterflies kinda feel, which is something I want to test with the boy toy. The crash is from the alpha-nol, right? I'm already kind of a hyper person and prone to crashing at random so I don't know about the alpha-nol. Advice? I'm agonizing over my next order.
  11. I just received my sample and tried a small swipe of this on my arm. I have to say, this smells very strong on me for the first hour or two. It's definitely soapy, and there's something else I lack the verbal finesse to describe. Slight musk as it dries down, I wish that would come out more! I may have to layer it with something. I don't seem to be as crazy about this as most other people....I'll have to try it out some more because I'm about to get my period and my skin chemistry might be messing with scents right now. If I fall in love with it once that's over it seems only fair to trade this to a good home where it will be fully appreciated! A few hours later, I kept smelling something and thinking, "ooh which sample is that, it smells great!" and it was the Sneaky Clean! It really rounds out! The soap is now something special. It's still up in the air until I test it again in a few weeks but I may have to hang on to my sample...
  12. Well, I wore this to meet a really important professor and his wife. They already know my brother and love him, so I really wanted to make a good impression. I only wore about two drops, applied about two hours beforehand. I only met them briefly (they were stopping by my house before going out to dinner with my parents, unfortunately I couldn't make the dinner) but I think it was a good choice - he shook my hand for a long time before they left, like he didn't want to let go. Also, he was sitting next to me and stayed there to talk even after everyone at the table had gotten up to leave. My brother told me later that this man has shaken the hand of the president of China many times - whoa! He and his wife also stood pretty close to me. This was the only time I wore this around anyone besides myself - further testing is definitely in the future!
  13. Oh, I see...it sounds no different from using essential oils that are supposed to be aphrodisiacs, then. I never really knew if it affected other people or just me, but it always made me feel good wearing it. It didn't seem to have any effect on the Sexology anyway, so I'll keep investigating this with my mabn when some of my unscented phero blends arrive Thanks for the replies!
  14. Okay, so I have this perfume from reverseskinaging.com called Calypso's Oil that's supposed to have some sort of plant pheromone in it. They call it SB-74 and it's something they manufactured to foster interpersonal relations...I never really noticed if it made a difference but I'm kind of self-absorbed. I really, really like the smell and it was the first perfume I found that didn't make me sneeze and get a scratchy throat so it's got a special place in my heart. Now that I'm totally addicted to LPMP and want to try the phero blends here, I haven't been wearing it much and apparently my boy toy misses it, which came as a total surprise to me. I think since I was wearing it when we met and for about a year after, he associates it with me. Since a lot of the phero blends I would buy to wear with him, do you phero experts think that 1. this SB-74 thing is for real, and 2. it would be okay to wear with the amazing phero blends from LPMP? I guess I'm about to find out - I put some of the body oil in my hair and Sexology III on my torso and cleavage to go out with a guy friend. He'll be here in 5 minutes...oh well if it doesn't work at least I don't really care, haha. Oh and here's a quick link: http://store.reverseskinaging.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=58
  15. I agree with you completely. I think the guys who feel the need to prove their masculinity are not really "alpha," they're just assholes. A self-assured leader type is what I think is attractive, even if he's not as good looking as the douchebag who's really hot. And he can still be nice. I like to be well treated Douche =/= alpha, and beta =/= a wimpy pushover, absolutely. Anyway back on topic - Purple Puff doesn't do much for my guy so far, and I can't tell if LAM makes anyone behave differently, but it smells beautiful and makes me feel great so it's winner!
  16. I know what you mean, especially when people are way more complex than a superficial label. I think these terms are so widely used because it's easier and quicker for most people. I actually don't like that beta is sometimes used with a negative connotation, and some guys who would be labeled alpha are actually just assholes >_< I think the best guys have the supposed characteristics of both! Mine is stereotypically alpha in many ways but he also wants meaningful relationships, plus he'll humble himself when he screws up with no prompting from me
  17. If CB is really effective on alpha males, I wonder if Sexology has similar results. Come to think of it, I think the best reaction I ever got from him was when I broke my sample of Velvet Kisses and just put the broken vial in a ziplock bag near my bed. It had been there for about a week, could the pheros still have been effective? If only I hadn't broken it!! If CB is best for alpha males and SS4W is good for beta males, I wonder if LAM is just all around good for everyone! I haven't worn it much by itself yet. I'm going out tonight, I think I'll test it on its own.
  18. I've also had people ask me if I'm a dancer (I'm not) so it must have to do with how you move! I was in a theater production where my character was kind of a femme fatale and your description is exactly what I tried to put into her movements! Definitely a black panther kind of feel. I think I'm actually quite clumsy, but I try to put some confidence in my walk, which usually leads to a bit of hip-swaying I'm going to try the Goddess soon. I need to have a "talk" with someone and maybe it will make me feel calmer and more in charge of the situation, even if it's only over the phone.
  19. Oh you're right...noooo, what have I done?? I don't want to cost the wonderful people at LPMP too much in shipping if I make another order too soon after My only hope is it to come soon and I discover I need a full bottle of something else! D:
  20. You know, I'm too impatient to let this dry down so I just smear it a bit with my wrists. I swear some of it gets on my clothes and hair and I've never smelled anything funky, ever. I love this fragrance! I just wish I got a little more vanilla from it, on me it's mostly lovely fluffy marshmallow with a hint of lavender to keep it from being too sweet. I've been putting Purple Puff with MRF III and it goes really well. MRF is a nice scent but I don't love it the way most people do. Purple Puff makes it lighter and less incensey, and I can smell it a little bit hours later. The last time I wore this combo around the boy he said I smelled like roses, lol. Later he said I smelled sweet. I think he meant it in a good way but he's so hard to read and I didn't see that it affected him much....sigh. Still trying to find something that does it for him. He's an alpha male, so maybe I'll try CB next. I wore this out to karaoke night last week and got a few possible hits. The most noticeable one was from a guy I'd never met but was friends with some people I know. He was staring at me for a while before I talked to him, and when I did he sat very close to me and laughed at almost everything I said, even if it wasn't funny. He left before I did but his friend practically had to pull him away because he kept looking at me, it was kind of cute. He didn't ask for my number but he friended me on facebook and sent me a message asking if I wanted to hang out sometime, so he's probably just shy. I really want a full bottle of this but I'm waiting to get my next order so I can decide if I like the original LAM fragrance better. I definitely can't afford to get both right now.
  21. That's a great report, hearts! I'm happy that it's worked out so well for you So far I really, really like the smell of Goddess but I haven't tested it on the public yet...I'm a bit worried about congruence with my personality. It made me feel good when I wore it around the house, kind of slinky and sophisticated and maybe a little languid, like a cat or a femme fatale. I'm usually a pretty intense, energetic person and tend to give off a very dominant vibe. I'm usually very loud and talkative so I'm thinking it might be weird if I suddenly start giving off a "mysterious" vibe, haha. I'm told I look sophisticated, though (what? lol), a few people have said I remind them of a cat (yay!) and I do get in really quiet moods sometimes so...maybe it'll be okay.
  22. Thanks for the reply, Dolly! Well, I couldn't wait, I just ordered it anyway without checking *sheepish* so I guess I'll bank on luck then. I'm dying to try this blend, I'm so impatient for it to arrive! Hopefully it'll work out and I'll get good results. I only have about a month before I have to go back to school - it's an all girls college and it's pretty far away, so I'll have zero chances to test it out unless I decide to go home for mid-semester break or Boy Toy decides to visit. Which is not likely, alas, we are both too lazy.
  23. I really liked the scent, very watery and ozone-y. It's also androgynous, my boy toy has a cologne that smells kind of similar - I go crazy for that cologne, by the way. But it definitely was not "barely-there" on me...I only used a drop and it was STRONG. It also refused to wash off, which was a problem since I got a bad migraine from it. I'm not sure if it was the fragrance or the Focus Potion but either way I'm so sad! I really wanted it to work for me but as I was stuck on the couch it was not conducive to productivity at all
  24. I see that Luna has this in NoCo Sandalwood & Resins so I'm going to assume that it's a good cover and the other NoCo scents would cover as well. Are they really strong enough to cover this? I really want to try this in the Sugared Vanilla & Honey scent but from what I understand it's a very light fragrance and unscented BI is quite potent smelling. I'm about to put in another order but I've been hesitating for days because of this...also because I want to buy everything at once but I'm broke as hell
  25. Oh jeez...I really want to order this now. I definitely feel you, Eggers, I want people to think I naturally smell delicious, not because I'm wearing perfume (and then pull them into my trap, bwahaha!). My boy has the most wonderful natural scent of anyone I've ever smelled. I can't even describe it, he just smells so good! He says people have told him he smells like baby powder, but that can't be it because I hate the smell of baby powder. I think that's a big part of why I'm attracted to him and why I like being near him. Personally, I would totally wear SS4W to work! I wear it to class all the time and probably distract a few of the boys I think you would get better tips. Calii said it perfectly Let us know how it goes!
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