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  1. During the last day of my finals, I wore a bit of this underneath my regular perfume, and WOW. It was amazing.
    I went to the school pub right after my last exam around noonish with acquaintances and friends and we didn't leave for a very long time, but I didn't buy a single drink the entire time! Every time I was done with my drink, a new one just plopped in front of me! First, it was someone from our group that I had just met, and he bought me a pint, scooted his chair towards me, and talked in a whisper for the first hour we were there. When I went to go buy another drink, the bartender chatted me up and gave me an entire pitcher on the house. This happened throughout the day/night, and by the time I left, I was skipping and dancing like a fool. The pub is kind of the university watering hole, and it has a mix of undergrad, grad, and professors that like to eat and drink there. I frequent the place a lot, but on the day I was wearing La Femme, I think I had a conversation with nearly everyone in the place, and the area we were sitting in became more and more populated. It felt really cozy and turned into a bit of a house party vibe rather than a pub setting (there was group camaraderie among strangers rather than the regular pattern of groups sitting and drinking separately). It was such a treat and exactly what I needed after the sleep deprived month I've been having. Later in the night, I realized one of the people I had been talking to about music was in the band that was playing that night, and he was nice enough to play a few songs that I had mentioned. I jumped up and started dancing with my friends, and by the end of the set, the whole pub was dancing (bartenders included!). I can't believe it's taken me so long to try this out. It's bottled charisma and charm. But if I'm honest, I guess I don't exactly know how much I can attribute the amazing night to La Femme Mystere, though. There was definitely a general air of celebration throughout the uni that day and the copious amounts of drinking everyone did probably helped a lot too. But, I have a show I'm going to next week before I start traveling, so I'll get to wear it again and see if I can replicate the good vibes I had at the pub. :9

  2. I can't seem to make this work for me, like all my lady stuff is out of the way. This really smells like vinegar to me, ill leave it on for 24+ hrs and its still kinda gross smelling to me. I feel so left out! I wanna smell the honey/beeswax too :lol:


    Ill try layering it w.a scent tmrw tho, maybe that would help.


    yes! thank you for having the same reaction. wait...no. sorry it didn't work on you, but I'm so happy I'm not the only one. *o*

    I think I prefer the stinky cops! Maybe I'm just used to it, but it's an easier beast to tame.

    Aja is toooooo fierce for me, I can't even begin to handle.

  3. I've tested this two or three times now. The first time was just a dot on the back of my hand, so I could see what it smelled like. I wasn't too keen on it - it smelled a little weird to me, like a plastic. The next two times I applied a touch more, and it bloomed a little, smelled a bit on the floral side - like a smutty floral. Both times I wore it, Nuts & Eggers were all over me! (Not the boyfriend, no). It was kinda weird. Both of them spent their time jockeying for position around me, and fighting over who got to curl up on my legs while I was on the sofa. :huh:

    It does tend to enhance the perfumes I've worn it with. That's pretty neat. I think it smells kind of plastic-y floral, while BF thinks it smells pretty snatchy, but he's not complaining). I wonder... is this a once-in-an-LP-time kind of thing? Or is it a limited edition kind of product?

    It's starting to grow on me. :)


    ahh, super cute. I just finished reading through your toilet training foibles, and I feel like I know your cats so well. *o*

  4. ack! The clove was really prominent for me! I waited and waited for the clove note to die down a bit, but after 3 hours, I only get hints of the lovely lotus and amber. The kick of clove was really the only thing I could smell. I probably can't wear this on my own, but like the idea of layering it over something overly sweet for a spicy kick.

  5. Bwahahahaha... strange? really? :Emoticons04263: ...I need to start wearing this again,had some interesting times with it,and with LF Noire in Because The Night and Unbridled...damn,just too many special ones...and they keep coming :w00t:


    eta: oh Hai there Moriko,welcome here !! :pinguin6:

    Herro! :3 thanks for the welcome.
  6. Aja doesn't start off smelling like honey on me. It initially smells like super sweet heady white florals, and that lasted for a few hours before I started getting the dirty syrup. I don't really know what to think of this one; it was really sweet on my skin, and I usually don't favor syrupy sweet scents. The scent, however, lasted a really long time on me. I fell asleep, and around 12 hours after my initially application I can still smell Aja faintly. It's less sweet and a tiny bit sour. I'm going to test this out a bit more before wearing it out, but I'm really excited to see how others might react to this!

  7. Thanks! :3

    I think it'll be really interesting. I'd love to be the mysterious woman!

    I've tried a few others from the site with success, but I don't have the persistence to keep track of how much does what.

    Hopefully being a more active part of the forums will make me more willing to keep track of these things!

  8. Hello!

    I've been a long-time lurker of the forum, and finally decided to break my silence.

    Oh, you dangerous dangerous members! It didn't take me much time at all reading through the posts before I found myself being pursuaded to make my purchase.

    I'm so excited. I hope I have as much success with LFM as many of you guys did.

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