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  1. Me too DD. It really is so comforting. Even if it starts a little spicy, but smooth…must be the tobacco, which is not overwhelming at all.
  2. That dog story sure makes me wish I had a pet to test it out on…I can only speak for myself, this scent is so sweet, delicious & creamy. After application it turns soft on me. This one of my favorites in spray that I layer with other scents for variety. It's also a calming scent. I've heard others use it before bed, something I have to try.
  3. Dolphin Dolls is right, this is a great phero-fragrance for women to spray on their pillow just before bed. It soothes me to sleep too. The scent is kind of a male-body-musky odor, that I like. I can still smell it on my sheets when I wake, mmmm. Smells like a really good man was there, even if he wasn't…smile.
  4. This scent is so calming. I put some on my pillow to help me sleep, which worked. Now every time I get another whiff it reminds me of an old boyfriend's scent & takes me back to the past. Definitely smells like a guy is around. Helpful to apply at bedtime for achieving the scent of masculine comfort.
  5. Same for me, no sourness, just a light citrus scent when worn alone. It mixes nicely with Lap of Luxury & Leprechaun Luck, for a kind of florally, citrusy mish-mash. A few dabs of all three blend well together & make it interesting.
  6. This was softer than I expected. I was expecting more of a strong, exotic scent. Although the subtleness makes it easy to layer with other fragrances for variety. The musky sweetness emerged later, creating some mystery. So, it lived up to its name in the end. Nice surprise.
  7. What a perfect name for this potion. I felt fresh & uplifted after I applied it. Kind of like a kid during summer vacation. The vibe for me was fun & light, along with the glitter. Definitely a positive mood enhancer. Reminded me slightly of my youth with a pink, citrusy, bubble-gummy scent, that faded to a soft-airy floral. Lasted more than a few hours on me. I like that after application I feel younger and refreshed.
  8. Second that, the honeysuckle stood out most for me after application, didn't notice any citrus though, then it developed into such a soft creaminess, that lingered. I'll be wearing this everyday until the tax deadline. I really need the magical properties to give me a boost with my taxes this year ;( I owe, UGH!!!
  9. The scent for me was light & airy, very upbeat in a floral/fruity way. The only thing was, when I went for a walk, a lot dogs were straining on their leashes to get at me (usually it doesn't happen, even if I'm wearing LP's). Mostly just to sniff me (I hope), but enough to make me a little uncomfortable. I also felt a little edgy, maybe I'll try this again another time when there are only humans involved. Overall, the scent was pretty & feminine. I like the idea of Audacious, I just wish it made me less crabby.
  10. I applied this potion at work, while I was on a flight that was delayed for a long time, due to weather & out of my personal control. Usually passengers bite my head off at that point, but most targeted my co-workers instead, sparing me their wrath. Phew! This stuff seemed to smooth over agitated feelings caused by the flight delay. The scent is a bit gender neutral but pleaseant, so it could go either way for males or females. I'd just layer with other scents to make it more feminine or masculine, depending on your preference.
  11. Put this on for lunch today. People wherever I went were so friendly & nice. I noticed it made me feel really relaxed and happy, not distracted, which happens with some of the LPs. The smell is heavenly. I love the soft, vanilla-cherry scent. Dried down to a sweet powdery finish. This fragrance lasted quite awhile on me, unlike some of the other reviews.
  12. No Beccah, I haven't tried G2 at work yet. I do have a trial sample of Bosom Bows, which I believe has G2 in it. Definitely I will try that one at work next, when my Phero Signature wears thin. I know for sure that Cops at work for me, especially with gay men, make for a difficult work environment. My experience has been that Cops may create envy or jealousy at work, where previously there was none, mostly with regards to gay men. So, I steer clear of them on the aircraft to soothe the savage beast (mainly me). Now I only wear Social Pheros on my flights, which works so well, not only with co-workers, but passengers too. Great suggestion on G2. That will be next on the Social phero list for me to try at work. Thanks for the advice.
  13. I work in the airline industry where the majority of my co-workers are gay men. What I've found to be most effective with them is Lap of Luxury w/Swimming With Sharks. I apply that at the beginning of my work day, along with a few swipes of Treasured Hearts, next a few spritzes of Topper (which gives me positive self-effects), then I'm out the door. After lunch, I apply a bit of Darling Catalina w/Popularity Potion, to ease into the second half of my day/flight. This routine has helped me tremendously with my co-workers. Every trip (4-5 X's a month) I work with large, mixed groups (16 people or more) of co-workers, mostly gay men. SWS helps garner me respect with them & my other straight female/male co-workers. Truly I don't use any other LP's at work anymore, since SWS, PP, TH work so well for me. Hope this helps.
  14. I wear this at work, layered with Lap of Luxury w/Swimming with Sharks. The results are fantastic, my co-workers & I get along great now. Towards the end of the day (much later) I add some PP to the mix, to calm the tired & cranky passengers, works like a charm. Treasured Hearts has a slightly sweet fragrance, even though it's an unscented pheromone formula, so it blends well with the other LP's I'm layering.
  15. Before work I give myself a few sprays of this over whatever Love Potion I'm wearing that day, just before I'm out the door. I leave feeling uplifted with an extra bit of OOMPH from Topper, it helps! The lingering fragrance from the spray is a bit musky, but I like the added smell.
  16. I wore this on a blind date yesterday, but it didn't seem to raise my body temperature or make me light headed at all like Missdarlyncherie. I felt pretty happy & light. I was pleasantly surprised how good it settled on my skin. I think I smelled delicious. It had even better effects on my date. We spent quite a bit of time traveling in the car, sightseeing. So, my date got a good dose of this scent. He must've liked it, because he tried to give me a massage & kept finding reasons to touch me. He went in for a full-on kiss on the lips (no tongue) at the end of the date (kinda pushy though for a lunch date, I'm never sure how far to go on first dates anyways) & he wants to go out again. I'll give credit to the Fuzzy Wuzzy. The scent was soft, seductive & sweet at first. After a while it turned into a light powdery finish on me, which was pleasant & appropriate for the setting. It came off with a cozy, familiar vibe. I will wear this again on another first date, I really liked my date's response to it.
  17. I love this one too. I wore it on a flight to the mainland the other night. It made me a little spacey (or maybe it was the lack of sleep due to the red-eye flight), so I was kinda loopy anyways. Even so, everyone was so friendly & nice to me. No problems with checking bags or getting through security, which can be a nightmare & time consuming. The LP seemed to make others unusually nicer to me & want to help me, especially women. I liked that it didn't threaten other women, instead, they wanted to help me. The fragrance is divine. A real sexy, brown-sugary scent, mixed with a soft vanilla & a slight incensey smell coming through. Every time I would get a whiff of myself it made me feel sexy & confident. I'm not sure what others thought, at that point I didn't care. I will wear this one again (just for the positive self effects). Everyone should give this one a try. OOPS! I posted on the wrong Phero Blend thread. I was reviewing Rocket Fuel III, instead I mistakenly posted here for Mara's Rocket Fuel, which I've never tried. Sorry!!! I'll start a new thread for Rocket Fuel III (Duh).
  18. I wore this to lunch the other day with a male friend. I didn't notice any "cigarette" or "cat pee" smell on myself. I'm assuming others didn't either. I was wondering how it would effect this man, since he's claimed that he can't smell anything anymore due to prescription medication he takes for a medical condition. This man comes across as unemotional & business like. It's tough to know what he's thinking. He reveals very little as far as his personal feelings. He's a Scorpio, so in Scorpio fashion he is on guard & secretive in most situations. I wanted to see if he could smell the LP or would be effected by it. I think it effected him regardless of his inability to smell, because he asked me repeatedly if he should change his current style of glasses to a newer, more updated look. This is strange, since he's normally unconcerned about his appearance to the opposite sex (he looks like Woody Allen). He kept badgering me on what I thought was more sexy/attractive in a man: physical looks or pure charisma? Also, he's middle aged & mentioned out of the blue that his testosterone levels, for a male, were still quite high despite his age (actually he was very proud of this). Inside I was laughing at his comments (with him, not at him). Normally his lunch conversation is all business & less personal. As we left lunch he mentioned eating at a fancy, well known place (usually reserved for anniversaries or romantic dates), next time. We are just friends, nothing more, so the thought of this raises eyebrows to me. I guess you could call that a hit? The fragrance from this phero came across at first as sweet berryish, that soured pleasantly & slightly after a time. It never turned to "burnt", "cigarettey" or "cat peeish" on me. My experiment with Torrid Sorcery proves to me that this LP does in fact attract men, even in the most impossible circumstances (i.e., his lack of smell). I enjoyed this LP very much & recommend Torrid Sorcery to others.
  19. I've been wearing this one at work frequently. I start out wearing Lap of Luxury (SWS) in the morning, which creates respect & cooperation between me & my co-workers. Half way through my working day, after Lap of Luxury has died down, I then apply Darling Catalina. This phero scent immediately smoothes out any kinks, that may have cropped up by then. This is the perfect phero-combo, because DC has a softer, more gentle & friendly vibe to it. Seems to put me & everyone around in a happier mood. The customers & my co-workers pretty much go along with whatever I initiate at that point, works out great as the working day slows & comes to an end. The smell to this potion is heavenly. I keep it in my makeup bag & whenever I open it the fragrance wafts out... mmmmm! I will never tire of this scent. It's like I just opened a can of buttery frosting & smeared it all over myself. It's the best sugar-high, without the calories & sugar crash after. The smell alone raises my energy instantly, to a higher, happier place. I recommend this potion for any work situation. If your workplace is a bit hostile, start out with Lap of Luxury, & then ease into Darling Catalina in the latter part of the day. Of course DC could work in any social situation, since it quickly elevates everyone's mood.
  20. This one really relaxes me too. I wore it out, last night for a friend's B-day. I was hoping it would make our conversation better. It worked wonders calming me as I fought rush hour traffic. That H&S mellowed my mood out, thankfully, so I left road-rage behind. When I got there the restaurant was booming, maybe not such a good fit for this cozy-type potion. My friend was more interested in flirting with our cute, much younger waiter (who could blame her), than conversing with me. Oh well, I should've worn Cougar, just to keep up with her & him (ha, ha). No harm done, she was having a blast, it was her B-day after all. This fragrance was upbeat, sweet & tangy at first, then it turned spicy on me with a hint of pepper in the end (kinda fun); definitely not what I was expecting, but interesting enough for a night out. I would wear it again, next time though I will choose a more quiet atmosphere to try it out, one where you could have a chat with just the girls & connect better easily.
  21. Hi, Lap of Luxury worked wonders for me at work the other day. The fragrance is more masculine on me than what I normally wear, but I enjoyed switching it up for a change. Besides, the leafy essence is unusual & very outdoorsy/natural smelling. Every time I got a whiff it reminded me of the prosperity/success intent infused in the potion & I instantly felt more confident & happy. Along with the SWS phero blend this combo perfectly paved harmonious interactions for me with all my co-workers that day. On a typical day I work closely with up to 14 new crew members each flight. Often, working as a team is difficult when you aren't familiar with one another. Differences of opinions on the work load arise (mostly on who does what & how) that disrupt the flow of the service. The day I wore Lap of Luxury all my interactions with co-workers were fluid & pleasant. Surprisingly, even authoritarian types relaxed around me, welcoming my suggestions/input to the mix, while brow-beating other co-workers & criticizing their performance that day. I recommend Lap of Luxury for any situation that can use help easing communication/interaction between superiors & subordinates ( or difficult types). It works so well I will wear this one to work on a regular basis. Thank you LPMP for this potion, it's magic... Aloha
  22. Hi, Just a newbie here, but my experience with Red Lace was positive. Thought I'd add it. I've only been wearing pheros for a few months now. Love potions for about a month only, which I love. Red lace was my first purchase, followed by many other LP samples I'm planning to try. Since my phero knowledge is limited I decided to wear it to work a while back & see what happens. What's the worst that can happen I thought, so I get a few extra looks? The smell was delicious to me on first application. The spicy scent, mixed with a slight dirty belly-button smell, faded quickly to a delicate vanilla/powdery/cinnamony fragrance on me. At work I Definitely noticed a difference in the way others reacted to me. I'm an airline employee. While on a trip recently, a male co-worker snuck up behind me as I was standing at a large video screen in front of passengers (pax). I was standing with my hands behind my back & he grabbed one of my fingers suggestively, surprising me. I slugged him & called him a pig, as he passed me. He just chuckled & smiled a dirty grin. It was a harmless gesture, but he's never made a move on me before (I'm much too old for him); although his reputation as a playboy is well known. Is it the Red Lace I wondered? Next, while I was serving in the aisle, an older male pax in his late 60's acted oddly. I set his coffee on his tray-table carefully & looked away, without warning he quickly knocked it over. I grabbed a paper towel to mop the mess, gently dabbing his knees, trying to steer clear of his crotch area (ha, ha). Again, I set another fresh cup of coffee down for him while looking away to serve the next pax, & for no reason he'd already spilled that cup as well. This time, puzzled as to how & why he was so clumsy, I decided not to touch his nether regions as I wiped down the mess. Could the Red Lace really dumbfound men that easily I thought? Is it possible that Red Lace can physically impair certain males? Older ones in particular? Then, while on break in an enclosed bunk area where we sleep, another male co-worker threw open his curtain, looking directly at me & inhaling deeply, as I folded my blanket. Loudly he exclaimed, "Wakee, wakee (something obscene about his) snakee, snakee." Immediately his girl-friend, in the bunk opposite of mine, flung her curtain open & gave us both stink-eye (glaring). I never left the bunks so fast & I steered clear of them both for the rest of the flight. Man this stuff is dangerous & needs a warning label, I kept telling myself. Finally, on the bus ride to the hotel the captain, a tall, good looking man (silver-fox type) insisted on sitting next to me. Now, this stuff never happens to me. I'm in my 40's, still attractive & single, but directly across from me was a much younger, thinner, & definitely more attractive, single co-worker who had made space for him to sit. Instead he made me move my things so he could slip in next to me. Only drawback is he talked non-stop (about himself) all the way to our hotel. Am I in an alternate universe? I kept thinking. This is out of the ordinary for me. Normally my job is very uneventful & I don't get much attention. Yes, some would even call it or me boring. Not that day. I am now a believer in the power of Red Lace & LP products. I'm not sure if I'll wear it to work again, but it made my day more interesting. I'd wear it out & about for sure. My love life can use that sort of action. I want to test out Cougar next at work. Hopefully the reaction will be just as memorable for me. Minus the coffee spills, oops... Aloha
  23. Hi Carmen, Thanks for the welcome & right back at Ya! Nice to know I have a "newbie sister" here. Indeed, we shall have fun on this forum. By the way, what talent you have. Your drawing is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to chatting more. Aloha
  24. Hi All, Great to read the newest messages & welcome since my last visit here, a few days ago. The rose is lovely ZionMistyc, thank you. As far as the sniffing party goes Darbla, sure everyone come on over! Nothing wrong with achieving a natural high, I always say (joking). Missdarlyncheire & ElizabethOSP... Teddyman II is now on my list, thanks for the suggestions. I've tried a few of my scent samples so far. Fun results. I need more time to play & experiment with them though, before I purchase more. I'm such a glutton that I'm already fantasizing about even more, more & more. Sounds like a common theme around here (teasing). I'm planning on writing my first review tonight of Red Lace. Again, thanks for all the friendly response. I wish you all a wonderful & fragrant weekend. Take care. Aloha
  25. Hi Snowflake & Katz (your Kitty pic is so funny). Nice to hear from you both. I will try those recommendations on calming potions. Thanks for your suggestions & I appreciate the help. I look forward to more chatting. Aloha
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