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  1. I haven't been on here for a good bit and decided to stop by. What great timing! These look seriously fab!! I think my long 'no buy' has come to an end.
  2. I would buy one for sure. Sounds lovely and I'm sorry I missed out on it.
  3. How did I not know this?? I love how the pillow makes my hair smell. This Is now an official want for me to track down. I recall that Mara had mentioned in another thread a while back that she likes to wear this and might make some more. That would be awesome!
  4. I bought one of these when I visited LP land last weekend and just love it! Even for the scent alone it is wonderful. I actually hope it stays strongly scented for as long as possible because my room smells so good. Very naturally herbal. I typically don't have difficulty falling asleep except when it is hot. And oh brother, it's been hit here! I think this helps me to relax and not worry about the heat as I drift off. I am already plotting buying another one. Thanks Mara!!
  5. Oh my these are lovely! I am a sucker for the vintage bathing beauty look. Love them all and can't wait to sample!!
  6. greenergal


    I agree. This is my 'go to' office friendly fragrance. When all the bottles were sold out, I bought five samples and made a bottle of my own. I am getting low and will definitely miss it when it's gone. My other standbys for the office are Pillow Patter and Temperance, and every now and then Sneaky Clean.
  7. Me too!! I received the Peaceful Home and Harmonious Self prints and love them! Such great quality and Elizabeth is a sweetheart. Now I need to find the perfect frames to put them in.
  8. FBs of Determination Potion, Glamour Potion, and Lucky Van Van. This was only after 3 days of intense deliberation about getting a FB set. Still may need to go for it, but for now I wanted at least these ones to add to my LP treasure box.
  9. It's a sunny, almost spring-like Saturday in mid February here in the PacNW. I just got home from my bi-monthly trek from Virginia. I opened my LP locker (yes, I keep all my LPs in a red upright double decker locker that I got from IKEA years ago) and The Big Easy just about jumped out at me. This is so comfortable to wear. Just a breezy, herbal goodness with just a twinge of sweetness. If I wasn't so paranoid about having the bottle break when traveling, this would be my absolute perfect travel buddy. Now that I think of it, I do have smaller spray bottles that could manage the trek. Awesome!!!
  10. LOL, I think I've discovered that I'm a lotus ho too! I am really liking the clean and floral combo. It reminds me of the perfect spring day, which I think we are likely to have early in the NW this year. I can easily put too much of this one on though if I put on my usual perfume oil amount. I need to remember that just a dab goes a long way.
  11. I never go wrong with this one. I converted my oil to a spray and it doesn't get weak or disappoint at all. I tend to wear a small swipe on that I split between forearms and one spray in my hair. It is strong though and will stay in my hair until I wash it out.
  12. Yay, got my shipping notice on Tuesday! I thought for sure it would be here today (I'm 2 hrs from Vancouver). I wish that I could pull it up to see where it's at, but I can't get the tracking # to do anything but tell me when the label was created. Oh well, fingers crossed that it comes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing reviews of the January releases!!
  13. One sampler set for me! Curiosity got me this month. There were several that intrigued me and I really want to know how they come together. Plus the labels and writing are just swoon worthy!
  14. When I first used this sample it seemed like the coconut and teakwood were fighting against floral and fruitiness. Now that it had had ample time to meld together it is beautiful. It is like the difference between musicians warming up prior to a symphony and then bringing it harmoniously together for the main show. Beautiful. And LFM is always a winner for me.
  15. I don't think I can adequately describe this but I have been wearing the heck out of it. It smells almost completely different in stages. In the vial it smells powdery, but also has a thick essential oil-like scent with medium floral that is hard to nail down. The first 15 mins it amps to heady citrus floral. Orange-lemon and blooming florals. Then the sweetness comes to the party to soften it all up. The long dry down is beautiful. This is complex enough to wear by itself for sure, but it has also surprised me by layering really well with LP O. The apricot in LP O makes it juicier and the little bit of patch scent grounds it somehow. So nice!
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