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  1. I haven't been on here for a good bit and decided to stop by. What great timing! These look seriously fab!! I think my long 'no buy' has come to an end.
  2. FBs of Determination Potion, Glamour Potion, and Lucky Van Van. This was only after 3 days of intense deliberation about getting a FB set. Still may need to go for it, but for now I wanted at least these ones to add to my LP treasure box.
  3. LOL, I think I've discovered that I'm a lotus ho too! I am really liking the clean and floral combo. It reminds me of the perfect spring day, which I think we are likely to have early in the NW this year. I can easily put too much of this one on though if I put on my usual perfume oil amount. I need to remember that just a dab goes a long way.
  4. Yay, got my shipping notice on Tuesday! I thought for sure it would be here today (I'm 2 hrs from Vancouver). I wish that I could pull it up to see where it's at, but I can't get the tracking # to do anything but tell me when the label was created. Oh well, fingers crossed that it comes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing reviews of the January releases!!
  5. One sampler set for me! Curiosity got me this month. There were several that intrigued me and I really want to know how they come together. Plus the labels and writing are just swoon worthy!
  6. When I first used this sample it seemed like the coconut and teakwood were fighting against floral and fruitiness. Now that it had had ample time to meld together it is beautiful. It is like the difference between musicians warming up prior to a symphony and then bringing it harmoniously together for the main show. Beautiful. And LFM is always a winner for me.
  7. I just realized I'm almost out of Merry! It would be fantastic to have another round of this one. It is even more awesome with aging. Who's with me on this one?! Any other Merry! lovers out there?
  8. Yes, I would love some more of this! I converted mine to a household spray and have just a wee but left. It's wonderful for both scent and intent! Eta: talking about Peaceful Home.
  9. I am loving this! I am picking up layers of different types of lavender which come together in a beautifully soft but complex note. It wears very close to the skin on me but that could be because I am being stingy with my application from my sniffee. I will likely go full big bottle on this one and split part of it into a spray.
  10. Love this! It has a fresh citrus pink feel and I couldn't be happier with it. It is lightly sweet and the musk isn't really coming out, which is fine with me because this is lovely just the way it is. I only wish I would have got the larger bottle size because I am going to go through this fast.
  11. Love the new look! This is how I organize my stash with LP variants grouped together, so makes sense to me.
  12. Just got shipping notice! Yay! I am out of state next week so this will be perfect timing. Can't wait to try some sugareds!
  13. This has patchouli in it? I guess I didn't know that. It's not listed as one of the ingredients. Usually I amp patch in an unpleasant way, but I've never had that happen when I've worn this one.
  14. greenergal

    Vampire Bait

    This is not my typical scent but I am really liking it. I get the rose vibe, especially at first. And while roses are not my thing at all, this is quite huffable. It deepens and develops into a sexy floral wine-like scent. It smells complex and I am enjoying trying to pick out a single scent. Which I can't yet besides possibly the currant? Possible full bottle for me.
  15. I'm joining the party on this one because I got my notice today too! And I am less than two hours away from Mara-land so I'll be swimming in new samplers soon!
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