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  1. It’s been a day or so, lol, but I ordered a Summer Sampler. Super excited as summer is one of my fav seasons for perfume releases.
  2. Can I get Masked Woman, Baby Doll, and Southern Lights please!
  3. Can I release the Sneaky, and get a Summer Sky please?
  4. Can I also grab, Flying Bubbles and one Slippery soap!
  5. Can I get a Blue Cotton Candy scrub and a Dead Sea Mud scrub, please?!
  6. You're so awesome!! Your words of wisdom were EXACTLY what I needed to take a step back and see her actions in a different light. I let go of my confusion and hurt feelings, which feels great! Thank you soooooo much! Oh, and thanks for throwing in some humor...I'm a smiley Nana now
  7. I just re-purchased H&S, and TH's in just the 10ml oil rollerball. I also purchased for the first time Mothers Helper. My dilemma: my DIL is so controlling (like on a level I've never experienced, oh and it's almost always about my granddaughter), with a large side of OCD and Anxiety. It's funny, I have/had a horrible MIL (I could fill a book, lol) and I turned all of that negativity into learning what NOT to do when my boys marry. I even purchased a few "How to be the best MIL type books" years ago. I was so ready to be everything and more to my DIL, it never occurred to me that my DIL would be the one causing ripples. I'll just call her K for convenience. K does have sweet moments where she will tell me how much she loves me and how lucky she is to have me because her Navy wife friends all seem to have problems with their MIL's. Here's the short version...she gets jealous when John and I are around because Camden (my heart & soul) prefers us over Mom and Dad. My son has no problem with this, it makes him happy. In a weird way, it makes K happy too, BUT all of a sudden she will get weird and not let me change a diaper or go up and grab Camden out of her crib after a nap. K says, I always want to be the face she sees when she wakes up. I also get on her nerves very easily and tbh, I am so fucking nice to her 100% and I back her up (even though it's pure crazy mental crap) so she feels validated and loved unconditionally. It's not all bad, it's like 50/50. It's hard to keep up!! So, the pheromones...I'm thinking H&S but I'm not taking a chance (which is why I purchased all 3 pheromone blends) on wasting too much time figuring out which one will "fingers crossed" mellow her out, and or help her feel less jealous, etc.. I'll update as I go! Oh, and any advice is always welcome
  8. I've had Magnolia Fairy Cake in my Etsy cart for months! I'm off to read the reviews but I'd love to know what you think. I'm way behind on LP's so I've got a pretty long list!
  9. I'm interested in Sweet Joyce and Cassandra's Petit 4.2...anyone have a clue to what the notes are? I suck at being patient
  10. I LOVE your new plan, and I think the excitement each month will be even more dramatic!!
  11. Hi MDC!! I'm definitely going to do Beach Bunny soon, and I'll keep everyone updated. Hi StacyK!! Put me down for one bottle of LV's SP...I can pay end of Feb. Yay I cannot wait!!
  12. Hi, long time LP lover but I haven't posted on the forum in a long time. I've been planning on ordering a few PE re-makes (Beach Bunny Musk is one) and LV's Sweet Pussy, so please add me to the list, too. I'm not clear on who is taking the reins or exactly how many PE's are being ordered, so let me know what I need to do. So excited to get my hands on a bunch of PE's!!
  13. Pink Sugar, sweet lavender, and cakey goodness...I have this in wax form and I knew it would make a great perfume!! Plus Mara is a genius so that helps, lol. On me this is creamy pink sugar with sweet lavender in the background (but not too far). The creamy must be the cake, because I can't pick up on the cake, just a nice creaminess. It wears a nice med-strong for hours, then fades slightly into a more pink scent. It's perfect and exactly what I wanted! I think it's perfect for day or night. Once I've worn it more often, I'll update if anything changes. I hope everyone who got one, loves it too
  14. Can't wait to read your review of my PE! I only got two samples, both To Soothe a Broken Heart.
  15. Since we have such similar taste, I'll trust your review. I'm excited to see what you think of both of your PE's!
  16. Not sure about most of those (I've never smelled them) but Occo Blue is fantastic!
  17. Yay, you got mine! I almost got your mermaid, but watery scents scare me. When you get it, let me know! Maybe I'll still be able to get a bottle. You and I have very similar taste.
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