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  1. zan

    Hello from Colorado!

    Wow ...so many choices... Oh ya betta believe I checked out the lp red ,and black!..( had to clear like 50 from my cart an narrow it down lol) just felt like a phero boost this time .. but so many more on the to get list!
  2. zan

    Hello from Colorado!

    Could someone tell me what "warn status" means? Am I in trouble already?
  3. zan

    Hello from Colorado!

    Thank you Aqualad, that's M-I-ZZZZ Duct Tape Queen to you ,Mr. Mxyzptlk,That Kind of Girl! Oh Yeah! Vanilla 2 be exact ...but I also like coconut , and anything that dries down sweet. Also any perfume that has a strong vanilla note usually smells better on me, most flowery sents don't smell well on me, or go with my personality..My all time Fave perfume is Dior Addict..That I LOVE ..just so pricey , and I am kind of a perfume addict! Wow! I Can't wait~> now I am gonna be checking my box everyday till they come! lol
  4. zan

    Hello from Colorado!

    Thank you everyone! @ "Spontaneously Combusting" Thank you sweety (((HUGS))) ..aww .. I hope they have OCCO Ambrosia! My order is "being prossessed" so I guess I will have to wait 2 see. Hope you all have a blessed day!
  5. zan

    Hello from Colorado!

    p.s Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  6. zan

    Hello from Colorado!

    What part of Colorado are you in? I'm in Aurora Colorado Welcome, Zan!! What did you order? What kind of scents do you like? I like anything sweet.. I ordered : 1 Compromising PositionsTRIAL SIZE 1 PurplePuff TRIAL SIZE 1 OCCO-Ambrosia TRIAL SIZE
  7. Hello Everyone!. I just placed my first order yesterday for a few samples to try! I can't WAIT to see what all the buzz is about, and smell yummerz!
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