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  1. Got my order today and absolutely love,love,love the beautiful green organza bag...not to mention the perfume and sniffies! Thank you so much!
  2. Ummmm.... a Rainbow, with a pot of Gold at the end??!!??
  3. EOSP, I love the idea of a Green month...your list w/ the Granny Smiths, Midori and Jolly Ranchers made me drool!!
  4. NuTrix-Thank you, thank you, thank you...If you read my mind, I'm sure it was some pretty light reading...so excited to read all of the suggestions.
  5. HoJo

    A Lick Of Pink

    NuTrix, I'm with ya' on that whole headache thing...hoping that it morphs into something lovely for you. This A.M., I have had it on forabout 8 hours and the roses seem to have become a smidge more prominent for me. I like it, not loving it as much as I did upon immediate application--I'm just not a floral kinda gal. Let me know how it changes on you!!
  6. HoJo

    A Lick Of Pink

    Trying my sample of this tonight and I have to say, I can't stop huffing my arm! It is sweet,but not too sweet...I keep getting whiffs of baby pink roses but without the smell of "Little old lady in a bottle!" I normally don't love anything remotely smelling of roses--that smell always feels like a 90 year old is chasing me with a dozen moldy dead flowers--but this is nothing like that! It is clean and pink and absolutely lovely. Def FB worthy!!
  7. Very cherry at first, but not the yuck-o cough-drop-y kind, just yummy juicy sweetness. After drying,the cherry backs away and it turns into sweet-spicy-lovliness! It wears very close, at least on me. It was love at first sniff and it is definitely worthy of "The Slather"!!
  8. Just got my bottle of BBM and love it! I have only worn it once and my husband kept saying "Mmmm...You smell Sexy!!" Lol! That always makes me smile. But the strrangest thing happened the night that I wore it. My husband and I had to go out to a function and we were talking with various friends and famliy. As my cousin introduced me to a male friend of hers, He reached out for my hand before she could even tell him my name...I was almost backing away from him because of the INTENSE eye contact he was making...He said "You smell like...like something...like vanilla" and was holding onto my han
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