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  1. I've had great luck with Levitation, Balm Bomb, Open Windows, Super Sexy 4 Women, Lace, Swimming with Sharks, and Cougar. Popularity Potion, on the other hand, is like a magic bitch spray on me. Even just one spray causes me to be in a bad mood and causes others to be short and grumpy around me. I also get a headache every time I wear it (1 spray). I want to experiment with more blends but I'm wary to venture out again until I get a better idea of why PP is having such a bad reaction to me. Does anyone else have this reaction? Is there anything in PP that might be responsible for aggressive behavior?
  2. I hope it's okay that I bump my 2-year old thread! I know that I don't have a presence on the forum but I wanted to share some great news. I became engaged to the man in my first post two weeks ago and I truly believe that these products were a catalyst for igniting our intense connection. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these products and the forum advice on how to wear them. I just wanted to share a success story! Our wedding is set in April and I will certainly wear a fragrance from here as I walk down the aisle.
  3. So, scratch my previous post; I'm including everything I mentioned earlier (that isn't on this list) in my next order. This month's order includes: November trial collection Love Potion Scented Cream w/ Copulins Cougar Potion Compromising Positions Beccah's Boy Bait (I know I said I was only interested in pheromones...but I think this would be a good BI cover. Impulse Buy #1) UN Gotcha (Impulse buy #2!) Also, no, it is not me in my avatar. I wish! It's the lovely Marisa Tomei. Thanks again for all of the recommendations! I'm looking forward to testing and reviewing. I got the "order process" e-mail today... so I'm hoping my package will get here before December 19th. That's my sweetie's birthday and I've got plans for him.
  4. Eek! Thanks for all of the lovely suggestions. I really appreciate it. I think my order is going to look like this: Roll-on: Cougar Potion Cuddle Bunny Compromising Positions Stealing Heaven "Pick your Potion": Gotcha! La Femme Noire Leather I think I'm going to sit on this until tomorrow...just in case I think of a quick switch up. I just want eeeeverything!!
  5. Thank you all for both the warm welcome and the recommendations!
  6. Hello! I'm Solaralchemy but you can call me Chemy for short. I've been lurking in the shadows of this forum for months while I've gathered valuable information, read reviews, etc. I feel that today is a good day to introduce myself (excluding the fact that it's the busiest time of the year in the US) and ask for some expert advice regarding my next purchase from you wise, wise women. First, however, I'd like to offer an introduction about my short experience with pheromones. I'm a 20-something year old woman (INFJ) who is in the early stages of romance with a "friend of a friend" (INTP). On our first date, I nervously slathered LFM on my neck and cleavage along with a few spritzes of SS4W in my hair and hoped for the best. The date went well...but he didn't seem physically interested. I chalked it up to him being polite but not interested. Two days later, my friend forwards me a text from my date saying that his heart raced the whole date and that he had never felt that way before. We've been dating for two months now. LFM + SS4W = My First Date Lucky Charm The other day, I plopped on his couch upon entering his apartment and he grabs my feet and starts massaging them. He looks at me and says, "I don't know why, but I want to be so affectionate towards you." I knew why; my combo of Heart & Soul, OCCO Red, and a smidgen of Red Lace could not be ignored. Ehehehe. Those are just a couple of the positive reactions that I've had since wearing pheromones. LPMP is my new obsession. I'm in the market to expand my miniscule LPMP pheromone/fragrance collection. Here's what I have: UNscented: Heart & Soul Topper Blatant Invitation LFM Popularity Potion Phero Enhanced: Kitten Nip OCCO Red Red Lace SS4W Jubilee I need more! I'm currently only interested in purchasing items that are either UN or Phero Enhanced fragranes. This is where I come to you, the experts, for advice. What are your two favorite social blends and two favorite sexual blends? What is obviously missing from my collection? Oh, and thanks for reading my ultra long post!
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