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  1. Oh! Makes sense. I do recall selenite is a very soft crystal. I just recently discovered how awesome it was in getting rid of some shoulder pain/tension, but I just have a large piece of it, so thought it would be nice to have something easier to bring around with me. I will defer to your judgement though if it wouldn't be a good stone to wrap and wear?
  2. Mara, what is the likelihood of getting some selenite in the future?
  3. Oh wow. The labels make them look so tempting. I might break down and order a bit.
  4. Oh! LFN, not really, it's LFM with cops right? I've used LFM without much results. I have never tried Dom, but I do have Leather, which I used a couple times but haven't thoroughly tested. Now I kind of want to try it again to see.
  5. More words of wisdom Rose! Of course, you're right. Now that you pointed it out, I guess I would be uncomfortable faking being a girly girl, and that's reflected in pheros too. I am approachable, sympathetic and confident, so it makes sense that Lumina, TH and SWS works for me. Bella - I would be curious to hear of any results, if you're comfortable sharing after the pheromas sampler!
  6. I'm looking forward to November! Lol. I hope to see some new blends with SWS.. I love pumpkin scents, which is weird since I'm normally a crisp watery greens person... So I'll see what the October scents are too. I have a feeling I'll order Oct/Nov together.
  7. Lol! Tbh I almost mistook Charisma as a unisex blend before, just because the name didn't make it sound gender specific, then I checked closely, so I've never tried it. (Sounds like it could be a blend for instant sleep!)
  8. Dolly - I HAVE ghosted once.. It was using popularity potion, another social phero, right? But not with the sexy types. And definitely, I plan to work with the Pheros that do seem to mesh with me. Cutie.pie - thanks! I will definitely try to work a bit more with OW! I do have it in some of my perfume blends, but will pay closer attention now. Bella - good question, and don't worry, I didn't take it to mean anything. Lol, I'm definitely not trans, but admit, there are times I don't feel very feminine. Just kind of like "me" - my family always called me a tomboy (I will talk up guys about cars and swords, and weapons, comic books, what have you, and fail so hard at finding conversation topics with other women, lol!!) So I do wonder if that has something to do with it. What if when I wear feminine sexy Pheros, it just doesn't go with my personality / image that it confuses people... QG, yeah, I am wondering if that's it, that he message is garbled. I meant that personality wise, I don't really come off as very feminine. Rose, you are always very wise. I am usually confident, and the funny thing is, I feel less confident when I have to "fake it" and act more feminine than I normally am (which, is probably a bit but not overly much). My receptionist job is so strange, it's the first time in a long time when I have a job that is stereotypically held by women, and I notice that people I encounter seem to expect certain personality aspects and mannerisms that I don't have. Anyway, lots of stuff to think about. And what everyone says about picking Pheros that match your personality really holds true. I find it slightly amusing sws works so well on me, but when I think about it, yes... I do have the kind of personality that likes to be listened to, and taken seriously. (Has anyone ever used Pheros meant for the opposite gender, and what has happened??)
  9. Guys I am super nervous posting about this - I probably sound like some weird freak or something... but I felt the need to write out my thoughts on experimenting with LPMP pheros. So when I first discovered LPMP's I dived into the pheros - especially stuff like OCCO (EoW), Cougar, LFM, SSW, Gotcha, etc. And could not even once find any that worked for me. I was utterly confused, tested out different amounts, etc, but never got any hits. Then I ventured out into the more social pheros, and found, for some reason, SWS was AMAZING and clicks so well with me. Treasured Hearts and Lumina both seem to work to some degree, and finally Teddy BB / B2 I'm still undecided on, but leaning towards no. A-nol makes me sleepy if I spray a lot, and Lace only seems to make me act drunk if I use a lot, otherwise, I haven't noticed anything else. Needless to say I was always confused on why none of the "sexy" or even "attractive" pheros clicked. I usually took it as possibly, I don't exude any sort of sexy confident woman sort of vibes. This year finally, things started to make sense. I had a bit of a revelation - I don't USUALLY feel very womanly, if ever. Funny how that never occurred to me before. Long story short... no wonder feminine pheros never really worked for me. Despite being female, I probably don't exude anything feminine for the pheros to work off of. Does anyone else have this similar situation? It feels only purely social or non-gender specific pheros work on me. I almost feel like I should try out MLH, and Levitation Potion to see if this theory holds. Thoughts? / Ideas?
  10. Also in the camp of "damn, no full bottle left?" Realized too late that this works really well for job interviews.
  11. Okay, I had the Road Opener sigil visible while I was on my phone interview. The night before I burnt RO on a small orange candle onto which I enscribed "The way is clear to [company] job", wrote down the job duties and title on a piece of paper which I also anointed with RO. So far it seems it went smoothly, now the HR recruiter for the company said she'll pass my info onto the hiring manager (who is currently on holidays). *fingers crossed*
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