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  1. Oh! Makes sense. I do recall selenite is a very soft crystal. I just recently discovered how awesome it was in getting rid of some shoulder pain/tension, but I just have a large piece of it, so thought it would be nice to have something easier to bring around with me. I will defer to your judgement though if it wouldn't be a good stone to wrap and wear?
  2. Mara, what is the likelihood of getting some selenite in the future?
  3. I'm looking forward to November! Lol. I hope to see some new blends with SWS.. I love pumpkin scents, which is weird since I'm normally a crisp watery greens person... So I'll see what the October scents are too. I have a feeling I'll order Oct/Nov together.
  4. Super money and/or employment potions? *sob* I need a well paying job....
  5. *wishes for a super powerful employment potion* I really need one! Or if not a super powerful win-the-lottery potion. LOL
  6. What a time to be unemployed. But for sure will grab a sampler at least.
  7. I finally tried this out... and as expected, I love the scent. I pulled out the 2012 Unisexy as well to compare and aside fro the different phero, I think the 2012 is less sweet, and the 2014 seems a bit more smoky to me. I think I like the 2012 one a bit more, but that said, I love the phero for the 2014 version, so....
  8. Whoa, this is much sweeter than I had imagined. I thought it would be more milk with a light sugar dusting... On me it's all sugar with some creaminess. Butbutbut!!!!! Because it is so sweet, it is absolutely perfect to layer with Sugared Dragon's Blood, which I find way too resin-y on it's own. I have that on right now, and keep sniffing my wrists. It probably helps I dropped on some B2.2 on the same spot. XD
  9. Huh... Chalk me up as another who can use lumina well, but I seem to get nothing with cougar. I really wonder what the reason for that is with people
  10. Very true. I'm very not sexy or sexual so those Pheros really don't go with my personality. So I think he happier social blends go better with me, as well as sws since I tend to be the more "logical, makes sense" type.
  11. Sitting here after dabbing Blessing Oil on myself and thinking.. I'd LOVE to get this rebrewed. It's a beautiful comforting oil. (I only have the small sample size)
  12. I'm really hoping Mara makes un pheros available again because I really want to try out a sample of teddy BB on its own! Then I have some sugareds on my list to buy.. then actually probably only a few samples of the pheros. When I first discovered LPMP I went crazy trying out all the pheros... now I think I've got an idea of what pheros works best with me and tend to stick to those. (I sound like the most boring person ever- teddy bb, sws, treasured hearts, lumina)
  13. I'm also waiting on Pheromas!
  14. Mara, quick question, what vanilla is in fuzzy wuzzy? It's very sweet smelling. I tried layering sugared dragon's blood on FW and really like it. It took the sweetness down and tempered the edge off dragon's blood.
  15. Thank you Mara! I tried some LP on it and it smells good, but I think I want to try it with some vanilla from your suggestions. Is any type of vanilla better than another?
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