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  1. Wow so many responses! I just got back from the weekend and was away from my computer... So Thanks for the warm welcome, looks like a fun place! So I ordered Sexpionage SuperSexy Rocketfuel II OCCO gold Overtcops A friend of mine swears py these and when I went out to visit her she let me sample then we went out,... I cant wait for my order ...i wish i could scatch and sniff my screen! I will report back ...have a big week next week, on vacation ! Funny, I waas speaking to my friend and told her she sure gets lots of attention...everywhere even at the garage, grocery store Everywhere ! I told her she should bottle and sell what she has and then...she let me in on her "secret" I laughed it off...but then... I am prety sceptical ...and i got lots to learn , it sure looks like fun here , I love reading and hearing suggestions and everyone's experiences... so, i will rip into y package before i even get home form the post box! I know i will... Thanks again for all your welocmes...Looks like a sweet adventure... Have a beautiful day everyone, and i am open to any hints comments and feedback!!!!
  2. Just want to introduce myself! This is so much more fun than lurking, i placed my first order after hearing my friend raving about these products! She swears by them, I can hardly wait for my first order to arrive!!!
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