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  1. Wow so many responses! I just got back from the weekend and was away from my computer... So Thanks for the warm welcome, looks like a fun place! So I ordered Sexpionage SuperSexy Rocketfuel II OCCO gold Overtcops A friend of mine swears py these and when I went out to visit her she let me sample then we went out,... I cant wait for my order ...i wish i could scatch and sniff my screen! I will report back ...have a big week next week, on vacation ! Funny, I waas speaking to my friend and told her she sure gets lots of attention...everywhere even at the garage, grocery store Everywh
  2. Just want to introduce myself! This is so much more fun than lurking, i placed my first order after hearing my friend raving about these products! She swears by them, I can hardly wait for my first order to arrive!!!
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