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  1. After doing some math, I realized that I need to cancel this request, so please release / cancel the 1 FB Fleur de Nuit w/ Leather... thanks so much.
  2. I sent my invoice request already but since I have not yet received an invoice is it too late to add on? I would like to reserve 1 FB Fleur de Nuit w/ Leather -
  3. This blend sounds so amazing and I'm so bummed that I did not grab a bottle during the sale... This sounds so incredible...congrats to those that got this yummy blend...
  4. @Black Cat, Your review and description is what prompted me to purchase a FB of this during this years sale...
  5. Thanks so much, I'm loving this blend and I will need to purchase another bottle soon...
  6. Mara, I just sent in my request for an invoice, I hope I'm in the 5 day window, I'm travelling for work and my reminder just popped up...thanks so much and let me know if I did the math wrong and need to change anything...
  7. Please also reserve: 1 FB Sugared White Musk - small
  8. Luna, thanks so much for giving your impressions of all of these new scents.... Now I need to go and look at the notes in BeeWitched to see if this would be a winner for me?
  9. I keep finding stuff I need... LOL... Please reserve the following: 1 FB Sugared Lillies << small 1 FB Sugared Peony << LARGE
  10. I really love this blend and I actually keep this bottle in my office at my plant in Georgia, it's such a sophisticated and elegant blend. The notes in this all equally blend together to actually create a harmonious scent on me. I always wear this when I'm at the office in Georgia. My plant workers always compliment me when I wear this. On me this a floral that lightly floats on my skin, it's like I'm at a high end event just gracefully moving through the room with this amazing light bright scent on me. I normally amp patch, but this note just stays in the background. I got this a few years ago and I'm so glad that I took this bottle along with a few others down to GA...
  11. Please add to my other requests... 1 FB - OCCO: Resinate
  12. Please add to my other requests... 1 FB - Mahaelani w/ Lumina (this request added to the others should make 4-FB's of this one, hope math is not off)
  13. I always forget about Heart & Soul, that's such a good one...thanks for sharing
  14. Please add to my requests above: 1 FB - OCCO: Orchid Zing
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