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  1. I love these labels and might need to get a sampler pack and even though its a variant, Odalisque was one of my top favorite scents from Mara, so this will be full bottle for sure....
  2. I just wore this today for the first time and I'm in love. I purchased this during the sale and I must say its truly not what I expected... It's light airy and gives an air of elegance.
  3. This is so sophisticated and gorgeous on me. It's like I'm wearing a veil of lace. It's light and bright. I don't usually wear DHEAS & A-Nol, as it tends to make me lightheaded but in this blend it's fablous and I can wear this and have no issues...love this so much, I got another bottle during the sale
  4. I got my bottle of this and waited a few days to try it and for some reason I keep smelling sage, and I know that this is not a note, its so weird...These are all notes that I love and I know that I can wear. I'm going to let the bottle sit a bit more and try it again in a week....
  5. Ok, after all these years, I'm still madly in love with Black Panther and I hope someday a rebrew will be done again... I need another 5 more bottles....I'm now down to my last bottle and so scared of running out....
  6. Elume did replace it but its also sold out, so I figured I would request the original and take any variant that would be offered up in the future. From the onset of Black Panther, I think I have had a total of 15 bottles, that is including the multiple rebrews Mara has done on this one... This is still my all time favorite LP ever.....
  7. I know it's hard to do a rebrew since many of the ingredients that go into these are long gone, but if items that smell close to these ever come back after covid-19 I would love and incarnation of any of these... Pizzazz, Allumette, Absinthe of Malice, Black Panther, and Pallas with Lumina
  8. I love gardenia because it smells like hawaii to me, does this one give you an island vibe?
  9. I purchased the sample of this when it came out and went nuts (LOL) over it... love this one so much and get not wait to get a full bottle
  10. @Eastwood22, I have already gone thru a full bottle of Prisma so I was happy it made the list and Sarong I have been wanting to try for a while. I see you reserved some Fairy Cakes, I have always loved the Surgared Collection but have never tried the Fairy Cakes...
  11. Thank you, I just ordered it
  12. I also need to stock up on some of the originals....
  13. Do you think a woman could wear this blend or is it too masculine?
  14. Mega-watt is one of my favorite phero's and I have been on the fence with this blend. Thank you for this description as I was worried it would be too sweet on me...
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