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  1. dolphindolls2


    I agree, I have a back up bottle as well...a very yummy blend
  2. dolphindolls2


    I wore Sticky yesterday and lasted right thru bedtime, I'm glad you have a bottle as well....
  3. I was happy to do so and I love my Black Friday 2 bottles...a really good deal
  4. I just got my package and I got the following from the Black Friday Special. 1 FB of Themyscira w/ Girl Girl 1 FB of Fluffy - Spring 2018 5 Samples I'm so pleased with this Black Friday Deal, thank you Mara, as always you never disappoint...
  5. I bought this during the sale this summer and due to packing and getting ready for a move, I finally found this baby again... I wore it today for the first time...I love scents with water accord and coconut but was a bit nervous about the other notes as I'm not a big floral person... OMG, this one is so amazing, this is like summer in a bottle. I love how all of the notes play nicely and none of them dominate. Lumina is one of my favorite phero's. I like wearing this to work as its not overbearing and just is so soft, delicate and delightful to wear...love this so much
  6. I will for sure let you know, I'm still waiting on my order from Black Friday. I know the mail is super slow...
  7. Thanks for letting me know, I can't wait to see what I surprize I get from my Black Friday mystery.
  8. dolphindolls2


    So happy I still have 1 full bottle left of Sticky... I love this scent so much, its like happy in a bottle. It's a very sweet and wonderful and lasts all day on me...
  9. I just got this one in the recent sale and I love wearing this for bed or if I need a cuddle scent....The cocoa butter is very pronounced on me, but after about 2 hours it dies down a bit and the amber and ylang ylang take center stage....This is a real comfort scent and I love wearing it when I'm not going out and just want to lounge around the house on a lazy Sunday
  10. I just got Sugared Roses in the latest deal Mara had. I'm not a huge fan of roses but this is really a magnificent blend. I mixed in a bit of sugared pink musk and it took it to another level...
  11. @Eastwood22, thanks so much... I hope that a rebrew of this PE can be remade....once xmas is over, I will contact Mara and see if its possible.
  12. Congrats, I'm so looking forward to getting mine but I know with the mail service it will take awhile....
  13. Dang, I just saw this and I ordered 1 feminine black magic Friday deal & 1 Threebies Deal
  14. I'm in desperate need of my beloved "Black Panther" I only have one bottle left, I finished off one that I found in the back of a closet that I was cleaning out that was half full....
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