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  1. I love this scent so much and my company just gave the go ahead for me to travel domestically again and I flew to my plant in GA and as I was clean my desk drawers out, I found my bottle of Sugared Pink Musk that I left down here a few years back and this has aged really well and so happy I found it because I brought it back home to MI with me
  2. I'm hoping some tropical / summer scents drop... I so want to smell like summer all the time...
  3. I even disliked snow as a kid, hence the reason in 6 years I will be retiring to Florida
  4. Mara, for my order take your time, I'm in no hurry to get my goodies. I'm still shoveling my driveway and we are expected to get another 2 inches tonight...I hate snow...
  5. I would have never purchased Themyscira w/ Girl Girl but I'm oh so glad I got it in my mystery Black Friday Deal as I'm now wearing this and loving it.
  6. Mara, I just love these labels and the theme is so amazing...I'm so happy to be getting a treasured favorite of mine
  7. Thank you so much for bringing back some treasured favorites, your just the BEST!!!!
  8. So happy to see these and I needed a treat for myself... Beach Baby w/ Lace Odalisque w/ Blatant Invitation ORDERED
  9. dolphindolls2


    I agree, I have a back up bottle as well...a very yummy blend
  10. dolphindolls2


    I wore Sticky yesterday and lasted right thru bedtime, I'm glad you have a bottle as well....
  11. I was happy to do so and I love my Black Friday 2 bottles...a really good deal
  12. I just got my package and I got the following from the Black Friday Special. 1 FB of Themyscira w/ Girl Girl 1 FB of Fluffy - Spring 2018 5 Samples I'm so pleased with this Black Friday Deal, thank you Mara, as always you never disappoint...
  13. I bought this during the sale this summer and due to packing and getting ready for a move, I finally found this baby again... I wore it today for the first time...I love scents with water accord and coconut but was a bit nervous about the other notes as I'm not a big floral person... OMG, this one is so amazing, this is like summer in a bottle. I love how all of the notes play nicely and none of them dominate. Lumina is one of my favorite phero's. I like wearing this to work as its not overbearing and just is so soft, delicate and delightful to wear...love this so much
  14. I will for sure let you know, I'm still waiting on my order from Black Friday. I know the mail is super slow...
  15. Thanks for letting me know, I can't wait to see what I surprize I get from my Black Friday mystery.
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