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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing more info on flourite as well Chicken and Pasta, Pixie
  2. Oh la la! I'm liking the 'Silver' Ravioli, Pixie
  3. Welcome to LP Lionesse! Your first order sounds awesome! Pink is one of my all time favorites and Sugared Forest runs closely behind, they are very different but both lovely. Jo Anna, you have got to be kidding! There is nothing smooth about a raging addiction! lol Pork and Beans, Pixie
  4. Thanks Dolly, I'll have to give EoW a try. You think I should try straight Cops with a cover up or would something like "cops for covert ops" work? It's not that he is not interested, it's just that we've been together for years and I feel like I've lost a bit of the wow factor. I just kinda wanted to... you know amp it up and shock him a bit, something new and saucy! Keep it spicy so to speak Like I said, I like Leather because it does make me feel like a bit of a bad @$$ I don't regret that purchase at all
  5. I got it and I LOVE it, but I think my husband is immune to pheros! I wear it and I feel all "ohh la la" and he says it smells nice but he's kind of like "Ehh..." of course he's kinda always... well... you know , but I don't see that Leather did any button pushing. Does any of this make sense? I'm very sleepy and I'm not even sure if I am getting to a point, thank GOD for those red squiggly lines under all my typos or else y'all would have needed a translator AND a Rosetta stone to figure me out tonight! LOL Well, if anybody knows what I'm talking about and has any pointers, lemme know. I'm going to bed... The Sandman is practically knocking me up side my head with a cast iron! Lamb chops, Pixie
  6. oh la la! I ordered my Sinister Pink w/ leather yesterday. I'll let y'all know how it goes! Turkey Burger, Pixie
  7. Oh Baby you know I'm going for amped Sinister P!NK!!! YAY!!! M&Ms Pixie
  8. OMG OMG OMG! Sinister P!NK?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? Holy Smokes!!! I can NOT wait to try that! Y'all know original pink is my all time fave!! Chocolate bark! Pixie
  9. Thanks Kovvy! I was going to go ahead and get Leather in Silver BUT I just remembered, the March releases will be here in... oh six or seven days and I always LOVE March! So I might wait, take a peek at March and then place my order, I'll post here when it's all said and done Grilled Ribeye, Pixie
  10. Thanks Shelly B! I'm not gonna lie, times have been tough. I cant just look at this shop, I must shop at this shop... know what I mean? lol Okay, so it is that time again... blond moment of the day time!!! I was all hyped up and getting ready to order my amped up bottle of silver and I got to the shopping cart and realized I'm not entirely sure I know how to!! LOL Is there a button to add it to your cart?? I always just ordered pre-mixed. Honey Oh's, Pixie
  11. I'm a fan of trying new things, so the next one will be "Leather" I believe! Thank you ladies!! Fruit Cups, Pixie
  12. Not much into chains... I'm more of a CFM heels type of gal. I want a scent that lingers and makes them say, "who was that!" So far I'm seeing leather and cougar jumping out ahead. I've tried Cougar and I like it, but I've never tried Leather... hmmmm Chicken! Pixie
  13. Okay ladies, so I am thinking of ordering LP Silver but if I do I would like it amped up with something that says "D@MN I'M HOT!!" I like those type of pheros, they make me feel like a hot bad @$$. lol What would y'all suggest?? Breakfast burrito, Pixie
  14. Hey guys, All the new potions look awesome (as usual)! I have one thing I was going to point out just in case no one else noticed. When you go to order on the new release page "Return to me" has a typo. It says "Retrun to me". Just FYI. Hope You're having an awesome week! Happy New Year y'all!!!! Chips and Dip, Pixie
  15. EEK GAD! I LOVE blue footed boobies! LOL They are so silly! Everything looks AWESOME!!!! Hey I got a question.. on the Elevation Potion Phero enhanced with Alpha-Androstenol, is that the same phero as Allegro? I think I'll try to look that up, I LOVED that one! It made me feel light and bubbly all day. Champagne and peaches, Pixie PS - Mara you rock like limestone, thanks for my goodies! *Kisses*
  16. HEY BECCAH1! I'm a MO gal too! At 10 cents a pop we might have to team up to keep everyone stocked up w/ Ramen. It doesn't look like a one man job, at least not with this months releases! Cheesecake, Pixie
  17. Sweetly Smutty Lusty Musky? MOOHAHAHAHAHAHA! LMAO
  18. PHERO ENHANCED ORIGINAL LP!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?! MOOHAHAHAHAHAHA! God help us all.....or our fellas I guess I should say! lol Candy, Pixie
  19. REMIND ME OF THE BABE!!!!! Oh freak! I just cannot, not yell that when I think about it! Know what I mean?!? LMAO! I love me some Ludo! I just put that soundtrack on my phone/mp3 player thingy this last weekend believe it or not so....weird timing! ANYHOOT! I love the new releases already! The label art is friggin awesome, I especially like the little pissy girl on the broken heart one! She's so cute but yet so...so...... lol Pizza, Pixie
  20. :0486: .... Yeah that about sums it up! lol I cant wait to try the Winter Solstice blend, those are always so good! Chili peppers, Pixie PS OMG Darbla! Love that avatar!!
  21. Thanks Danna, I know you're working hard but I'm glad to know you're having fun! Keep up the good work rock star Cornbread and milk, Pixie
  22. Thanks guys! Katz as always you are adorable! I love the photographer that did my avatar pic, I think he's with Vanity Fair. He really does great work with what I like to call "pin up art". Saucy saucy SAUCY! lol Soooooo...... when are the pages going to be up? Anybody know?? Fried Chicken, Pixie
  23. nope still nuttin-honey! lol I'm tight there with ya Katz! It'll be up soon. peaches and cream, Pixie
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